Top 10 Worst Minecraft Mobs Names

That is uncreative, weird, and ridiculous Minecraft mobs names.

The Top Ten

1 Herobrine

Because his name is ugly

Wut is the weird name, look he isn't the hero but a killer - DragoniteTheMinerz

2 Creeper

Dumb name, that not so creepy yet laugh out loud - DragoniteTheMinerz

That kinda very (not) creepy! - TrolloloPikachu

3 Snow Golem

Snow golem? Better you change that to snowman - DragoniteTheMinerz

4 Bacca

Bacca? , you need change the c and a to o and n and that will be:
Bacon - DragoniteTheMinerz

5 Zombie Pigman
6 Endermen

Boy 1 : Guess what?
Boy 2 : what?
Boy 1 : Minecraft added a slendermen
Boy 2 : now Minecraft goes to horror game?
Boy 1 : no, but mojang brain is goes, and that changes into endermen
Boy 2 : fuu!... - DragoniteTheMinerz

7 Ghast

Better you put o rather than a - DragoniteTheMinerz

8 Blaze

Are is that a blazing
No, that a blaze haha laugh out loud - DragoniteTheMinerz

9 Wither
10 Giant

Just a big zombie, you must add giant zombie rather than giant - DragoniteTheMinerz

Because it is not very big as mobzilla, godzilla and. many more

The Contenders

11 Mooshroom

Mushroom and moo? Marvelous - TrolloloPikachu

12 Zombies
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