Worst Minecraft Servers

Seriously, I can't stand noobs everywhere. You may reconize some, but others? No. I played on all of these and it is bad.

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1 MinecraftCraftFat

Can someone put the ips of these servers? I want to check them out but I can't find a website or anything. - SammySpore

Yeah it's true I hate it too. - ppz64

Worst server ever! Never experienced it I'm just feeling down today and this boosts my spirits.

Is there any ips? I wanna try it(because I wanna see the worst)And is the staff worst, even is there only die in the stupid lobby? I hope MinecraftCraftFat is banned by Notch when it is rlly the worst

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2 CREF Server

Too strict. I was not happy. Anyone who swore, or semi swore, or spelled a swear word out would be banned. Strict vocabulary, too. If you used the wrong word or didn't use commas, peoriods, etc, you'd be banned.
But a month later, I realized this was for teachers! - SuperBacca

Why on earth would a teacher play Minecraft

This server is not real

I don't know how to get on but why would teachers play mine craft?!.

Is that really a teacher server? of this is,that would be 1st worst server dude

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3 N0tch Server

This is not run by Notch. It is run by pEncil09. This server used to be the best, now it's the worst.
If you die, you get banned. - SuperBacca

M@bye you have 1 live!

You should not have to get kicked out just for dieing!

Not gonna try it

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4 Kodak's Server

Ima get the admin pack and ban him.

Please I go

Sounds awful. haven't played it and never will. According to posts here they sell admin packs where you can get admin powers and some butt brought the pack and banned innocent people and griefed and now rules the server with an iron fist.

Yuck - Lunala

Reminder to the "owner" (or the hoster) of this server:

Adminship is not for power. It's a responsibility. The Admin Pack makes it look like power when its not. - SoaPuffball

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5 Woodycraft

Nothing but spoiled self-centered jerks. I played a game with someone and I lost to them, so I said good game and all that, and then they say 'can I fight someone who doesn't suck'
Just ridiculous

Horrible staff, hardly ever online. No anti-cheat, so its full of hackers, a ton of jerks who think they're better then you, worst of advice - never play woodycraft. - idkdan

I came across this server because it was on a "worst servers" list so I checked it out, people were spamming like CRAZY and destroying my item frames! I must agree this is a bad server, so rude

4 words, Hardcore Pay to win.

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6 Ducko Minecraft

The worlds most crappy server I have ever seen..

Why is there no comments?

7 McMagic

Stupid server filled with idiot sheep and corrupt staff. I went on here and I immediately realized that this server sucks. It's supposed to be a replica of disneyland, hmm, okay. But then I noticed that you have to wait in LINES to go on rides. Why in God's name would I wait in a line for minutes just to go on some lame ride? Too lazy to make multiple rides? And you can also wait in lines to get the autograph of some fake mascot. They're annoying, and whenever they appear everyone freaks out like a little kid. Then there's the rules and staff. They are control freaks who censor everything. It's like some third world country. They don't let you talk about anything controversial or offensive in the least bit. Once there was this jerk on who was insulting gay people. I was fighting with him and trying to get him to stop. Guess what happened? On a good server with good staff, they would ban him. On this crappy, good-for-nothing server, they banned ME! FOR FIGHTING. What is wrong with this ...more

It kind of destroys the purpose of Minecraft Servers. You can't build, play mini games, or fight. I'm fine with it, but it is just walking around. - RalphBob

What's the point of this? You go around doing absolutely nothing. That's the game for you. - mattstat716

I got banned on here for hacking in illegal items.
I did not hack in illegal items, staff were just annoyed at me arguing with another player so they found some fake excuse to ban me.
Real great staff on McMagic.

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8 MinecraftStift
9 JabbieJ
10 Mineverse

The community is horrid, often saying many racist or offensive things to other players, which the staff do almost nothing about.

