Top Ten Worst Metallica Songs

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61 Sad but True

Well, I have something to tell you. It is Sad but True.

I don't even like this song, and it is very overrated. There are many other good songs, but this one sounds like crap.

Shouldn't be on here.

62 Tuesday's Gone V 1 Comment
63 The House Jack Built

Shouldn't be on here.

This needs to be higher on the list

The only song they've never played live. even METALLICA doesn't like this song.

64 Enter Sandman V 1 Comment
65 Blackened

Blackened is probably in the top 10 best Metallica songs ever in my opinion. How could it be featured on this list? - Kytotoxic

What? Whoever wrote this list, took a 2 wheeled short bus to school. Seriously.

This song has the worst lyrics out of any 80s Metallica song, like seriously?!

Population, Mutilation, Aspiration, Smellthishate.
Thissucksation, Lazyation, Screwthisation, Suckthisbutt.

66 The Thing that Should Not Be

The Guy Who Put This Song On The List Is The Thing That Should Not Be.

Most boring thing Metallica ever did. A disgrace.

67 Wasting My Hate

Shouldn't be on here.

68 Shoot Me Again

This is what I was saying after I heard this song.

69 No Remorse
70 Murder One

This song quite possibly has the worst Metallica riff ever, along with terribly gimmicky lyrics.

71 Whiskey in the Jar
72 The Outlaw Torn

This Is one of metallica's best songs why is it on this list?

Shouldn't be on here.

73 Rebel of Babylon

Shouldn't be on here.

74 Escape

Easily the worst song from the first 4 albums (the ones I like) and the only bad song from those albums. I find it boring. The band hates it as it was a song made because their label forced them to make a more mainstream song.

I love everything about this song. The only complaint I have is that the ending is so repetitive.

Shouldn't be on here.

Ok so I admit the first half of this song was great, but after the second chorus, the song immediately just gets worse and worse, except for the solo.

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75 Nothing Else Matters

Yeah I can't stand this song. It's boring to me. I don't like the vocal performance on this song and the drums are awful.

Shouldn't be on here.

Who in bloody hell put this here? This song is great! - LostDream258

This song is a great classic.

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76 Until It Sleeps

Worst song From Worst Metallica Album,
I don't Like This Metallica,
I Hope They Will Back To The Old Period In Their Next Album.

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77 Orion

Shouldn't be on here.

What in gods name is this doing here?! - doi

78 The God That Failed V 1 Comment
79 Trapped Under Ice

Shouldn't be on here.

80 Thorn Within

I blame bob rock for screwing up Metallica if he never approached Metallica Metallica would still be greater. This song is is on the worst album and it absolutely sucks and album does too.

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