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1 Ben

I thought this was cute! - Misfire

Freddie Mercury is a FAR better singer AND live performer than child molester Jackson.

This entire list sucks! How the heck is heal the world, PYT, earth song, man in the mirror, ABC (kid was like 11 give him a break), or any of these songs on this list? MJ was a legend, you guys just can't appreciate good music.

I really like this song - XtremeNerdz12

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I like it, actually. It's catchy. - Misfire

Ah! this is the worssst! - alexanderstrider

This is not the world's worst song! I actually love it, no matter how weak it is for Michael Jackson standards.

He did this when he was a kid.

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3 You are Not Alone

It's a nice song! - Misfire

This song is awesome! It has a deep message. How can you put it at the top 3 worst!

Sadly, you need to vote before you can comment. - micahisthebest

Look at the belieber who put this here - amenyoussef

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4 P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

I like this song. - Misfire

This list shouldn't exist.

This is one off the best songs of the 80s I don't understand

PEE WHY TEE - MonsterDobbs

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5 Shout

Uh, guys, have you listened to this?

Terrible, terrible, terrible.

6 I'll Be There

Fantastic song

Its really boring

like... it's boring... I kno it's a #1 hit but... the bunkest #1 hit eva - SmoothCriminal

for me? - MonsterDobbs

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7 Heal the World

Not just Michael Jackson's worst song, also one of the worst songs of all time.

This is my favoirite

One of the most beautiful and meaningful songs Ever! Should not be here!

heal it - MonsterDobbs

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8 Earth Song

This is an okay song, I just wanted to be able to say ALL of these songs are pretty amazing compared to what the idiot who put these songs here could do. I mean, seriously, these are the best songs I have ever heard, and I should know, because I have listened to all of these songs at least twice.

This is literally my favorite song. Why is it on the list?

It's like totaly 100% great - MonsterDobbs

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9 Childhood

That is what was ruined for me - MonsterDobbs

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10 Rockin' Robin

I get why rocking robin is here but 3 legendary songs
Heal The World
Earth Song

Why is Earth Song on this list.

Also how do I unvote

This song makes me want to die.

And Barnacle Batman - MonsterDobbs

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11 Blame It on the Boogie



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12 Man in the Mirror

A lot of these are ballads, it seems. :/ - Misfire

I like MJ but this song is boring to me

Why is this here

This is the best song ever

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13 I Want You Back

I want you back Mikil - MonsterDobbs

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14 The Girl is Mine

GRO8 great great - MonsterDobbs

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15 Remember the Time

Says the user with the name "SmoothCriminal". I do not give that much of a crap whether a song sounds more like it belns in later autumn or not. Michael Jackson songs are my favorite songs of all time because they are very catchy, Michael Jackson has a very wide vocal range and the lyrics are completely creative and heartfelt. - Kieran Stark (aka The Ultimate Daredevil)

This song is so good who put this song on the list?

It Sucks is it suppose 2 be Hallowenish or Thanksgiving it sounds like a Song in October - SmoothCriminal

DO U REMEMBAR?! - MonsterDobbs

16 In the Closet

Now you're coming out - MonsterDobbs

Boring song and weird video
It's the worst - Shamo24

Whole song whisper whisper whisper whisper (awkward music)

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17 Who is It

WHAT? Who is it is Number 3 best song. - lizard302

WHO IS IT? - MonsterDobbs

My top 10 worst:
1. I'll be there (Ben)
2. Ben (Ben)
3. ABC (Michael in Motown)
4. Smile (History)
5. Little Susie (History)
6. Money (History)
7. Planet Earth (Michael Jackson Poems)
8. Stop (Michael in Motown)
9. Don't stop till you get enough (Off the wall)
10. Don't wanna be here (Michael Jackson The Collection)
Those r the worst.

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18 Scream


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19 Smooth Criminal

Why are all the good songs like:
Smooth criminal
They don't care about us
Sunset driver
Who is it
And money
Here? - lizard302

Because this list is BS! - IIBK

Its good fam

What this is MJs best song.

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20 Superfly Sister

It's seriously underrated - Shamo24

Seriously?! All these amazing songs on this list and this isn't even HERE!

it's good - MonsterDobbs

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21 Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

Yeah mediocre

The lyrics to this song are weird. - Shamo24

Very low bugget but good you nugget - MonsterDobbs

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22 Billie Jean

Eminem is good but listen to pink floyd! I hate mj

Overrated trash. If you wanna listen to real music, listen to a Eminem.

This shouldn’t even be a list. And Eminem is trash.

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23 2 Bad

IT'S GREAT - MonsterDobbs

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24 They Don't Care About Us

IT SUCKS there is literally 60 seconds of MJ just screaming

This song is so hippie and the words barely make sense

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25 Beat it


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26 Thriller

To all you silly MJ fanboys Thriller is the most overrated song and album ever. Screw Thriller. Purple Rain is better. Prince had something MJ didn't have. It’s called talent

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27 Little Susie UListen to Sample
28 Human Nature

Overrated trash

This is easily one of his best. That is undebatable.

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29 Bad

Me too, boo to this list!

I love Michael Jackson bad

30 Dirty Diana

Come on! This is my favorite mj song

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31 Will You Be There? UListen to Sample
32 Another Part Of Me UListen to Sample
33 History UListen to Sample
34 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' UListen to Sample
35 Sunset Driver UListen to Sample
36 Money UListen to Sample
37 Ghosts UListen to Sample
38 Stranger In Moscow UListen to Sample
39 Smile UListen to Sample
40 Just Good Friends UListen to Sample
41 Baby Be Mine UListen to Sample
42 Lady In My Life UListen to Sample
43 Carousel UListen to Sample
44 Morphine UListen to Sample
45 Happy UListen to Sample
46 Music & Me UListen to Sample
47 Get on the Floor UListen to Sample
48 Girlfriend UListen to Sample
49 Burn This Disco Out UListen to Sample
50 Say, Say, Say

This whole list is mostly full of great songs, this is the only truly terrible one on the list. The clip is terrible, too. McCartney takes most of the blame, though. - truckturner

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