Top 10 Worst Minecraft Mini Games

In this list I will point out some of the worst Minecraft mini games. If one of these is your favorite, I'm really sorry but this is just an opinion. I will also include the server in which these minigames are on.

The Top Ten

1 Type Wars - Mineplex

This game involves typing in names to stop pigs from going places, like what the heck? - JavierRocks


If I wanted to play a "Education Game", I'd jump off a cliff.

That teaches me not to jump off cliffs and not to play Educational Games. - mattstat716

2 Pizza Spleef - Cubecraft

The egg is impossible to get, redstone is broken as all hell, olive's overpowered, and a lot of other problems. - mattstat716

This game is just like spleef except mining blocks gives you different powers, like speed and nausea for everyone else. It is boring to play and no one would choose it over Regular spleef and spleeg - JavierRocks

3 Gravity - Mineplex

In this game you are flying around space and it's hard to control the oxygen and fuel and is overall just really annoying. - JavierRocks

4 Sneaky Assassins - Mineplex

In this game everyone is disguised as a Villager and it just is long and boring. - JavierRocks

This game is just running around pretending to be villagers really tedious

5 Snow Fight - Mineplex

Essentially a Snowball fight in minecraft it's no different than a bow battle except its using snowballs. - JavierRocks

6 Creeper Attack - Hypixel

This game is just fighting mobs. That's it. - JavierRocks

Lol, nothing is wrong with creeper attack, apart from some games that have no place in Mc, "worst" games are just based off the type of games you like

7 Squid Shooters - Mineplex

Although this game was removed, I am still including it in this list. In this game it was essentially one in the quiver or one in the chamber, but using ink sacks underwater. Yeah. - JavierRocks

8 Hypixel Says - Hypixel

This is basically just Simon Says except it's on Minecraft. This would be more fun except the tasks ARE SOOO DULL. - JavierRocks

9 Milk the Cow - Mineplex

This game is milking cows then drinking it. If you play this game, YOU NEED SOME MILK - JavierRocks

10 Christmas Mayhem - Mineplex

In the game you collect snowballs to buy towers to save santa claus to be killed by mobs... I mean.. It doesn't make sense at all.

The Contenders

11 Minerware - Cubecraft

A lot of people rage.

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