Top Ten Worst Metallica Songs

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61 Shoot Me Again Shoot Me Again

This is what I was saying after I heard this song.

62 The House Jack Built The House Jack Built

The only song they've never played live. even METALLICA doesn't like this song.

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63 Blackened Blackened

Blackened is probably in the top 10 best Metallica songs ever in my opinion. How could it be featured on this list? - Kytotoxic

What? Whoever wrote this list, took a 2 wheeled short bus to school. Seriously.

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64 No Remorse No Remorse

It's hard to believe, but Metallica has actually had a few stinkers in the 80s. This was the worst of them. My least favorite 80s Metallica song isn't that good, and some songs from St. Anger are better. 5.5/10. - ElectricCorpseSlayer

65 The Thing that Should Not Be The Thing that Should Not Be

The Guy Who Put This Song On The List Is The Thing That Should Not Be.

Most boring thing Metallica ever did. A disgrace.

66 Rebel of Babylon Rebel of Babylon

Shouldn't be on here.

67 Trapped Under Ice Trapped Under Ice V 1 Comment
68 Thorn Within Thorn Within

I blame bob rock for screwing up Metallica if he never approached Metallica Metallica would still be greater. This song is is on the worst album and it absolutely sucks and album does too.

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69 My Apocalypse My Apocalypse V 2 Comments
70 Suicide and Redemption Suicide and Redemption V 1 Comment
71 Lords of Summer Lords of Summer

The song is about summer, and James still had bad vocals, along with Lars' terrible drumming! At least Lars had improved since St. Anger.

72 Sabbra Cadabra Sabbra Cadabra

I hate this song so much! ! !

73 Hit the Lights Hit the Lights
74 Creeping Death Creeping Death V 2 Comments
75 Battery Battery V 1 Comment
76 Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Welcome Home (Sanitarium) V 1 Comment
77 Seek and Destroy Seek and Destroy
78 The More I See The More I See
79 The God That Failed The God That Failed V 1 Comment
80 To Live Is to Die To Live Is to Die

This is one of Metallicas best songs how could it be in
In worst Metallica songs do you even know what it is about
Its about the death of cliff burton

Who on earth made this list

WHAT THE HECK? This one is epic! - BronySyndrome

I want to shoot whoever put this on the list! The intro is beautiful, and the song itself is the best instrumental, also it's a song that's about cliffs death who is my favorite all time bass player! R.I.P. Cliff

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