Staff don't even do their job, they're just sit on their ass and whine half the time. They also punish too harshly or not enough for stupid reasons. For example, I called someone an "ignorant homo sapien" (homo sapien is the scientific name for humans) and I got muted for 3 days because some idiot staff member wasn't properly educated on our species.

Hackers just run around freely, and insults and harassment are basically flying like a swarm of mosquitoes. And 90% of the time the staff don't do anything about it. In fact, they're hardly online at all unless they're hanging out with the friends who are usually hackers, racist, inappropriate, e tc. a nd they don't do ANYTHING about THEM because 'oh, they're friends'

Over a year back, when I was a staff member, I did my job and didn't complain until I got demoted because the ...more

Total corruption, staff are arrogant and have no patience.

The owners don't do anything. Staff are chosen based on popularity, not decency of application. Owners painted themselves like gods and refuse to even come on the server to talk to players or staff, Much less work on it.

In 2013 I was on their creative before they banned nether portals. Some guy said “tp to me for skin comp” so I did but then I got trapped in a chamber full of nether portals and I couldn't type in chat I got so mad - Lunala

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11 PETA's Minecraft Utopia

You can't defeat any animals without them calling you out in a pitiful attempt to make you feel bad, there are blatant attempts to spread PeTA's beliefs to users visiting the server, and the whole server feels so restricted! - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

This sounds like the most outrageous, self-centred, arrogant, annoying, immature, and all-around moronic server ever created on planet earth, and probably the whole universe.

PETA, we know you're the real animal abuser here. It's not like digital creatures have emotions.

Exactly! Real life animals obviously have feelings but are you kidding me PETA? This is Minecraft!

Why?! JUST WHY DID PETA DO THIS?!?! - IceFoxPlayz

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12 MCW

THis server is to teach non hackers to go away.
1. Don't try to teach hackers a lesson
2. If possible, run and hide. - SuperBacca

Never been but it educates those dodgy hackers

NO IT isn't

13 UberMC

The reason I voted this is because the admins aka donators abuse the animal disguises to win games.they give to much for staff. Mineplex's staff plays legit but not ubermc's.

Staff abuse animal morphs and badly made

The admin rank gives no real staff perms

The server highest rank was stupid and the hightest rank can buy a game I mean the hightest rank(Uberadmin)was $31 it can be buyed a game and wow4201 delete all the servers that I want to play and only gets the worst games ever but not creavite and even worst I cannot have gitched iteams


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14 Mineplex

Everyone on here is an annoying little kid with a brain the size of a peanut. Seriously, all you have to do is say your opinion, and a billion little children will flip out and tell you that you're wrong, and say mean stuff to you. It sucks. Once there was this idiot saying really offensive stuff about atheists, like they are going to hell. And a dumb 6 year old trying to convert my religion. And not just the community, the mini games too. The design of the maps is really ugly and boring. I hate this server.

It is a great server. But it has insane lag!

I actually like Mineplex besides the people that think I'm a hacker. I swear to god I get hackusated way too many times from raging and lying little screaming and crying newborns. Once when this newborn baby thought I was hacking because I killed him on Sky Wars, he started saying "my brother is an admin and he's talking to the owner" "my other account is mod". Stupid little kids.

Terrible server

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15 The Oasis MC

Not to mention if you say even one single thing you do not like about their server, they will ban you permanently and you run the risk of getting your appeal denied, saying that all you were doing is nothing but putting their server on disrepute, even if you did not break any rules.

Also, all cases that do get to a point of ban, then all bans are permanent regardless if it is for a false/stupid reason or not, all so to make you submit a ban appeal against your will because you were gullible enough to submit it or you were attached to that server to further damage your reputation and make you look like a criminal. It is a BS system created by the crappy owner of this server merely to instill fear on anyone who did not get any warnings yet and take away your free will, and this is clearly betraying its own community.

