Angry Outlaw #33 Pit Fighter

htoutlaws2012 Hey folks what do you get that was trying to accomplish digitized fighters, but looks like crap in the process you get a terrible arcade game that should of been considered forgotten, but was not to be, instead I stand before you a miserable man playing 3 different ports of Pit Fighter of god it sucks.

His the meanest outlaw in all of america, he does not hold back anything or anyone,
he'd rather stick it up there's and go screw a limp wang,
then talk about the dreaded terror of furious strength in full power of rage there is no stopping the angry outlaw,
he is the angry! angry! Outlaw!

Ugh... Pit Fighter released in 1990 was before Mortal Kombat believe it or not, and its considered one of the worst fighting games of all time probably the worst in the arcades.

Arcade: Speaking of that I might as well start with the original version in which I am playing on the PlayStation 2 thanks to the Midway collection Vol. 2, and still this is the worst of the bunch. We are introduced to our three protagonists Buzz, Ty, and Kato all have there different attack style all terrible in execution mind you I chose Ty because his kick does wonders. Gameplay is pretty much you button mash which is not quite the way you would expect for a fighting, and next thing you know there are things to throw on the sides of the fight even crazy people stabbing you okay. In the later levels you must find a power pill which I had no interest, but it pretty much does something by not even hitting the opponent when you end up ignoring the power up they make you take that punishment, and yeah you could play endlessly out of insanity if you wanted to otherwise I would of quit like that, but I do this for you. In between two matches you have grudge matches which basically knocking down the opposing opponent of yourself in which knock em down three times to move on win or lose you're fine from there. Strange name choices for some of these characters I ended up beating like Mad Miles he does not even look mad a more fitting would deranged miles would be more appropriate. The only women in the game is Angel, and again that seems like a out of place choice name for a fighting game. Then we get to our more generically bland names like Masked Warrior the dude who taunts you throughout the game. Chainman Eddie like really for a dude whose so incredibly tough to take down after a ton of attempts. Executioner you could of went with assassin or something a poor one at best. Oh right back to the game I can't help the fact that these names are so god awfully generic with uninspired thought to boot. In the end are 2 chain dudes, and you beat the masked one, and you are the pit fighter champion. I felt like what was so special about this in the first place the gameplay is terrible, the sound is alright, but the total experience factor is just one frustrating combination. Now look for 1990 it was probably okay for the time, but 2 years a game everyone knows Mortal Kombat pretty much blew that game away in every fashion.

SNES/Genesis: Now both of these ports are slightly different, but are they in anyway passable hell no. Genesis is just a little better, but that isn't saying much, and you wanna know why at least with Super Nintendo you're not given this tough task of going one long run of game over sprees just so you could try to make it far which is 95% unlikely most of the time good luck trying to get far in this atrocious abomination you call an arcade game. At best I can get up to Angel and almost never get passed that part. As you can see Pit Fighter is a classic in all of its wrong forms. Midway believes its up there with the ranks is a bit absurd, but even Primal Rage is better than this, and that was dinosaurs in Mortal Kombat style. It has the controls of something like Shaq Fu, but slightly better, and the sheer experience level of Rise of the robots in a nutshell. Another thing to.....

(Sees a notice)

Greetings outlaw, hope you are enjoying yourself today because we saw your action talking about us how dare you question our logic. You're nothing more than a peasant than everyone else here. I think its best for you to retire for good accept it we will win, and control all of your internet controls all of it hahahahahahaha!!!! Until then happy holidays.