Worst Miley Cyrus Videos


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1 Wrecking Ball

The videos no bad if you understand the meaning behind the video. She's naked because she's stripped back by the relationship and has now broken free from it. She is riding on a wrecking ball as it is breaking down the walls which closed her in during the relationship with Liam and is savouring the moment by doing this as well as by licking a sledgehammer as she is loving the fact that she has broken free and is enjoying the freedom and release from the relationship which held her back. - mholland1997

I can't stand this video, much less the song

The video sucks ass big time and its as if Miley is auditioning for a porno - Invictus

This is so the worst music video ever. - DynastiSugarPop

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2 We Can't Stop

At least wrecking ball has a meaning behind it. We Can't Stop is just her getting drunk, taking drugs, smoking and licking boys at a party.

Makes no sense. Is offensive, inappropriate, and a representation of everything we don't want our children to see

The Most Worst Music Video Of All Time

They don't even look like they 're having a good time

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3 Adore You
4 Can't be Tamed
5 When I Look At You
6 BB Talk

This should be number 1.

7 Party In The USA

This song haunted me for two years

I love this song! :D - DynastiSugarPop

8 Dooo It!
9 4x4
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