And as for the trolls, bullying perpetrated by veterans is encouraged by the owner of that crappy server despite that there are rules against any form of ...more

Despite that getting your server blacklisted by Mojang can be rarer than getting struck by lightning IRL, selling fly and (even more) in-game currency is in fact against Minecraft's EULA. The owner appears to be reachable through no other means but forums, Skype, and Discord, so good luck with reporting that server if you do ever lose your money to them.

And if you broke the rules, you broke the rules AND not only do they get to keep their money, but also make evil use of your builds by either destroying them during reset, or in this case that they don't reset, they get to use your ghost towns as a server exhibit to make it look more alive without YOUR permission. AND you don't have to break any rule to get yourself banned out of that server, you just have to have the owner of this server hate you AND they ban for personal reasons. Interpretations of the rules are always up to not just staff but whatever staff is currently online regardless if staff is currently online. And Jr. ...more

Get attached to this server only so they can betray your trust! I got myself banned after this server a month after donating to it, simply because I didn't like the fact their server rules apply for everyone but a group of trolls themselves. I've seen them getting away with not just slandering my friends or framing me for harassment or griefing that I didn't do, but with sexual chat too... the very same crap that will get you a warning if you're new to the server, won't get them a warning!

If you do get banned, even for a stupid reason, don't bother appealing. If you do submit a ban appeal, good luck getting unbanned. Surprisingly, the admin who banned me offered to unban me if I submit the appeal, but I submitted the appeal only to get it rejected by the owner himself. Anything "staff" says goes, yet everything's up to an owner who doesn't care.

I do not give a crap about repercussions after everything this server did. If you are the owner yourself, then you are a ...more

The owner of that server, will harass you and your friends you have in his server if any of you are found playing on a competing Minecraft SMP server, and even more if he banned you out of the server, regardless of reason. This has happened to someone recently on an SMP server a friend actually owns, I witnessed what he did and this is wrong! And all of this because I mentioned one thing I did not like about that server, and it was because of the preferential treatment trolls were getting for being friends with staff and for being veteran.

IP is play.theoasismc.com but I do not recommend playing there if you value your reputation.

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16 McOrigins

Some guy gave me a bunch of highly enchanted swords, really OP potions, and some fun rainbow fireworks. Then a mod proceeded to look into my inventory, saw the items, and punished me for hacking in items. I got then in a donation bin, really?

I remember when Pink Sheep didn't ruin it. - BlueBobYT

Ok I love MCOrgins. The games are cool, pink sheep plays there, the spawn is cool, and so much more...

One of the reasons why I hate Minecraft: Servers. This is the worst. Everyone is stupid here. Here is how it is like. Here is an example from KitPVP: 1. Kill a kid with no hacks. 2. He/she calls you a hacker. 3. Mods or admins come. 4. You get banned. That is for most servers, but for this one, DEFINITELY.

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Everyone wants to date you and kiss you, every time I go on that server, the first thing I see is "Date anyone, let's make out in the secret room"

Ooh yes, now the game has got worse. This server literally has hackers everywhere.

I swear go on that server and say... Worst minecraft servers sent me! :9 :6

One op player gave me cool stuff, and like in mc origins, but I was freindly to everyone but a mod came in and took off everything and he got banned and I got my stufff back. Well, because someone reported him.

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18 Minerealm

Sounds like the server with the worst staff

Corrupted server.
-Staff pick favorites
-Staff are immature and lazy
-Donators abuse powers
-Bans for no reason
-Ugly world
-Dead Community
-and many more

The staff enjoys griefing everyone, and are total jerks. They give you stuff, and then claim you hacked and get you banned, or just keep killing you over and over, if you aren't already banned for no apparent reason. The staff need to DIE - Haumea

Serving sucks to this day. Admin abuse up the ass at spawn all day every day. They deserve to be griefed.

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19 Badlion

Bad lion is is good not bad

Just not good

Badlion is fun.. who put it on the list

Used to be fun, now the owners have become money whores. Also, terrible staff and community.

