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1 Dantdm

I used to find his content good. Everyday when I wake up I used to be exited on what kind of story he'll come up with to make his mod reviews interesting. My favorite series of his was the diamond dimensions when he added more technical mods into the mod pack I was facepalming so hard, why the heck do you not make an underground base to accommodate your storage and to make your base look cleaner and why the heck would you add a technical mod when you can't even do redstone. Then came Roblox I don't have anything against the game but I find it boring and his reading your comments video really ignited the flame when he basically made it look like people who wanted him to at least make a Minecraft video look like complete idiots. I would have been fine with one Minecraft video once a week, I know he can't do much mod reviews because not a lot of new mods are being released. Remember all the achievements he did on Crazy Craft? Not really all I saw in my subription feed was Roblox. What I ...more

I still think He's good he made 1 of my dreams come true

Back in 2013 when I was 10, I woke up every morning thinking "Can't wait to see what DanTDM posted! New Mod Review? A New Map? Let's Wait And See! " It's 2016 now, I'm 13, and my reaction nowadays is "Oh hey look Dan posted another Roblox letsplay with his new toilet 'humor', Let's just back away slowly from all the cringey 7 year olds who somehow find this funny before they tear me limb for limb..." Honestly, what happened There? Most of the fanbase is 10-15, not those little kiddie 3-7 year olds who laugh at something as simple as the word Fart (Oh yes, haha, very funny, I said fart)(pulls out middle finger) Honestly what made Dan think it was okay to make these Minecraft Letsplays and Roblox Letsplays for all the cringey little kiddies. I loved his well-crafted, well-scripted, well-thought-out Mod reviews as they actually served some sort of scenerio that just made it fun for all of us and made us feel like we were actually inside minecraft with him, now all he does is play Roblox ...more

I used to like him and I regret it... His acting is HORRIBLE, one of the things that made him bad, is barely anything nice to his fans! He just tricks kids into bowing to him for no reason...

2 Stampy Long Nose

In my opinion, Stampy is very bad, I love his old channel, but the new one? No! I have a brother who's a massive fan of him, so I sent him a message on Xbox Live and he blocked me! Who would do something like that to a child?!

I watched some of his episodes, still thinks he's very brilliant. Sometimes a few awkward moments happen, which tends me to laugh. Drop him from this list many are begging you!

He used to be good but now is condescending and has a big head. I don't like how he said that if you ask to be put into his love garden then that's a guarantee that you won't be put into his love garden. Mean comment to make to kids.

He talks so weird, is really annoying and makes out that everyone watching is stupid

3 SkyDoesMinecraft

SMK: Master Sky trained me in the art of BUTTER, to slay all the evil SQUEEEDS!

History Teacher (Squid Absorbed): OH NO, I'm dead because I'm dumb.

SMK Minecraft Adventure Animation in a nutshell. - BurritoSeal

Swears every 10 seconds and ALWAYS fails in everything!

SKY isn't GOOD

Just because your mum tells you off for listening to him swearing, doesn't mean he's bad, also he doesn't even talk about budder or squids anymore, he's over that.

4 jaglor

She doesn't even play she never plays in survival or when in survival she has her sword that kills anything in one hit

Awful just awful

So bad I can't wright about her

she bad

5 Pewdiepie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (born October 24, 1989), better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian video producer, and commentary channel. He is best known for his Let's Play commentaries and Vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, ...read more.

I wrote POODIEYOUPIE on one of his videos

Pewdiepie doesn't even play from what the community knows... and if he does play I can assure you he shouldn't be on this list. There are most likely worst players. I feel he is on this list just because he is famous on YouTube.

Pewdiepie played minecraft before, go to his videos and click on oldest to newest.

Even BARNEY is cooler than him

6 Sky the Kid 95

Who is Sky the Kid 95? If you meant skydoesminecraft then you missed spelled it

He is just plain annoying

He sucks so badly

Lol never even heard of them. Must be a crap MC player though because usually name copiers are among the worst.

7 Herobrine

What? why is he even on here? he's a glitch! although my dad saw him...

He is a flipping glich

Notch just added Herobrine removed to make fans think he was real

Herobrine is not fake he is a mod and most of then he is easy to defeat dam you herobrine dam you

8 I Ballistic Squid

Respect my opinion but, his channel is just a trick. He swears A LOT, why create a channel for kids and do things not for kids? That's like naming a Mortal Kombat channel Kiddy Fun Time..,

His accent is annoying and he sucks

HE swears and he says he's a kid channel

Don't judge his voice you know

9 Yoga Cast

Ah, yes. Yoga Cast. The best meditation channel on YouTube.

Did they mean Yogscast?

10 Smosh Smosh is an American sketch comedy YouTube channel created by Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla. Anthony Padilla created a website called smosh.com in 2002. He was later joined by his friend Ian Hecox.

Looks like we found a bully in this place. Look it’s an older kid.

Smosh suck at Minecraft.

I will kill the haters - froogylowlo

Smosh is so far the worst minecrft players I have ever seen. And they also talk bad about Minecraft.

