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1 Frustration Frustration

Oh for gods sakes Lulu is not a Metallica album, it's more of a collaborative side project album done with Lou Reed. It basically stands alone, yes it's a bit of a history point in Metallica's career but it's still not Metallica. - Gamer231

This shouldn't be on here because it's a Lou reed album not a Metallica album. - Sabbath

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2 Cheat On Me Cheat On Me V 1 Comment
3 Brandenburg Gate Brandenburg Gate

Do not listen to the sample below

Worst song in lulu... and I agree with the 98% of the comments here, why the hell are so many songs in this list?

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4 Mama Said Mama Said

WTF, why is king nothing on this list,

To Live Is To Die is one of the most complicated songs meaningwise. It's all about Cliff's death, and the stages of depression and agony Metallica went through. Most people don't know it, but the different tempos in the song all mark a different stage of depression. The bass is also part of Cliff's unused bass practicing. The lyrics is Cliff's favorite poem. If more people knew what it was about, it wouldn't even be on the list.

I love every single Metallica song I just like Mama said the least and the worst. And still why Is To Live Is To Die on this list it's about cliff's death. Why Metallica last and final song on this list Rebel Of Babylon what is wrong with you

This song isn't bad. It's just different from Metallica's usual style of music. The lyrics are really beautiful and touching.

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5 All Within My Hands All Within My Hands

I like St. Anger. I can't stand this song, though.

Absolutely disgusting 9 minute long song

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6 St. Anger St. Anger

Are you kidding! This is a great song! So underrated!

The downfall of lars Ulrich as a drummer. How does he go from the really technically complex stuff from and Justice For All to this. It sounds like he is just banging on all pots and pans in his kitchen. Is Kirk even playing here? This is just trash. I do respect the fact that they took all their anger out on this album and that they learned not to omit solos in Death Magnetic.

I can't believe there are people out there who are brainless enough to defend this atrocious song!

One Of the more underrated songs by Metallica.

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7 Purify Purify

By far the biggest heaping pile of crap that Metallica has ever put out. This lowered the bar for metal and cannot be outdone in attempts to suck.

Could not have said it better myself. I though that even Metallica would have enough decency to recognize that this song is to horrible for release. - surgeonsanic

This is it. This should be #1. I would literally listen to Jonas Brothers over this "song", even though I love Metallica. Were they all drunk when they made this?

This is one of those songs that makes me wonder about the judgment of the band/producer. How did they think that this was a song that was fit for release? - surgeonsanic

Good grunge song

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8 The View The View

Lou reed sounds like he is suffering from chronic diahhrea in this song with his absolutely horrendous vocals and some from hetfield that make no sense at all "I AM THE TABLE"

Close between this and Brandenburg Gate. WORST Metallica SONG EVER, and probably the worst song of all time. Makes Justin Bieber look like a LEGEND!

Oh and by the way, This also contains the Stupidest lyrics in any song I can think of. "I am the Progress!?! " "I AM THE TABLET!?! " This is just a complete Failure.

Joey Belladonna is the Law (Anthrax)
Tom Araya the Antichrist (Slayer)
Dave Mustaine the King (Megadeth)
Bruce Dickinson is a Powerslave (Iron Maiden)
Ozzy Osbourne is the prince (Black Sabbath/Solo)
Ronnie James Dio is the first in line (Black Sabbath/Dio)
Rob Halford is the Metal God (Judas Priest)
But James Hetfield chose to be a TABLE! (Obviously Metallica)


I am the table! - MKBeast

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9 Mistress Dread Mistress Dread V 1 Comment
10 Frantic Frantic

This is one song that does not deserve to be on this list, same with phantom lord, disposable heroes, master of puppets, and the day that never comes, those r all good songs, this song and st anger r the only good songs on the st anger album but that's it

Just a horrible song, and before any of you say this shouldn't be on here, you are dead wrong. This isn't even the worst song in this album. It's actually one of the best, and still horrible. The lyrics are just stupid, with off-key vocals, and Frantic tick tick tock!?! If that is not all, you have to hear Trash Can drums and horrible guitars. This is also in my opinion the WORST Metallica album opener excluding "Lulu", and I'm guessing the purpose for this song was to warn you about whats coming up, and after this, I don't even bother listening to St. Anger.

God, this is just torture to my ears, Frantic tic tic tic tic tic (ugh! ), can't stand it, it is a dishonor to albums like "master of puppets" and "... and justice for all", but it is still better than many things (like bieber) you see out there XD

The first thrash riff is cool but the lyrics are pathetic. Frantic tick tock? Get real. - Sabbath

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The Newcomers

? We Did It Again We Did It Again

Why Frantic?
Why My World?
Why To Live Is To Die?
Why Phantom Lord?
In the name of god, who made this bad list, he is mentally sick!

