Worst Minecraft Servers

Seriously, I can't stand noobs everywhere. You may reconize some, but others? No. I played on all of these and it is bad.

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1 MinecraftCraftFat

Yeah it's true I hate it too. - ppz64

Can someone put the ips of these servers? I want to check them out but I can't find a website or anything. - SammySpore

Worst server ever! Never experienced it I'm just feeling down today and this boosts my spirits.

It smells bad and I hate the ip the ip address of it really annoys me I hate its ip so much

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2 CREF Server

Too strict. I was not happy. Anyone who swore, or semi swore, or spelled a swear word out would be banned. Strict vocabulary, too. If you used the wrong word or didn't use commas, peoriods, etc, you'd be banned.
But a month later, I realized this was for teachers! - SuperBacca

Why on earth would a teacher play Minecraft

This server is not real

I don't know how to get on but why would teachers play mine craft?!.

Cancer, utterly cancer.

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3 Kodak's Server

Ima get the admin pack and ban him.

Please I go

Reminder to the "owner" (or the hoster) of this server:

Adminship is not for power. It's a responsibility. The Admin Pack makes it look like power when its not. - SoaPuffball

At first, this used to be a small community with about 20-30 people having fun on it, playing together. But, since there were no cameras or an actual owner. However, that wasn't the problem.
It was because they sold Admin Packs.
And yes, some guy bought it, and began killing animals and banning players, and breaking into locked chests.
Now he has taken this server over. - SuperBacca

4 N0tch Server

This is not run by Notch. It is run by pEncil09. This server used to be the best, now it's the worst.
If you die, you get banned. - SuperBacca

M@bye you have 1 live!

You should not have to get kicked out just for dieing!

Not gonna try it

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5 Woodycraft

Nothing but spoiled self-centered jerks. I played a game with someone and I lost to them, so I said good game and all that, and then they say 'can I fight someone who doesn't suck'
Just ridiculous

Horrible staff, hardly ever online. No anti-cheat, so its full of hackers, a ton of jerks who think they're better then you, worst of advice - never play woodycraft. - idkdan

I came across this server because it was on a "worst servers" list so I checked it out, people were spamming like CRAZY and destroying my item frames! I must agree this is a bad server, so rude

4 words, Hardcore Pay to win.

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6 McMagic

Stupid server filled with idiot sheep and corrupt staff. I went on here and I immediately realized that this server sucks. It's supposed to be a replica of disneyland, hmm, okay. But then I noticed that you have to wait in LINES to go on rides. Why in God's name would I wait in a line for minutes just to go on some lame ride? Too lazy to make multiple rides? And you can also wait in lines to get the autograph of some fake mascot. They're annoying, and whenever they appear everyone freaks out like a little kid. Then there's the rules and staff. They are control freaks who censor everything. It's like some third world country. They don't let you talk about anything controversial or offensive in the least bit. Once there was this jerk on who was insulting gay people. I was fighting with him and trying to get him to stop. Guess what happened? On a good server with good staff, they would ban him. On this crappy, good-for-nothing server, they banned ME! FOR FIGHTING. What is wrong with this ...more

It kind of destroys the purpose of Minecraft Servers. You can't build, play mini games, or fight. I'm fine with it, but it is just walking around. - RalphBob

What's the point of this? You go around doing absolutely nothing. That's the game for you. - mattstat716

I got banned on here for hacking in illegal items.
I did not hack in illegal items, staff were just annoyed at me arguing with another player so they found some fake excuse to ban me.
Real great staff on McMagic.

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7 Ducko Minecraft

The worlds most crappy server I have ever seen..

Why is there no comments?

8 MinecraftStift
9 JabbieJ
10 Mineverse

The community is horrid, often saying many racist or offensive things to other players, which the staff do almost nothing about.

Staff don't even do their job, they're just sit on their ass and whine half the time. They also punish too harshly or not enough for stupid reasons. For example, I called someone an "ignorant homo sapien" (homo sapien is the scientific name for humans) and I got muted for 3 days because some idiot staff member wasn't properly educated on our species.

Hackers just run around freely, and insults and harassment are basically flying like a swarm of mosquitoes. And 90% of the time the staff don't do anything about it. In fact, they're hardly online at all unless they're hanging out with the friends who are usually hackers, racist, inappropriate, e tc. a nd they don't do ANYTHING about THEM because 'oh, they're friends'

Over a year back, when I was a staff member, I did my job and didn't complain until I got demoted because the ...more

Total corruption, staff are arrogant and have no patience.

The owners don't do anything. Staff are chosen based on popularity, not decency of application. Owners painted themselves like gods and refuse to even come on the server to talk to players or staff, Much less work on it.

The server is built for hundreds of people, Only like 10 on each of thegamemodes.

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The Newcomers

? Icynet Community Server

For those that don't know, it's an mlp based server that can fit up to 15 players (yet it has nothing to do with mlp in general). The Server has a plugin called the grief prevention plugin in which it automatically prevents all forms of griefing on the server.

