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21 Minecraft Comes Alive (

Okay this is a good mod too... why are half these even here... Is this just like a rage because I don't like/can't understand the appeal of/can't get to work list

This mod is basically a simulator for when you are older and mature enough to not get this mod. It simulates getting marries and having kids in Minecragt, yet the characters are so stubborn, it's almost impossible. And if you happen to actually marry one of these bastards and try to have a baby with them, the child is also stubborn. Literally it is the dumbest mod ever. Plus the only way you can actually "get married" is by giving the npcs emeralds... So original.

This should be on a list of BEST Minecraft mods. It feels kind of like if Sims and Minecraft were put in a blender.

You know what? Shoot this villagers with cannon from Balkons Weapons while riding a pirate ship from ships mod (Archimedes Ships dosen't allow me to walk around the ship.) drinking a bottlle of rum from psychedelicraft shouting "Aye mateys! ". - TheGoldenRifle

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22 Emerald Armor Mod (1.7.10)

It is a great mod who runs this site because that's stupid that you would say that I play 1,7 and I have played 1,8 and this mod is amazing it has normal and super heavy armour and another mod made by the same guy is the quarts and prismarine mod

It's a good mod, but this should be in the vanilla game. COME ON MICROSOFT!

Must be terrible

No, it doesn't have any special features, anything innovative, and youve probably enver heard of it because of how bad it is. Its LITERALLY just bugged emerald tools and and armor texture copyed from other mods. It is SO unorigional that I can't even begin to tell you, at least the Obsidian Tools mod adds custom models for the tools while the emerald armor mod doesn't even work

23 Mutant Creatures (1.7.10)

Completely boring monsters that are just given overpowered damage values. Even the drops are stupid and boring.

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24 Roads Mod (1.7.10)

What is the point at least add Cars, it also crashes like hell."Do not get! "

25 Call of Duty Guns Mod (1.6)

This Is an Epic Mod but it never updates I mean we are in 1.9 stage and it is still 1.6

Shoots arrows.

26 Babymobs Mod (1.11.2)


27 MITE (1.7.10)

This just makes the whole game boring as hell. The quests aren't challenges, they are chores. Have nifty weapons though. But you can get something similar to that in Custom NPCs mod. - TheGoldenRifle

28 Lots O Mobs (1.9)
29 Galacticraft (1.5.2)

If you're a noob, then this is NOT the mod for you. It wasn't until I found the Launch Pad that this mod worked for me. And you need other mods installed to use it. But when you have everything you need (including the knowledge), the mod is really worth it! - TheRobertsFamily3

This mod is awesome I do wish that you only have to install one mod though

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30 Computer Mod (1.7.8)

Come on this mod is awesome there is a lot of advanced machinery to use witch is awesome

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31 Flans Spino's Vehicles (1.7)

CORRUPTED MY 1.7 Minecraft

Make no mistake this is an awesome mod but the download is scetchy but it is agreat mod

32 Schematica (1.11)

Very useful! - SoaPuffball

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