20 Towncraft

I hate this server. They banned me for joking around RIGHT WHEN I ENTERED MY CHAT MSG. Then they said "if you want to come back, beg to come back.

Who put this on here!?!? THIS SEVER ROCKS!

This sever is actaully good.

Towncraft is a trainwreck of a server. The staff are way too strict, its like a facist regime! You can't say opinions, you can't say any insults of any kind, even if they are as simple as "U suck." Its also not very fun. You can play survival, sure, but there are about 3 different versions of survival! that's just stupid. The owner, Kohl, gives special perks to his kids, the kids are young and immature, they believe anything, making it easy to false ban somone. One of them even has his own survival gamemode on the server! Kohl himself never does anything, he just wanders around for a minute, and then leaves. The mods are pathetic, and will believe every single report they are given. 0 other gamemodes apart from survival, apart from a boring and generic Bedwars game. They had factions for 3 days, but then it got removed because "oh negativity wa." Overall, rubbish server. Great place for young kids, but for actual players? No, just no.

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21 AO Server

The show won't let you say stupid even though AO says stupid on his show

It's the Annoying Orange Server!

You can't say the word stupid on AO But the show is AWESOME

i'm hungry

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22 mxcuxxor

It's a flans mod server witch is terrible with hackers and rages and no rules it also is terrible

There was a player who hacked my and ruined my base I tried to kill him but HE WAS IN CREATIVE but when he killed me he just turned my base into a dump!

He just gave me a mp5 with 4 clips and left

And he muted me. I want to drown that bastard!

23 TeckCraft

Total corruption. The staff are completely corrupt, arrogant and have no patience. There is also no freedom of speech there, and the staff are selfish. There is many small kids on the server which makes the chat a complete mess. The server staff are also engaged in discrimination.

Rude Server!

24 EDawg878 Server

It is full of immature 10 year olds who think they are allowed to do whatever they want and when a mod warns them they get pissed and start saying how "they should have freedom of speech". I wouldn't recommend this server to anyone, hell I'd rather tell people to stay away from all types of Minecraft servers.

Not impressed by it and I'm gonna be mature about this comment. The players speak nonsense and I would rather have someone be offensive.

Full of teenage girls who swear when the mods are offline and whenever the mods are online they talk about Dan and Phil, what Twenty One Pilots like to eat at Taco Bell, their favourite ships, etc. Sucks - Lunala

25 CubeCraftGames

They somehow steal every server idea out there, yet they're still one of the most popular networks. So far, I haven't seen at least ONE original minigame on their server.

Is allowed on every server


I like cubecraft.cand also advertising for head shops, comps, and roleplays in creative servers.

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26 Matecraft

It is devoted to sex and stuff it rlly sucks bad

27 Omega Realm FACTIONS

This server I think is owned by ZexyZek (sub to him! ) - JamesRules2018

First of all in factions. Low ranked Noodles and Noobs will get bullied by high ranked players(They should realize they were once those ranks too). Its another factions all dependant on voting or buying. However. Skyblock,Creative and PVE are awesome.

Avoid factions in Omega Realm,But play their other games!
Want factions? Go to MC Central.

28 Icynet Community Server

For those that don't know, it's an mlp based server that can fit up to 15 players (yet it has nothing to do with mlp in general). The Server has a plugin called the grief prevention plugin in which it automatically prevents all forms of griefing on the server.

I played on the server during the month of October and I enjoyed it until things have change and made me stop playing. It got too boring to the point of me wanting to play a different game and a player by the name of Strike_r (who's on the server a lot) decided to steal my 16 diamonds from my chest. I asked the people that I trusted on the server saying where are my diamonds and they didn't even care because they didn't even respond. Even though I trusted her because of her being a good friend, she is no longer my friend and thinks that I'm the enemy. Regardless of this situation I decided to take effect and untrusted all of them, Wrote a book saying that I'm not coming back ever and that was it.

