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1 Modular Chests (1.6.2)

Alright People listen up don't listen to these liars tell you garbage these mods are good. Half of these people probably don't even know what URL means, let alone try and download a mod. MODS REQUIRE THE CORRECT VERSIONS GOOD GRIEF! Read People!

Listen here. Most of the mods on this list are here just because those people who comment negative on this is just because you most likely don't even know how most of these mods work.

Destroys your game completely. It WILL block you from the start menu! - TheRobertsFamily3

2 MineColony (1.2.5)

Claims to let you have your own slaves, but instead, it does NOTHING. They won't even spawn. Even if they DID ever spawn, you'll never get something out of builders! - TheRobertsFamily3

You are butthurt. You use mods on incorrect versions. Screw you, retard!

3 Steve's Carts (2.0.0)

You're retarded. It's in almost every major mod pack because of how good it is.

Let's make everything overly expensive, then make you wait 3 hours just to find out your cart doesn't work. Oh, and loltrollz turn back setting only works half the time, have fun chasing down a cart or watching it chew through your base.

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4 Freerunners (1.2.5)

Felt like a useless rip-off of Smart Moving (1.6.2). It doesn't even let you climb anything. - TheRobertsFamily3

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5 Black Diamond Mod (1.6.2)

I don't know what it is but it sounds like a terrible mod.

It's probably like "OOoOoO a black diamond that is somehow really powerful and u can make a stupidly powerful sword with it! ! 1"

Actuly this mod works well but they do need to update it


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6 Zeppelin (1.2.5)

It is really awesome but they never update it :(

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7 Wireless Redstone Chicken Bones Edition (1.6.2)

Those "Certain people are just trying to make you look dumb."

8 Ore Spawn (1.7.10)

What the hell? This is the most well thought out, best designed mod of all time. OreSpawn expands on almost every aspect of gameplay and it is extremely balanced. The bosses and items are imaginative and altogether quit fun to play with. Try to get your mod up to 13,000,000 downloads and tell me again why this mod sucks.

I don't like the mod that much anymore. It's because all the mobs are fought head on and strategies don't work at all, the dungeons are just giant cubes, the weapons are not unique and are just too overpowered, and isn't that interestingly. Twilight forest was a better mod, with amazing bosses that are creative, beautiful dungeons and biomes, and interesting tools and weapons.

They might not have special fighting styles, but they have bosses that will eat anything from Twilight Forest!

Whoever said this mod is amazing is some shoe licking fankid. The textures suck, the boss fights are just swing a sword, the weapons are too OP, and it does not have all the amazing things that good mods have e.g. Betweenlands, AoA, Twilight Forest, and LOTR mod. Sheesh

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9 TrainCraft (1.6.2)

Some mods have functionalities - just in 1/8 of the items. I got one train to work, and the rest I could NOT activate at all. - TheRobertsFamily3

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10 Selfie Mod (1.7.2)

Should I go any further?

Whats the point of this mod when you can already screenshot ;-;

A selfie mod... I cringe just thinking about it, How many Starbucks do you keep from closing a day?

I have a sore throat, and I'm snickering from how stupid this mod sounds.

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11 Applied Energestics (1.6.2)

This like the greatest mod ever. Absolutley brilliant. I've always loved it. The uses and crafting and control over different things, sorting, and just everything about it is absolutley fantastic. Screw you.

E-Gadd I'm getting out of this list.I don't want any dislikes.*Goes to Canada*

Actully I had a great time wiith this mod as a hardcore redstoner and it works well with all of my rpg modpack mods and my sigma marine mod pack mods

You need mods that probably aren't compatible with Minecraft yet in order to use ANY OF THE ITEMS. This mod is just USELESS. - TheRobertsFamily3

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12 Mob Talker Mod (1.8) V 2 Comments
13 Smart Moving (1.2.5)

I love it but whenever I want to use it, it crashes my computer.

Umm, do you even read the installation notes? You need playerAPI. And if it's not working even with that, you're doing something wrong.

Smart moving is okay but some people might have their game crashed

You are dumb. smart moving is the best

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14 Tropic Craft (1.3.2)

I want the swearing chicken mod more than this crap

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15 The Last Sword You'll Ever Need (3.1)

This mod's power is pretty epic, but let's face it. The mod itself takes all the fun out of the game. The mod doesn't come with any mobs, and you'll need mods like Orespawn and even Godzilla to challenge you. Even then, after the first few ranks, which in Orespawn especially are very easy to get through, those offer no challenge, and with the damage caps on Mobzilla and the King, you might as well not upgrade at all. The Godzilla mobs can take a few hits from the higher levels, but once you reach Rank 11, you can literally deal 8 quintillion damage on a hit with your unbreakable sword. The armor is even worse, offering Resistance 5, enough strength to kill any Custom NPC with your fist (for reference, the Custom NPCs can have 32767 health, 98% resistance to damage, and a Resistance 4 potion splashed on them), and flight for the price of just 25 nether stars, which are ridiculously easy to get with the sword. - MissingUTAH

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16 SEUS Ultra (1.7.5)

This mod was fun, but unfortunately I couldn't get it to work on my computer.

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17 GregTech Addon (1.5.2)

Totally agree. There is no reason for this mod to exist.

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18 Mythical Creatures (1.6.4)

HATE, HATE, HATE the my little pony theme! The creatures on the other hand are POWERFUL!

Don't like the mlp theme but the bosses are intense so its not that bad

Some of the bosses can take The King almost halfway down. Ludicrousness x 9876543210!

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19 Christmas Accessories (1.6.2)


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20 Pixelmon (1.7.3)

The only thing wrong with it is that it's WAY to big, and if you have a bad computer (like me), it will NEVER get past the start screen

Sure its a mod but could they have even tried to do better? I am sure this mod was rushed because it is more broken than a 15 foot long and wide glass pane dropped from a helicopter at 3000 ft in the air. And they don't even try to fix anything I am serious people are requesting Tyranitar, Salamence, Ampharos, Krookodile and Volcarona to be added, What do they add? Lickitung. The battles suck there are no animations and you can even see your Pokemon because of the contantly spinning camera getting stuck in trees. 2/10 Fix it then release it don't give me the 15 foot long and wide glass pane that broke in to 1000 pieces and taped back together.

Sure it sucked in that version but can you make a mod like that IDIOT? ITS AWESOME

I think it's a great mod, but it will murder your fps... RIP those who use old computers. Aside from that, its pretty good.

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1. Modular Chests (1.6.2)
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3. Zeppelin (1.2.5)



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