Top 10 Worst Miiverse Profiles


The Top Ten

1 Radic Ray - Rimmy_Stickman

Radic Ray is the most foulmouthed gamer of all time. Radic Ray is similar to Tourettes Guy, Evil Man, Nostalgia Critic and AVGN. - Neinwott

2 Kyokyo -kyokyokitty

She is so annoying! - Neinwott

3 ridgedchip - Fefjyrex

She said the F word in the friend list when you friend her. - Neinwott

what cx

4 (--tony--) - Anthony9689

Look at his annoying face! - Neinwott

5 Lemongrab - OnlyOneLemongrab

Worse than Ice King, Lemongrab screams like a little girl in Miiverse. He wants to recondition Splatoon. UNACCEPTABLE! - Neinwott

6 Okay - okaychan

Which one is okay? - Neinwott

7 Noah - ClassicGamer500

Noah, please leave Miiverse and stop defending that troll, Billy.

This guy false reported me once. I still hate him.

Thii is mii police when I come back I'm reporting you noah

>"I don't treat my opinions as facts"
>"Bayonetta killed Smash. Brawl is now better. Fact! "
What a hypocrite.

8 Naomi - naimo79

Did she wear lipstick? - Neinwott

9 Fegelein - ViveLaFegelein

Why in the world did Fegelein make bad games like Twisted Metal 2, Super Mario Bros., and PAC-MAN on FS1? This is madness! - Neinwott

10 Lazlow - godot_man

YOU MISSPELLED "Laslow". - Neinwott

The Contenders

11 Araceli - Chelie

Which one on middle-earth is Araceli? She isn't the fairy, elf, or goddess! - Neinwott

12 LuigiGS - LuigiGS

Don't ask for a drawing request. they are cringe!

The Ethan Pro X Rosalina one is true cringe!

He quit

13 Chris - SuperChrisBros

Nearly half of his content on there were Rosalina hate posts or painting Rosalina in a bad image. There's such thing as disliking a character, but this guy did it way too much during the days when Miiverse was alive.

14 Sam - Pikachufan112

Just another Nintendrone who will report you if you say anything negative about Nintendo. - Crab

15 Snake - SonicTeam765

Literally one of the worst people you will ever meet.

16 Mark - Mark8989

He over exaggerates Princess Peach by spamming 'Wheres my hug from Peach? '

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