Worst Minecraft Clones

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1 Minicraft

It was created by notch way before minecraft... Twat.

I love mini craft

It's not a clone.

Its rubbish absolootely rubbish you can only mine trees and you can't even collect them

2 Blockworld

My sister has this. - Minecraftcrazy530

My mom beats me

From the creaters of boreing and rubbish

3 Craftworld

Zzz oh I was just sleeping because this game is so boreing on this game if you want a liquid well to bad there isent any no warter larva nothing its ribbish

4 Craftworld Beta

Zzz oh not again these 2 are exactely the same exept this one you can go on creative nothing speashell ohh yere there no creative on raft world

Jesus Christ are you 5 I mean craft world is probably as crap as you say it is but how can I even know what you’re saying if you’re grammar and spelling is worse than someone that’s still in preschool!?

5 Terraria

Terraria isn't a Minecraft clone

Haha!... that's a joke, right?

There acually two completely different games.

This nothing like Minecraft

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6 Crafta World

This one is better but only by a little

7 Servivelcraft

This one is a lot better a lot better still not good

SurvivalCraft is way better. It has furniture and you can download textures and maps easy. Also it was infinite way before mcpe and is wag more realistic.

8 Blockcraft

Use to pay since I couldn't get minecraft last time

The worst ripoff. I know a few people who are like "DUH I AM CHEEPO SO I LIEK the FAEK MINCERAFT because CHEEP". They literally said that.

): ): ): ): ): it makes me sad such a rubbish any one could thinck its good 3 words get a life

9 Pixel Gun 3D

Lol it just has blocks in It

This is the best game in the world. I got a lot of good guns on it. This game is hell of better then mincraft!

I love pixelgun 3d

10 Roblox

What if I told you roblox came out before minecraft

Bro, roblox is first and almost better

Roblox is not a ripoff at all

The Contenders

11 Craftsmanship
12 Trove

Not only is it a Minecraft rip off it's a cube world rip off

13 Mineclone
14 Candy Craft: Girl Explorations

The most feminist minecraft ripoff in the market.

The music is upstraight free loyalty music that rapes your ear like your ear is secretly signing up on a Tinder site

15 Worldcraft survival 2
16 Crib City


17 Survivalcraft

Are you serious? This game is amazing! in my opinion, it is actually on par with Minecraft.

It is more realistic, with body temperature, real dangers and animals, and also has a hint of fantasy, like werewolves.

You can actually wear special clothes that keep you warm, and the crafting recipes are the same as in Minecraft...

Not to mention you can download content straight from the game made by other users.

Calling a game a Minecraft clone is incorrect. It is a block-based sandbox game, a genre that was made before, but was finally made popular with Minecraft. So, Survivalcraft is a block-based sandbox. Not a Minecraft clone.

There are too many animals, it's much harder to fly, and you can sleep WHENEVER you want! - Minecraftcrazy530


18 Exploration Lite

You can't even save it!

Its ok

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