Worst Minecraft Mobs

These mobs just annoy you kill you and cause you so much pain in the game. I had to make a list about them.

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1 Creeper

Here you are, mining some stone or something when you hear a "His..." and before you can turn around a massive explosion fills the cavern and you and all of your items are incinerated. Creepers make me want to hit myself in the face with a baseball bat.

I'm more annoyed that creepers go into your house and make a huge crater in the side of your house then it possibly killing you. SO ANNOYING... However, if you are worried about dying by creeper wear regular or enchanted armor.

I have a pet one, he blows things up so I keep him in a small house I put in on creative, he's the sweetest ever. I live on a island so he can swim sometime but I got Iron doors now, no explosions! They're awesome

"That'sssSSSsss a nice house you have there... OopsssSSSsss, now it's gone."

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2 Baby Zombies

Man, I was in this cave REALLY far away from my house, I got 17 diamonds, three stacks of iron ore, 34 gold ore, four stacks of redstone had an enchanted bow with some REALLY good enchanments (it was my main weapon), and I was level 34. I'm all out of food and wasn't at full health so I was on my way out of the cave, then all of a sudden I'm getting hit at lightening speed! I look back and I see two baby zombies in full leather armour... -_- They had me backed in a corner, and a sword wasn't in my hotbar (not smart) after like 4 or 5 hits, BAM! I'm dead... I stopped playing for a while after that...

Baby zombies are so annoying and so fast if you don't know they are coming and they attack from behind it's hard to turn around quick enough before they kill you.

They charge you at like 1000000000000 mph

Runs around, kills you. Wont stop

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3 Skeleton

One time, I was heading out to the river near my house to get some water for a garden I was building. I had no armor on and a skeleton started shooting me with arrows from under a tree a planted days earlier. he killed me. that sucked because I had 20 experience and a bucket, plus some weapons. I went back out there, got my dropped sword, sprinted at it, killed it, and burned down the tree. worst part of it all, the skeleton dropped nothing. I hate skeletons with a passion. like the time I was almost killed by a hoard of skeletons spawned from a monster spawner in a dungeon high up in the wall of the cave. that story's short. I survived, destroyed the spawner, got nothing good out of the chest.

Once I was playing minecraft and the sun was slowly going down so I started going home, I was in the water and almost home then arrows are fired at me the are four skeletons shooting at me from all directions I lost everything I had and it sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

I find skeletons more annoying than creepers. Creepers are only annoying when they sneak up on you. But skeletons are undefeatable. I can't even get remotely close to one without dying. And just when you think that is bad, when you find a gang of them. But watching them kill each other is fun. Honestly, the most disappointing moment is when you find a dungeon and it spawns skeletons.

Skeletons r not that very weak

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4 Ghast

Creeper and Skeleton are obnoxious but manageable if you're careful. If there's anything more than one ghast, your life becomes miserable - everything on the surface of the nether will go up in flames, they only seem to aim at you when you're not looking, so deflecting the blast towards them is rarely feasible, and they will bombard you as a group before they see the whites of your eyes, knocking loose that carefully placed netherrack between you and the lava.

Only mob who can one shot you without dying in the process, even diamond armor does not protect yourself from this spawn of Satan. I also hate the fact that the missiles are so HARD to hit back, it is nearing impossible.

I HATE THESE! First time I ever got to the nether I was a noob with a capital N. I saw a ghast and somehow hit the fire ball and killed it. I started celebrating and jumped into a hole where there was a opening and I found another. I jumped towards it and got killed and was super confused. I died in a fire being distracted.

In the xbox 360 edition ghasts are extremely hard to kill, harder than enedermen, creepers, or any mob other than the ender dragon, but at least he doesn't respawn. In the 360 edition, their fireballs are about impossible to hit back, you can't shoot an arrow at them without them shooting at you first, and its very difficult to get within sword range, even with a fishing rod.

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5 Villagers

Seriously, four emeralds for a leather tunic? The trades they expect you to make are ridiculous. Also, they won't make any new offers unless you decide to take one of the existing offers. Whee, looks like I wasted 4 emeralds on something I could have gotten by killing a few cows. Oh, yeah, I also hate the "Hmm" sounds that they make.

Some villagers have good trades for example 1 emerald for 10 arrows but the majority have pathetic trades.

I hate villagers they make annoying sounds with that stupid humming and I'm also glad that slimes and zombies come to ruin they stupid ugly villages - anthonyj

I hate villagers they are annoying and stupid I love to burn their villages
But not before raiding them first I kill at least 50 villagers a day

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6 Enderdragon

Why is the Enderdragon on here?
Whoever put him on the list is possibly a raging 4 year old brat that whined because he was killed by the enderdragon. - aarond90

Okay... You have geared up with full diamond armor, a bow with three stacks of arrows, an enchanted diamond sword, AND HE KNOCKS YOU IN THE VOID, MAKING YOU SPEND MONTHS TO GET YOUR ITEMS BACK!

Wow some noob really raged. The ender dragon is very manageable with diamond armor.

