Top 10 Worst Miiverse Profiles


The Top Ten

1 Radic Ray - Rimmy_Stickman

Radic Ray is the most foulmouthed gamer of all time. Radic Ray is similar to Tourettes Guy, Evil Man, Nostalgia Critic and AVGN. - Neinwott

2 Kyokyo -kyokyokitty

She is so annoying! - Neinwott

3 ridgedchip - Fefjyrex

She said the F word in the friend list when you friend her. - Neinwott

what cx

4 (--tony--) - Anthony9689

Look at his annoying face! - Neinwott

5 Lemongrab - OnlyOneLemongrab

Worse than Ice King, Lemongrab screams like a little girl in Miiverse. He wants to recondition Splatoon. UNACCEPTABLE! - Neinwott

6 Okay - okaychan

Which one is okay? - Neinwott

7 Naomi - naimo79

Did she wear lipstick? - Neinwott

8 Fegelein - ViveLaFegelein

Why in the world did Fegelein make bad games like Twisted Metal 2, Super Mario Bros., and PAC-MAN on FS1? This is madness! - Neinwott

9 Noah - ClassicGamer500

Noah, please leave Miiverse and stop defending that troll, Billy.

This guy false reported me once. I still hate him.

Thii is mii police when I come back I'm reporting you noah

>"I don't treat my opinions as facts"
>"Bayonetta killed Smash. Brawl is now better. Fact! "
What a hypocrite.

10 Chris - SuperChrisBros

If you hate Rosalina so much, why are you still playing the games she appeared in?

He's on DeviantArt, too. There he's going to every Rosalina picture he can find to leave a comment disrespecting her. This guy really is a brat.

He's still butthurt about Daisy's exclusion in Smash 4...

This guy takes his hatred towards Rosalina way too far! He is so disrespectful towards not only Rosalina but also Rosalina fans as well. He always call Rosalina "WaPeach". That guy is so Autistic!

The Contenders

11 Lazlow - godot_man

YOU MISSPELLED "Laslow". - Neinwott

12 Araceli - Chelie

Which one on middle-earth is Araceli? She isn't the fairy, elf, or goddess! - Neinwott

13 LuigiGS - LuigiGS

Don't ask for a drawing request. they are cringe!

The Ethan Pro X Rosalina one is true cringe!

He quit

14 Sam - Pikachufan112

Just another Nintendrone who will report you if you say anything negative about Nintendo. - Crab

15 Snake - SonicTeam765

Literally one of the worst people you will ever meet.

16 Mark - Mark8989

He over exaggerates Princess Peach by spamming 'Wheres my hug from Peach? '

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