Songs like Phantom Lord, Frantic, To Live is To die, master of puppets, and the day that never comes do not deserve to be on this list. Those are all good songs and should not even be close to the worst Metallica songs - Frantic713

This Song Is Absolutely Awful, there's Nothing Good About It!, It all Sucks!, the Beat Is So Rushed And Horrible, Honestly This One Of The Worst Songs I've Ever Listened To Along With Watch Me, Anaconda, And Juju On That Beat, Negative 50/5 - VideoGamefan5

This song makes the album Lulu look like a masterpiece. - MorbidCannibalSlayer

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? My World My World

Lars' drums gave me a headache in this song, so therefore I hate this song! This should be higher than 17. Why are there some awesome songs on the top 10 when THIS SONG ain't?! Come on! Please vote for this one.

I have not heard this song, when I asked my friends about this song, they said it sucked. After that, I decided to hear it; I made a mistake hearing this song so therefore my vote goes to you... My World!

Bad song to listen to! There's nothing interesting about this song. It doesn't go anywhere. Please vote!

This song is good. Why is it bad?

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11 Junior Dad Junior Dad

A 19 minute snorefest

Still The Best That Came Out Of The Snoozefest CD, 2.5/5 - VideoGamefan5

12 Dragon Dragon
13 Invisible Kid Invisible Kid

By far the worst Metallica song (not counting Lulu)

Not too bad, there are worse songs on St. Anger, but this one still isn't great. - IronSabbathPriest

This song and Purify are the only Metallica songs that I don't like.

If they made this song a few years earlier or later it would be great - SammySpore

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14 Slither Slither

Mama Said? It's an awesome country song!
Frantic? Pure aggression!
Slither? The worst song by Metallica

Why the hell are there some good songs in the Top 10 worst, when this crappy song isn't?! Most of the songs in the top 10 shouldn't even be on there while this one should. And how is Mama Said the worst song on here?! It's a beautiful song.

I hate this song! In my opinion, I think this is easily one of Metallica's worst songs. Why is Master Of Puppets on this list?! Master Of Puppets is one of the best. Please vote for Slither as one of the worst!

Come on it's not thaaat bad. It's a song that's halfway between 90s alternative and hard rock, and yeah lyrics are awful but at least it has a nice solo

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15 Ronnie Ronnie

Ronnie is one of the worst Metallica songs ever in my opinion! It should be in the top 5 at least! Most of the songs on here shouldn't even be on here at all! There are more good songs than bad songs on this list. Vote.

My list of my 5 least favorite Metallica songs (not including Garage Inc. or Lulu):
1) Ronnie
2) Slither
3) Invisible Kid
4) Purify
5) Cure

16 Little Dog Little Dog

There are acoustic guitars, but the "singing", really drunk sounding spoken word, and lyrics ruined it, who wants to hear an old man say, and I quote, bend over and sniff

The only guitars in this song is a string buzz, and amp feedback, all static. The spoken word, is lame, and the lyrics are atrocious

17 Cure Cure

Awesome riff and solo! Song is too long though

I don't hate many Metallica songs, but this one isn't good at all.

It is not as good as the others. Still a great song, but...
It kinda bores me after a while listening to it. And how are some really great songs are on this list?! Come on! Please vote.

18 Temptation

This should totally be number one. When songs don't make albums, they typically aren't all that bad, like the songs on "Beyond Magnetic" weren't terrible, but this song didn't make ST. ANGER. If that there doesn't say enough, how about the fact that it is less than 2 minutes, but even in that short of an amount of time you still would chose a gun to your head over this song. It's quite impressive that a song this short still has the strong impact that it does to drive you to suicide over hearing it again.

Most people haven't heard of this song because it didn't make it onto the Saint Anger album, and is only heard on the soundtrack of their movie, but it is terrible.

Worst Metallica song ever, even worse than THE VIEW (Which he says that he is a Tablet). Didn't even make it to St. Anger. Worse than Purify and All Within my Hands.

Worst song ever by Metallica, because it makes fans cry in their sleep that it exists - doi

19 Iced Honey Iced Honey
20 Hero of the Day Hero of the Day

Why in the hell are some actually good songs in the Top 10 worst, when this isn't!?!?! This song isn't even bad, but it's the worst one on here, I thought. And why is no leaf clover third!?!? I LOVE THAT SONG.

One of The best songs by Metallica.

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