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1 We Can't Stop

After long time she released her new single so I am kind a excited. First when I heard It was not so cool for me but now it is the best party song ever. Yeah I agree the video is not so good but not bad either. She's having fun that's it. This song is truly party song. If anyone say about disgusting then it's them who commenting so rude. This is cool song

I love Miley but this song is not my type. I don't know why she's doing all this. Please Miley stop doing this. You are a wonderful singer. Show your talent. Not other outfit. I still love your songs. Except this. It's reallt annoyed. Wrecking ball is much better. You have so many fans. They'll always with you but if you make this type of music I afraid to say but you'll lose one by one. Still love you and your songs. Bangerz is a best album

We Can't Stop doesn't deserve to be Number 1 in my opinion because Miley has done way worse, but I have my problems with it. First of all, Boyce Avenue and Bea Miller's cover of the song was way better than the original. Why? Because they rid it completely of sexual and drug lyrics and they don't have a "desperate for attention" music video. It's just them singing. Here, they have autotune with an annoying voice as well as a disgusting video. A generic song about partying and drugs really. - DCfnaf

Doesn't deserve 1. She's made worse. - DCfnaf

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2 Dooo It!

This is a bad song

I love her but have to admit this is her worst song.She should make more songs like Malibu and Inspired.

This is the worst song of hers. We Can't Stop has some redeeming qualities. If you changed some of the lyrics, it'd be better. - DCfnaf

I would still love to know why this isn't Number 1. Miley Cyrus has a great voice and CAN make good songs (not good videos, but good SONGS), but this blasphemy against music should die and be forgotten. Cyrus should be ashamed that she made this. "I hope they can see past the fact that I'm singing about marijuana, and they can also hear me begging for peace," she said at an interview and to that I say...WHAT? You're begging for peace with quite possibly the worst execution in existence. The way you beg for peace is by straining your voice of any talent whatsoever with crap autotune, putting in ear rape effects, as many informal words as possible, garbage lyrics like "I don't give a F***, I ain't no hippie! ", "Why they put the d*** in the pu**y? ", and "Peace motherf***ers", and finally...the most disgusting, atrocious, and abominable music video to ever be released on YouTube. It's basically a zoom in on her "face" and we get to watch ...more - DCfnaf

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3 Twerk

I like wracking ball but my most favorite song by Miley Cyrus is the climb

Miley is very good singer.
And all her songs are great. Haters just need to grow up

Don't care either if you comment bull. Just clean your ear. May be your idol uses autotune that's why you actually forgot the real voice is.

Just by the title... - Thatgirl

Wasn't this JB and Miley together? If it was, then yes, it's trash. Justin sounds as annoying as he usually does, and Miley just sounds atrocious here. Plus...the title. - DCfnaf

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4 Bang Me Box

Most of her songs are great but this one, Do it, love money party, lets dance, GNO are crap

Most of her songs are very good and catchy but if I have to pick then

1 - Doo it

2 - Decision

3 - GNO (H.M)

4 - Love money party

5 - BB talk (kind of catchy though)

6 - We can't stop (Catchy but video sucks)

7 - Let's dance (H.M)

8 - Ice cream Freeze (H.M)

I didn't add wrecking ball cause the song is very good. And about those songs Milky, messed up, Tangerine I haven't listen yet.

5 23

Come on man! She looks beautiful in this video. Her rapping is totally rocks. My favorite song by her.

This song could have been a 0/5 if not for Mike WiLL Made-It (and We Can't Stop a 2), but nope! - WonkeyDude98

This should not be here

Miley...you're not a rapper. You're a singer. Don't even try doing songs like this one again. You suck at rapping and rap music is not where you belong. - DCfnaf

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6 Milky Milky Milk

Milk and 2013 Miley Cyrus together. Guess what the song is about. - DCfnaf

7 Can't Be Tamed


I don't think people should create this worst list. She is an amazing singer. Her songs are very good.

This song shouldn't be on here - 906389

I like that she gave us a warning that she can't be tamed. 🤣 Anyways...a guilty pleasure of mine that's drowned in autotune and has egotistical lyrics. This was Miley's transition...but it wasn't her final form... - DCfnaf

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8 F**kin F**ked Up

This is a song?

50 seconds of the same three words over and over. There really is no effort in this one. - DCfnaf

9 Are You Ready

If her songs are worst she didin't get awards and popularity from people. She is successful singer like all the time.

Her voice is not great here and she's a little off key to be honest. - DCfnaf

I agree. Worst songs ever.

ALL Miley Cyrus songs are the worst. This one just so happens to be exceptionally bad. Who writes this crap? - queen11

10 Tangerine

Great soul touchy song but autotune claiming it worst.

Autotuned to death. Great. Plus, most of the song is Big Sean instead of Miley. - DCfnaf

When I heard this songs I felt like its from BLUE WHALE playlist.Kinda creepy but cacthy -_-

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11 Love Money Party

I love Miley but I am not happy with this song.