Also she pressured ...more

As of today Strike_r is gone from the discord server the last time I checked and the server is no longer running because the owner thought there wasn't enough people. How ridiculous.

29 Homie Server

This is called homie server. It's good

Well I'm just a doosh bag for now on. The creater xXSlyXx swears a lot! The floating islands are stupid!

30 DesiredCraft

This server is good.

There was some many hackers that it looked inasint


31 HyperBeam

Worst server ever they back anyone who gets on like what

32 GuildCraft


33 Sentinelcraft

Rules are vague and open to the interpretation of the admins on line. If you ask for clarification, you get banned.

You will also get banned if the admins think you are breaking the rules, and will expect you to know what you did to get a ban.

Do not play on this server.

34 Swag Craft

You get banned easily in this server ugh

Yeah The owner sucks

Such lagg and doesn't have much games hate it

I just got banned for complaining that I've been called a "P****" and no one was defending
w hat...

35 The Nexus

Very crappy server.

I used to like it

Their ctf is quite good though but too little maps - MChkflaguard_Yt

I agree

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36 Mcwarfare
37 Meepcraft

This server is impossible to navigate, the staff are imbeciles, towny owners can abuse the taxes and steal your items WHENEVER they feel like it, you can do absolutely nothing in towny, however, you can go into the wilderness and collect materials, but you can't do anything with armor and whatnot.

Taxation is theft.

This server is downright impossible to play on. Taxes are abused and you can't do anything about it other than live in a crappy hovel

Can't do anything
Can't have my own town
Can't join a town
Just needs be fixed

38 Vortex Network
39 MonkeyCraft

It is crap. I was banned for "lol u suck"

So apparently Monkeycraft is a common server name. Judging by all the confusion we get on our monkeycraft forums.

Advertising for staff? Jesus christ the server must be a mess. The amount of abuse there is would be way over the top, how do they even run it?

1. Ranks
You advertise this server's IP on other servers and get a free rank. When you advertise the IP to 6 players, you can get a staff rank. Now guess how many horrible staff there are? They only do it to get popular and stuff.

2. Terrible Staff
I once messaged someone "Advertise the server to 6 people to get a staff rank and you don't even have proof that you did? " and the Head-Admin which doesn't even act like an admin, said "you're just jealous. Lol. Go die in a dump c***. You suck." Then when I logged on using my friend's account, I got immediately banned for "Lol skrub"

3. Colored Chat
This server is one of those types of servers that use tons of colored chat and everything to woo everyone and get famous.


40 MinecraftCentral

I honestly don't care if they copy other servers. They are awesome, my favourite server. Good community, there are some immature kids now and then, but usually everyone is nice and mature. They don't censor swear words either, which gets really annoying on other servers. They have really cool maps on all games. My only complaint is the amount of hackers, however their staff are really good, so if you report they will get banned easily. Awesome server!

Bad community, unoriginal games, and copies things from other servers.

This is the worst server I've ever been into. I don't even understand how its has at least 2k people there. There are too many hackers, and the staff don't even do one thing about it. Hate it.

They made their own game, speedy walls. Idc if it's the same as walls, but u can get Dias very quickly there

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41 DungeonRealms

THis server is for idiots

42 PigCraft
43 HyperMC

Ieat that ass like a fat kid eats cupcakes

Welp, this server is a joke. It is filled to the brim with 11-14 year old kids who are very desperate for attention and love. And also the server owner is rarely even on, staff is ignorant, and in a nutshell, it... sucks.