It's like impossible

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7 Wither Sketion

They are so slow and with a regeneration potion and an iron or diamond sword they can be easily defeated. Although if you don't have these things it would be a challenge.

They annoy me so much.

There so cool though

It should be 1st

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8 Zombies

When you hit one zombies from 100 blocks come hunt you down - DoctorAnadilite

These zombies suck I want zombies to be #1

Sometimes I'm shock when I'm mining

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9 Blaze

Yep. Playing Minecraft in the nether. I was building a bridge to get to some nether quartz ore. I was just at the other side when I blaze knocked me off my bridge into lava! I was so angry I blew up my house with tnt and then got killed again when it became night. I don't know what I expected though. Lol

Second time in the nether, want to get some redemption. I find this nether brick thingy (nether fortress) which I call red castle and make my home there. I place beds and stuff then go off to explore (yes, beds, I was a noob) I found a spawner and fought some blazes. I was going back when I got shot in the face by a blaze. I got to low health and instantly got sniped by another.

They set you on fire and you are on fire while they continue shooting you with fire until you are knocked into lava and die. HATE THEM SO MUCH!

Blazes are terrible. Especially Aggressive ones. - MorbidCannibalSlayer

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10 Squids

Just cause sky hates them dose not mean you should to squids are awesome cause they provide ink sacks for book and quills and that's awesome right

Squids are innocent! Leave the poor squid alone!

They give ink sacks but what if you don't want/ need them for what you are doing. Then they just.. , swim? I would have liked if they added more than just squid in the water.

Unlike all other mobs in MineCraft, the squid is useless. They only drop ink sacs to make dye, but nothing that's actually useful in survival.

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11 Sheep

As of 1.8 they drop food. And imagine having to kill spiders for wool!

So helpful. Can't imagine playing without them.

Sheep are cool and annoying. They keep getting into my house

I love sheep

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12 Silverfish

They multiply when you try to kill them. When trying to make underground house you can't because whenever you break a block silverfish spawn. SO ANNOYING! Definitely worst mob there is :( And no I'm not raging it's the truth lol

If you have ever played a Super Hostile map, you would vote for this... SO ANNOYING, and you can't even hit them without causing a silverfish apocalypse!

Hide in blocks until you brake the blocks - DoctorAnadilite

I've got one word... ANNOYING!

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13 Zombie Pigman

Be nice and they'll be nice to you. They are cousins with the pigs! Pigs are harmless.

When you hit 1 JUST 1 they all start coming after you. - aarond90

Get in your way so you can hit them - DoctorAnadilite

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14 Endermen

Enderman are very dangerous. You accidentally look at them to long, and they stalk you until you die, they die by water, or Unless you can kill them, which is very hard. creepers, and other mobs can be easily avoided, you can just run away. But once an Enderman is angry at you, well... and the fact that they are not very common makes them scarier.

This is my favorite monster in the game. Way better than a creeper or a zombie. TAKE THIS OFF NOW

Enderman is mean he pushed me in the void I was so close to beating the dragon

It's annoying when they teleport.

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15 Herobrine

One time I loaded a world and explored it first I saw entity 303 then I I logged of a month later I logged on that world I saw herobrine I deleted the world

Herobrine doesn't exist

Wow some creepypasta lover pasted this here eh?

You can't even defend yourself from their posions, how am I suppose to fight them?

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16 Witches

One time I was running away from one and its elbow was in my window so I opened the door and tried to kill it. This witch threw potion of poison at me and killed me

Notch, go on this site and remove the witch. I have 18 reasons to hate these evil mobs. I seriously dislike them and wish they never existed.

One time I was in a cave and there was a witch and it kept throwing poison potions at me so that I couldn't kill it.

If they didn't exist I would like minecraft wice as much. I hate these mobs so much that I wish that notch never added them, and that he changed potions to being something that doesn't relate to witchcraft because witchcraft is an evil crime.

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17 Cave Spiders

I hate them because it's keep jumping like nuts and bananas!

It's very hard to fight them when they are repeatedly spawning.

Poison is really annoying.

Spider + Whitch = RAGE
they poison and are really small and hard to hit

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18 Spider Jockey

These things can be really hard to kill because when you hit it, it doesn't knock back like all the other mobs do. I often have to retreat and go back later. But these mobs have a 1% chance of spawning into your world, so you probably won't have to worry about it.

19 Wither

He is so hard without the right armour battle him with diamond swords

The most agreeable thing on the list. My least favorite mob ever!

You have to make a wither stupid

Hate them with a capital H

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20 Bats

Please stop killing bats. Why are bats even here anyway? These bats are awesome! They are one of the few mobs to fly, the only mob that can hang upside down, and they and the creeper are the only nocturnal mob that aren't affected by light! Such amazing fellow creatures bats are!

I like bats they make cute noises! I really enjoy how they fly and how rare it is to see one in the morning I don't kill bats because they don't drop anything, also they don't fight you so why would you kill it?

I like to make cave builds that are quite dark in my creative world, except bats keep spawning and pretty soon I have like 50 bats flying all over my project.

They spawn for no reason and make a build-ground map file lag - MChkflaguard_Yt

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