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1 Somalia

We don't even use armies any more the americans and chinese just show off there nukes

It's hilarious how people say the U.S. when we won Vietnam, nearly all battles fought in Vietnam were WON. A peace treaty was signed, because (to be honest we WERE going broke at the time) but North Vietnam also new they could not win with us in South Vietnam. They waited for us to leave, we left, and then AFTER we left they took over South Vietnam. I honestly have no idea why Uk and the US are on here. It always look like people just want to hate on the strongest nations, they always need to find the smallest little flaw.

Needs foreign help can't stop the Somali pirates nor the terrorists groups such as al Qaeda the Taliban al Shabababad.

Very bad government can not even stop afew teroristts. fails all the time. weakest army begs for help all the time. it is hallairous what the Somalians say.

2 United States of America

You guys don't realize that the United States have the best military in the world you guys are just haters I even live in the United States myself yeah if you don't know people say we lost the Vietnam war but I don't know if we lost that war or not if we did then that would mean we lost 2 wars if we didn't only one war lost bye the way if you live in a country that were not allied with we're not dumb we have the fourth smartest country and we're not even collapsed but I do know that we had to have help in world war 2 or we would have been defeated in my opinion I think you guys from all over the world that probably don't understand understand our country language but it's probably converted into your language but you guys always want to under estimate the best militaries in the world such as Russia

The U.S. can win a war with any country, though the military is extremely overrated. We have a carrier fleet larger than every navy combined first off and second more aircraft than any other nation. The only 2 countries that would be a problem are Russia because of its large tank force and nuclear weapons arsenal and China with its large army and population fit for service.

What you guys are voters are are losers and haters USA has best army ever

The Worst army in the world Killer of millions of civilians...

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3 Congo

The salvation army can destroy them.

Any recent African Army could be Number 1 I think. How many civil wars does this country average a century?

Somalia is #2 and Congo is #1


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4 Chad
5 Malawi
6 Tanzania Tanzania Tanzania, officially the United Republic of Tanzania or simply U.R.T, is a large country in Eastern Africa within the African Great Lakes region.
7 Sierria Leone

Sierria Leone is terrible man there military is a piece of crap, I'm suprised they are not number 1.

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8 Liberia

Pretty much no functioning military. And how is the US at #2? That's just dumb. Also, Pakistan is good. They lost some skirmishes with India, but India has way more troops than Pakistan.

9 Pakistan

Pakistan has lost many wars, but Pakistan has a good military. It ranks 13th. I HATE Pakistan, Pakistan has lost 50% of the wars they fought but they always faced of stronger armies, they never had an equal match. I repeat I HATE, HATE, HATE Pakistan, its just that facts are facts, Pakistan actually does have a strong military.

Lost all 4 four wars against India including the historic battle of 1971 which led to the division of their nation in 2 parts as Pakistan and Bangladesh. They even lost Siachen to India in 1984. So scared that whenever India goes for a war they start threatening for nuclear launch without even considering nuclear capability of India.

More terrorists dan soldiers...

Better don't go for war

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10 Botswana Botswana

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11 Great Britain

They could have easily beaten the 13 colonies. The colonies only won out of extreme luck. The colonies only took on a portion of the British army, not the entire thing. They also had help from France and Spain. If the entire British Empire was sent to the colonies, the colonies would have been annihilated. Same if France and Spain didn't help them

Look, I admit our army is starting to fall behind but it's no way near the worst. We, France, some time after Russia were the ones who held the navies back. Ok then the USA jumped in. If those countries didn't put a fight the USA would have lost as well.

If you idiots didn't know the British were the only country (besides the mighty U.S.) that was able to hold back and defeat the Nazis in air and ground warfare

Honestly, Britain's military isn't the worst, but it also isn't the best. History has shown their military might (In medieval times) and naval powers (Back when we used sails and stationary cannons and lined up ships like bowling pins). Although they have lost an entire continent of colonies to farmers with pitchforks and the will to slay tyranny and oppression. Britain was also a big help during WW1, effectively bringing Germany to a stalemate. (Even with a coalition of armies 3x - bigger than the Germans) Until American Bomber squadrons laid waste to Germany's industrial strength and Americans broke the stalemate by crushing German beach defenses in Normandy, and supplying British forces with food, ammunition, and medical supplies. And again in WW2 when allied forces surrendered France instantaneously and Germany advanced all the way into Africa and the Middle East,- Until of course America Launched a counter offensive decimating German forces in every theatere of WW2 and again ...more

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12 Fiji Fiji Fiji, officially the Republic of Fiji, is an island country in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean about 1,100 nautical miles northeast of New Zealand's North Island.

Fiji IS Super Dependent on Russia To Supply Them Weapons And Has A Horrible arsenal of anti-tank weaponry.

Although if nuclear warfare breaks out ill be there

... They don't have military. Peaceful country :v - MChkflaguard_Yt

Fiji has some good apples nom nom nom nom

13 Philippines

It is not true that they drink their own blood it is just that our government is corrupt and that they now have to focus on infantry advancements. But if you look at the past planes tanks armoury troops artillery ships and guns were a lot stronger that now. So all in all we have a good millitary for a third world country compare to Somalia and Iraq

Don't Be Judgemental Guys! You have know idea how high the morale of the Philippine military is. Have you even heard of at least one report that they retreated, no. So I personally think we are strong. Sure we may have outdated equipment, but at least our will to fight is strong and that we are willing to die for our country!

By the way some countries like US Russia etc are giving support to the military

Weak in all aspect.

Strongest Military in the world you still don't know what they have.

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14 Swaziland
15 North Korea

North Korea spends so much money on nukes that the solders need to eat DIRT to survive!

Guys North Korea is gonna make a stupid move and they will be destroyed within a week

They have enough munitions to combat the USA for 2 months

No will to fight if they fought Salvation Army could fight them and win they are better equiped with their little bells

16 Canada Canada Canada is a country in North America that is next to the United States, and it's the 2nd largest country in the world (size is 9.985 million kmĀ²). This country has 10 provinces, and 3 territories. Canada became a dominion on July 1, 1867. Its 10 provinces are: Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, ...read more.

He'll no we have the states and Britten and our army isn't bad it's not AS strong as the rest

I hate britain

The salvation army can kick their asses.

A peaceful country. :) Their army is just for defense in a full on war. So they don't count. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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17 Italy

Italy has a great milltary

Lol PASTAA! ~~~
Who here gets that reference?

18 Serbia

Terrible armed forces. They lost to Kosovo and Albania even though they had help from Yugoslavia, which was also defeated. - uklin

Once had the 4th army in the world (yugoslay army) and lost to many nations including Bosnia which was unarmed nation

19 Ukraine

Russia takes it over and they don't fight back

Ukraine don't stand a chance against Russia.

Really Russia takes Crimea instead of fighting Ukraine watches what is happening - FrankP

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20 Czech Republic

I live here and the military here is terrible.Oudated cold war equipment and only 20 000 men? And 100 reserves? To defend 10 mill people?

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