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1 Ben

I really like this song - XtremeNerdz12

Why the HELL is this a #1 hit? - SmoothCriminal

This is my favorite song by him. - RalphBob

How is this the worst song? This song is beautiful - IIBK

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This is not the world's worst song! I actually love it, no matter how weak it is for Michael Jackson standards.

Squeaky and banal!

ABC is s good song - IIBK

It’s an ok song but I still can’t get past his ridiculously high pitched voice. I know he was only 11, and it’s a decent song but just the voice is what I can’t get past

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3 You are Not Alone

Sadly, you need to vote before you can comment. - micahisthebest

Look at the belieber who put this here - amenyoussef

I IS HERE 4 U - MonsterDobbs

4 P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

This is one off the best songs of the 80s I don't understand

PEE WHY TEE - MonsterDobbs

5 I'll Be There

like... it's boring... I kno it's a #1 hit but... the bunkest #1 hit eva - SmoothCriminal

for me? - MonsterDobbs

Yeah its very boring. I don't like this song my top 5 worst
1. I'll be there
2. I want you back
3. ABC
4. Dancing machine
5. (Have you seen my) Childhood
5 awful songs

6 Shout
7 Heal the World

One of the most beautiful and meaningful songs Ever! Should not be here!

heal it - MonsterDobbs

8 Rockin' Robin

And Barnacle Batman - MonsterDobbs

This song makes me want to die.

9 Earth Song

This is literally my favorite song. Why is it on the list?

It's like totaly 100% great - MonsterDobbs

10 Childhood

That is what was ruined for me - MonsterDobbs

The Newcomers

? In the Closet

Now you're coming out - MonsterDobbs

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11 Blame It on the Boogie



12 I Want You Back

I want you back Mikil - MonsterDobbs

13 The Girl is Mine

GRO8 great great - MonsterDobbs

14 Remember the Time

Says the user with the name "SmoothCriminal". I do not give that much of a crap whether a song sounds more like it belns in later autumn or not. Michael Jackson songs are my favorite songs of all time because they are very catchy, Michael Jackson has a very wide vocal range and the lyrics are completely creative and heartfelt. - Kieran Stark (aka The Ultimate Daredevil)

This song is so good who put this song on the list?

It Sucks is it suppose 2 be Hallowenish or Thanksgiving it sounds like a Song in October - SmoothCriminal

DO U REMEMBAR?! - MonsterDobbs

15 Man in the Mirror

Why is this here

I looking at MAN IN MIRRER CHANG WAYY - MonsterDobbs

16 Who is It

WHAT? Who is it is Number 3 best song. - lizard302

WHO IS IT? - MonsterDobbs

My top 10 worst:
1. I'll be there (Ben)
2. Ben (Ben)
3. ABC (Michael in Motown)
4. Smile (History)
5. Little Susie (History)
6. Money (History)
7. Planet Earth (Michael Jackson Poems)
8. Stop (Michael in Motown)
9. Don't stop till you get enough (Off the wall)
10. Don't wanna be here (Michael Jackson The Collection)
Those r the worst.

17 Scream


18 Smooth Criminal

Why are all the good songs like:
Smooth criminal
They don't care about us
Sunset driver
Who is it
And money
Here? - lizard302

Because this list is BS! - IIBK

Its good fam

19 Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

Very low bugget but good you nugget - MonsterDobbs

20 2 Bad

IT'S GREAT - MonsterDobbs

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