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21 Iced Honey
22 Hero of the Day

Why in the hell are some actually good songs in the Top 10 worst, when this isn't!?!?! This song isn't even bad, but it's the worst one on here, I thought. And why is no leaf clover third!?!? I LOVE THAT SONG.

Shouldn't be on here.

One of The best songs by Metallica.

23 Sweet Amber

Hurts my Ears, Sickens my stomach

Without the awful drums would fit in in any other newer album. The only good song on st anger.

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24 I Disappear V 2 Comments
25 Pumping Blood
26 Free Speech for the Dumb

This cover is an absolute joke... Easily the worst on this list, along with the entire Lulu album.

27 Better Than You

Shouldn't be on here.

28 Some Kind of Monster

I like this song's short version but this is so long and annoying!

Bad song. This song kinda annoyed me. There's nothing so special about this song. Please vote!

This song did not even want me to listen to the other songs on the album. Uck

29 Poor Twisted Me

I actually like this song. It's one of my favorite songs off of Load. Hugely underrated.

Shouldn't be on here.

The only Metallica song which I don't like

... A song that is pretty good but I can see why most people don't like it. I think the whole Lulu album should be on this list. All the songs on that album suck major ass!

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30 Bad Seed
31 2 x 4

Shouldn't be on here.

Sorry for the 2 X 4 lovers, but this song just sucks. And what is To Live is to Die doing here!?!? And mama said or even Phantom Lord, what is this. And Get The day that never comes off this list, it's great. What

I like every Metallica song, but I find this one boring.

32 No Leaf Clover

This is a good song. Are you crazy? The symphony goes really well with it. I don't understand why people don't like it. Sure The Ectasy of Gold was the best part of S and M, but still this is a great song in my opinion

Metallica with symphony is the worst. First thought. Second one, why the f is master of puppets on here at all? Anyone who knows anything about Metallica knows that that is one of their best songs EVER. The comment on their ways that he hates Master of Puppets but loves no leaf clover. WTF?!?!? He isn't a Metallica fan. Just gtfo. - Dragonbacon522

This is a fairly awesome song and its bs that its on the list.

Shouldn't be on here.

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33 The Struggle Within

The Black Album, Kill Em All, Load, Reload, for God's sake Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightning.. Why are songs off of these albums there. You want a top 10 list of the worst Metallica songs just pick 10 off of Lulu and there you have it. Maybe throw in a couple St. Anger in there, even though that album was decent.. Lulu was... God almighty it was HORRIBLE.

This song kind of irritates me. But it's decent. - IronSabbathPriest

It is not as good as the others. It is so freakin predictable. BUT I STILL LOVE IT!

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34 Fight Fire with Fire

I'd put this in their top 10 best songs - BronzeWolf96

Are you kidding me? Other than Battery, this might be the best opening song on a Metallica album. Good grief.

This one is one of the best Metallica songs!

How did this get on here?

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35 King Nothing

Changing your musical style to stay relevant does NOT make you a 'sell-out'. Their music was just as meaningful. And 'Death Magnetic' came outta nowhere and made a last stand for the genre of thrash metal.

You guys obviously have no clue about music this is a great song and if you disagree well your a loser

Shouldn't be on here.

This is b******t. this is an amazing and meaning song.

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36 Fixxxer

Worst song that is not on St. Anger

Here are my top 10 worst Metallica Songs
1. Temptation
2. The View
3. Fixxxer
4. Purify
5. Frustration
6. Lords of Summer
7. All Within my hands
8. My Apocalypse
9. Suicide & Redemption
10. The Judas Kiss

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37 Low Man's Lyric

I thougth this song was really cool. Its a lot better than frantic

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38 Prince Charming V 1 Comment
39 So What
40 The Unnamed Feeling

Still a bad song, even though it was one of the better tracks on St. Anger.

My least favourite Metallica song of all time.

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