12 East Northumberland High
13 Best of Both Worlds

What r you talking about!?!? Sure this song may be old, but I think the only reason people don't like it is because it was the theme song for Hannah Montana and it was played OVER and OVER again whenever you put on the show. I still like the song. Go Miley! Smilers forever! :D

Loved it when I was small but now its kinda baby song for me!

Annoying, but it's from a crappy show. - DCfnaf

Best of both worlds?
More like worst of both hells - Ajkloth

14 Pumpin' Up the Party

Its pretty old but its still a pretty sweet song! It makes me wanna dance

Really havin bad opinion abt tis even when am a Miley fan

15 BB Talk

Seriously. Watch the music video.

Rip off of Melanie Martinez's Crybaby

Why this thing happened... - DaisyandRosalina

Sexualized Babies in the video, annoying strained and autotuned voice, most of the song is talking...not her worst song ever but it probably deserves this list. - DCfnaf

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16 Wrecking Ball

Whoever put this song really stupid one. Fantastic song. If you don't like it for video then who told you to watch video? Shakira, Rihanna, Lady gaga other celebraty can do anything but Miley can't. Stop judgeing her. You are not god. If you don't like her ignore her. But stop saying stupid thing. She is amazing. This song is brilliant. Again I wanna say whoever put this song she/he is just a stupid. Have no taste on music or one of hate who jealous by her success

Stop hating and go to your own idol page. Don't you have anything to do without hating?
This song is truly amazing. And all haters need to grow up.

My sweet pie Miley did cry:( in this song. This is the worst part but basically best song ever.

Malibu is way better

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17 Two More Lonely People

Awesome and a meaningful song. This list is also annoying like all haters cause her all songs are good. Shut the list

Such an irritating song

18 Lets Get Crazy

I love this song.

19 Let's Dance

Miley is a great singer but sadly she's got some annoying songs.Let's dance is one of them.

I don't feel like dancing! Feels like burying my head under the earth

20 Ice Cream Freeze

It is just too repetitive to be anything but annoying.

I love this song.

21 G.N.O. - Girl's Night Out

I loovvee her but this song is her worst (written not music video) ever!

22 Clear
23 Old Blue Jeans

This song makes no sense. What there about blue jeans? You can find a better one on YouTube that is still annoying but better.

Blue Jeans must be about her horse.

24 Fly On the Wall

Love this song and the video. This list is so wrong her all the songs r great

And AC/DC Made a good song with that name. Not some crappy Pop song. Same thing goes with Jonas Brothers and Black Sabbath with the song Paranoid,

25 The Climb

Who said it worst. Are they gone mad or jealous by her for making all amazing music.

Amazing songs! Are you nuts?

Beautiful and meaningful song like all the time. It's not worst whever think they are so jealous or may be deaf.

This is like...her best song...why is it here? - DCfnaf

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26 Hoedown Throwdown

It is catchy but after like the fourth time you hear it it's like GET THIS SONG OUT OF MY HEAD.

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27 Party In the U.S.A.

Best song ever. Who thinks it is a bad song!

I don't who the hell think this is worst. Seriously the person has no idea of music. Awesome song. Love it

Come on, it's not that awful apart from autotune. - DCfnaf

I hate that song

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28 Start All Over
29 Adore You

Serioulsy? This song is amazing, she is a beautiful woman, she just wanted to go away from the "Hannah Montana" look, so stop hating cause she has a beautiful face, body and voice, and it's a beautiful love song.

Haters need to stop hating. Her all songs are great.

Are you drunk? Who the hell r said this is worst. This is the best song ever.

This is another one of her best songs with Wrecking Ball. The music video is not the song itself so relax guys. - DCfnaf

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30 When I Look at You

Her all the songs are very good
And specially it's the sweetest song I have ever heard. Don't agree with the list

31 FU

This is her worst song ever. It sounds horrendous and ugly.

32 Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds
33 Smells Like Teen Spirit

Smells Like Teen Spirit is a Nirvada song

34 Do My Thang

Haters gonna hate

35 My Darlin'
36 Pretty Girls (Fun)

Really creepy beat and technology in the background - DCfnaf

37 Malibu

I like this song, it's not her est, but it's very very sweet. - DCfnaf

Bad vocals, sound...

It just sucks

It's shame people are hating on this amazing song.You better vote which is her worst one.Like Do it,Love money party & & I can't find any cause most of her songs are amazing.

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38 Decisions

Never hate "we can't stop" or neither hate "Doo it" but this song irritates me like hell. Miley make music that you used to sing."One in a million,Party in a USA,True friend,I am right here,Don't walk away,Dream,See you again & so on.

39 Santa Claus is Comin' to Town
40 Butterfly Fly Away
41 I Hope You Find It
42 Need a Little Love
43 #getitright
44 Rainbowland Rainbowland
45 SMS (Bangerz)
46 Attached
47 Hands of Love
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