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1 We Can't Stop We Can't Stop

After long time she released her new single so I am kind a excited. First when I heard It was not so cool for me but now it is the best party song ever. Yeah I agree the video is not so good but not bad either. She's having fun that's it. This song is truly party song. If anyone say about disgusting then it's them who commenting so rude. This is cool song

I love Miley but this song is not my type. I don't know why she's doing all this. Please Miley stop doing this. You are a wonderful singer. Show your talent. Not other outfit. I still love your songs. Except this. It's reallt annoyed. Wrecking ball is much better. You have so many fans. They'll always with you but if you make this type of music I afraid to say but you'll lose one by one. Still love you and your songs. Bangerz is a best album

It's the new single... But the song is so horrible and the video makes her look like a big slut

Shes amazing. And really proud that she has a lot haters whose are totally jealous of her.

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2 23 23

Come on man! She looks beautiful in this video. Her rapping is totally rocks. My favorite song by her.

This song could have been a 0/5 if not for Mike WiLL Made-It (and We Can't Stop a 2), but nope! - WonkeyDude98

As much as I hate Miley, this is probably one of the only songs where she actually tried. This is her best song but still, it's decent. - SelfDestruct

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3 Twerk

I like wracking ball but my most favorite song by Miley Cyrus is the climb

Miley is very good singer.
And all her songs are great. Haters just need to grow up

Don't care either if you comment bull. Just clean your ear. May be your idol uses autotune that's why you actually forgot the real voice is.

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4 Bang Me Box
5 Cant be Tamed Cant be Tamed

I don't think people should create this worst list. She is an amazing singer. Her songs are very good.

This song really sucks! It's one of the worst songs of 2009-10

This was basically when everybody who hated Miley Cyrus was proven right. - sameera62

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6 Dooo It! V 2 Comments
7 Milky Milky Milk
8 Wrecking Ball

Whoever put this song really stupid one. Fantastic song. If you don't like it for video then who told you to watch video? Shakira, Rihanna, Lady gaga other celebraty can do anything but Miley can't. Stop judgeing her. You are not god. If you don't like her ignore her. But stop saying stupid thing. She is amazing. This song is brilliant. Again I wanna say whoever put this song she/he is just a stupid. Have no taste on music or one of hate who jealous by her success

Stop hating and go to your own idol page. Don't you have anything to do without hating?
This song is truly amazing. And all haters need to grow up.

My sweet pie Miley did cry:( in this song. This is the worst part but basically best song ever.

This is My Mom's least favorite song except for the following: Booty Man (Tim Wilson), Fat Bottomed Girls (Queen), and her least favorite is AC/DC's Big Balls!

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9 Tangerine
10 Are You Ready

If her songs are worst she didin't get awards and popularity from people. She is successful singer like all the time.

ALL Miley Cyrus songs are the worst. This one just so happens to be exceptionally bad. Who writes this crap? - queen11

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11 East Northumberland High East Northumberland High
12 BB Talk

Seriously. Watch the music video.

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13 Best of Both Worlds Best of Both Worlds

What r you talking about!?!? Sure this song may be old, but I think the only reason people don't like it is because it was the theme song for Hannah Montana and it was played OVER and OVER again whenever you put on the show. I still like the song. Go Miley! Smilers forever! :D

Loved it when I was small but now its kinda baby song for me!

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14 F**kin F**ked Up V 1 Comment
15 Pumpin' Up the Party Pumpin' Up the Party

Its pretty old but its still a pretty sweet song! It makes me wanna dance

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16 My Darlin' My Darlin'
17 Lets Get Crazy Lets Get Crazy V 1 Comment
18 Do My Thang Do My Thang V 1 Comment
19 Let's Dance Let's Dance

I don't feel like dancing! Feels like burying my head under the earth

20 G.N.O G.N.O

I loovvee her but this song is her worst (written not music video) ever!

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