44 Pigraid

Worst minecraft pe server ever. Newcomers,unlike other servers,you must VOTE the server for registration. This shows how arrogant the server owners are and I quit instantly. - MChkflaguard_Yt

45 HavocMc

The server is a walking dead server, but, that's not the issue with it. the issue is the most recent update has ruined the server for RPers by making the map aimed at pvp, not to mention, the texture packs are broken! it wont download, and the map is also has glitches, I've fallen through the map, hide inside rocks and overall too broken to enjoy the fun. so if have any plans to play a zombie survival, I wouldn't recommend this server at its current state - Zombieguy745

46 The Hive

I like the hive. I like its games. But I do not like the overall staff and community. Here are some of my complaints. First complaint is mean players. Once I was getting bullied by two people who said disgusting and horrible things. I don't think they even got punished. Another complaint is the mods abusing power. Just recently a lot of players were bullying and using bad language. Admittedly so was I but I was the only one who got punished. I had a mute for 7 days, and the mod gave the other people a friendly warning. Punish everybody! You can't just punish one person?! Right after I went to the forums to complain about it. The reply was this and this is quoted straight from the text: "Abusing power? This chat log is filled with hate, spam, foul language, and more." The chat log was taken from entirely different times! And still, why did only I get punished? And as for the hate and foul language, we were just joking around! Only sometimes was I using it to hate, but that was because ...more

How is this on 55? This is the worst Minecraft server in existence, the games are fun but the staff is awful, they once banned me for misspelling "duck" as the f word, banned me because I was lagging and they thought I was flying, banned me because I went to the jump pad and landed on a mini game's logo, everyone accuses me of hacking, too many hackers, everyone swears, and many more things I don't have time to talk about! This should be taken down!

This server isn't bad. I play on it 99% of the time I decide to go on a server, and haven't had any problems.

Players can swear any time they want and the mods abuse power This should be at worst server EVER!

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47 Hypixel

There are many reasons why Hypixel is a horrendous server. These are just SOME of the biggest flaws involving the server:

1. Unimaginably terrible staff who ignore you, are no help whatsoever, and continue to talk to their friends online. Aside from two or three good staff members, the rest are useless. And this is honestly the nicest thing I could possibly say about the staff.

2. This is the biggest pay-to-win server I have ever seen in my life. People are going to make the argument "No, it's not! The EULA update changed it so no one can get any good perks non-donors can't." However, most donors bought ranks BEFORE the EULA update and on top of that, even after the EULA update, donors STILL get special perks which non-donors can't get. As for non-donors, NOW they can finally receive special kits... once they spend weeks and even MONTHS trying to gain enough coins to buy something. Unless you are a very loyal player who spends most of their time on Hypixel, ...more

Great server, yet staff is hardly online managing stuff they are supposed to do, punishment appeals, reports, much other... the staff never do ANY of these. My friend got banned from Hypixel for building too quick and after 1 month his appeal remain untouched! - MChkflaguard_Yt

The server is amazing, but the staff is bad. Horrible. They (the staff) are slowly learning from their mistakes but are not improving fast enough

Here goes why I hardly ever play on this server!

1. The disconnecting. Hypixel doesn't lag, per say, but it does disconnect a LOT. I'll just be playing a game, and half the time everybody randomly disconnects for no reason. Don't even TRY to do housing, I think the dis-connector knows to disconnect you whenever you're about to finish a parkour or a maze or whatnot.

2. The community. Honestly if you don't have a rank everyone ignores you because your chat is super hard to see when it blends into the background. I've never seen staff doing anything really helpful, a few times they stopped at a housing I was a co in and once we got a mod over to clean up some water some griefer spilled everywhere, and it took 20 minutes for them to get there.

3. The games are boring. You have the basic all-servers games with some weird twist thing that is never explained properly, then some games everyone's forgotten about in the Classics/Arcade lobby that take forever to fill, and ...more

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48 Brawl

Anyone ever played MCCTF? I guess they merged with brawl, anyway, brawl RUINED that server! It was the first server I ever played on and my favorite, then brawl came along and destroyed it. - Co0lk1d25

49 Dumbledore's Army

Nice builds, but incredibly rude staff and players. They have 0 respect to donators, they take away their donated stuff. Stole a lot of Potterworld


50 CurseCraft
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