The Contenders

11 1TrueNinja

He sucks at Minecraft even though he plays 25 hours a day

What a noob, he just does 69 all day

What an eZ randy!

I rekt him even though he had full diamond and I had a stick

12 Bajan Canadian

Hey lets watch episode 1230 of survival games

People act like he is some sort of god. GUESS WHAT HE PLAYS ON THE NEXUS

He is a backstabbing prick to all his friends.

Lmfao this guy should be no. 1

13 Super Minecraft Kid

He was actually on a couple of WatchMojo lists:

SMK: Butter Chronicles-Best Anime of 2015
Butter Sword-Coolest Anime Weapons
SMK-Coolest Anime Protagonists
History Teacher-Most Evil Anime Villains
Minecraft Haters-Best Anime Evil Organizations
SMK's "Minecraft Rage Cannon"-Coolest Anime Attacks
Lastly, god forbid...
Chica-Cutest Anime Girls - BurritoSeal

Should be number one.

He yells and swears in all of his videos. And he sounds like a kid playing Call of Duty.

He's a troll, jesus christ

14 PopularMMOs

I actually like but my favorite part of it is when he pushes jen of cliffs

He’s an Obnoxious noob

I don't know why he is here but he is a good youtuber

Bad pvper, can only beat his wife

15 Aphmau

I am a 11 year old boy, This show is pretty good. it has a lot of stuff about dating, but it is entertaining.

Some Dumb Roleplaying Crap with some dateing in it and furry crap who wants to see that



16 AubreyLeah

I never heard of this youtuber, and if I never heard of it, this is one of those abandoned players.

This girl is just a bully. She comments on others and thinks she is so smart.

Dear AubreyLeah,
I am so, so sorry. I added you on this list just because of stupid things. I am really, really sorry I added those two comments. You are a beautiful girl. I apologize if I caused you to quit Minecraft.

AubreyLeah is by far the WORLD'S WORST YOUTUBER!

I am so surprised that she even knows how to use YouTube.

I am surprised her videos have been deleted off YouTube they are SO BAD!

17 PrestonPlayz (TBNRfrags)

No skill just subs and just bad

OKAY ys he in here!

I'm much better

No skill just subs

18 AshleyMarieeGaming

She is such a retard

19 CaptainSparklez

Very good, love his hardcore lets plays

Best Minecraft you tuber around

20 Notch

Fake account detection fake account wewowewo

21 iLifting

He doesn't even lift and he can't combo! 111
EzPz shrekt

22 Peking_Duck
23 FuriousDestroyer

SUCH A NOOB but super funny!

He sucks, his accent so annoying.

He's a good youtuber I don't see why he's here... I mean this list just has random people that do minecraft...

24 RoyalHyena

Take him off he is good! he doesn't deserve that

25 LordGazamo

He is so noob and He is the noobest Minecraft Player in Iran

He is so noob :D

26 Ryancflam

He is the worst player in minecrart

27 Patchara Permvongsenee
28 Claytontron21

He's mean and he is very bad at PVp and building he just sucks

29 Einshine
30 Etho

He Never Uses IRON tools

31 StimpyPvP

This guy is a legend as I saw him 1 time on kohi today. he can beat anyone, and has dominated everyone on any server.




32 ApacheBlitz

Good at pvp

33 SilverPaws

Firstly, I don't know why people even like this mess. I was searching for Minecraft videos and after two hours found her, her videos are VERY bad! She's just a pure rip off of Stampy, she's a fangirl, not a leader. Not only that, she defends everything! One person said "I didn't watch DanTDM's new video", guess what she did? Advertise it everywhere that they attack the person that said that, if you want someone who likes and appreciates their viewers. Do NOT go to this one!

Yeah, she's pretty bad. She should be #1 on this list. even Stampy is better than her!

34 GamerGirlOnline

Just go watch my videos, they are horrible, I am worst skywars player

35 Sword of Boom
36 vk2gpz

He banned People who speak foreign languages on HC.

37 GrugMomentV2
38 MyCousinBob
39 MrSuperPandaman

Fails a lot does not Trust friends a lot has a lot f rage noobish fails every 30 sec//

40 The Line Maker

I will put my booty in his face.He's such a dork


41 DocJamesJunior

Just really mean to me or was anyway on Gotpvp worse his admin brilliant

42 TTGMinecraftboy37
43 21.Lachlan

He's the lagest Australian

44 Lilypatch888

This girl is a YouTuber and she is not the best she is one of the worst mc players and you tubers of all time! I watched one of her videos and guess what I thought I was going to be sick! She never uploads, makes horrible commentary, and also talks about her REAL LIFE! And she plays SIMS 3. Comment #WorstYoutuberAndMCPlayer, if you agree with me.

45 lolitsalex

No just no...

46 _Dusk

Seriously? He bans me for nothing off Mineplex?!

47 SuperGirlyGamer

She's so much worse than pat I could beat 100

48 Maddie Miske
49 TBNRKenworth(Kenny)

He is terrible

50 HuskyGamerGirl

She is sooo bad at pvp and she has a pet husky that messes up her videos!

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