I played on the server during the month of October and I enjoyed it until things have change and made me stop playing. It got too boring to the point of me wanting to play a different game and a player by the name of Strike_r (who's on the server a lot) decided to steal my 16 diamonds from my chest. I asked the people that I trusted on the server saying where are my diamonds and they didn't even care because they didn't even respond. Even though I trusted her because of her being a good friend, she is no longer my friend and thinks that I'm the enemy. Regardless of this situation I decided to take effect and untrusted all of them, Wrote a book saying that I'm not coming back ever and that was it.

Also she pressured ...more

? The Oasis MC

And spamming is allowed too if you're a veteran or someone who's well-known in this server. They make fun of medical conditions, they use too many spaces between each letter of a single word to add some weird kinda effect, and even excessive caps. In other words, they can do whatever they want... even insulting you!

Get attached to this server only so they can betray your trust! I got myself banned after this server a month after donating to it, simply because I didn't like the fact their server rules apply for everyone but a group of trolls themselves. I've seen them getting away with not just slandering my friends or framing me for harassment or griefing that I didn't do, but with sexual chat too... the very same crap that will get you a warning if you're new to the server, won't get them a warning!

If you do get banned, even for a stupid reason, don't bother appealing. If you do submit a ban appeal, good luck getting unbanned. Surprisingly, the admin who banned me offered to unban me if I submit the appeal, but I submitted the appeal only to get it rejected by the owner himself. Anything "staff" says goes, yet everything's up to an owner who doesn't care.

I do not give a crap about repercussions after everything this server did. If you are the owner yourself, then you are a ...more

Two people from this server, one of them being a staff member, still talk to me, even to this day. I have two witnesses who confirmed this incident mentioned above, and they're quite annoyed for everything it happened.

Reason for this is because of everything that as mentioned above, plus more. If the toxic community calms down, you still have to contend with a toxic owner and someone who's been allowed to be the server's clown, and for the fact it now takes too long for even the first person on the server to be aware of the fact who they were dealing with were chat trolls.

Here below I will provide the information on how to access this Minecraft Server.

Server IP: play.theoasismc.com
Website: http://theoasismc.com/

The owner of this server is Genocore. He doesn't want you to know that there's such thing as admin abuse, and he expects you or the players from this server not to care depending on who harassed you. He needs to rot in the deepest part of ...more

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11 MCW

THis server is to teach non hackers to go away.
1. Don't try to teach hackers a lesson
2. If possible, run and hide. - SuperBacca

NO IT isn't

12 PETA's Minecraft Utopia

You can't defeat any animals without them calling you out in a pitiful attempt to make you feel bad, there are blatant attempts to spread PeTA's beliefs to users visiting the server, and the whole server feels so restricted! - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

This sounds like the most outrageous, self-centred, arrogant, annoying, immature, and all-around moronic server ever created on planet earth, and probably the whole universe.

PETA, we know you're the real animal abuser here. It's not like digital creatures have emotions.

Exactly! Real life animals obviously have feelings but are you kidding me PETA? This is Minecraft!

I got banned for making a animal hospital they said I was making a animal grinding room

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13 UberMC

The reason I voted this is because the admins aka donators abuse the animal disguises to win games.they give to much for staff. Mineplex's staff plays legit but not ubermc's.

Staff abuse animal morphs and badly made

The admin rank gives no real staff perms

1 Staff person wow4201 he false bans people with high donor ranks because they can't contibute any more money to the server. He always makes a single excuse for banning someone."He duped" He said I duped when he saw I had 2 rare items, then deleted my island and banned me. Before that he only banned admins and uber admins.

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14 Mineplex

Everyone on here is an annoying little kid with a brain the size of a peanut. Seriously, all you have to do is say your opinion, and a billion little children will flip out and tell you that you're wrong, and say mean stuff to you. It sucks. Once there was this idiot saying really offensive stuff about atheists, like they are going to hell. And a dumb 6 year old trying to convert my religion. And not just the community, the mini games too. The design of the maps is really ugly and boring. I hate this server.

It is a great server. But it has insane lag!

I actually like Mineplex besides the people that think I'm a hacker. I swear to god I get hackusated way too many times from raging and lying little screaming and crying newborns. Once when this newborn baby thought I was hacking because I killed him on Sky Wars, he started saying "my brother is an admin and he's talking to the owner" "my other account is mod". Stupid little kids.

I do like playing on this server, but lag and the fanbase are big problems. - BlueBobYT

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15 McOrigins

Some guy gave me a bunch of highly enchanted swords, really OP potions, and some fun rainbow fireworks. Then a mod proceeded to look into my inventory, saw the items, and punished me for hacking in items. I got then in a donation bin, really?

I remember when Pink Sheep didn't ruin it. - BlueBobYT

Ok I love MCOrgins. The games are cool, pink sheep plays there, the spawn is cool, and so much more...

One of the reasons why I hate Minecraft: Servers. This is the worst. Everyone is stupid here. Here is how it is like. Here is an example from KitPVP: 1. Kill a kid with no hacks. 2. He/she calls you a hacker. 3. Mods or admins come. 4. You get banned. That is for most servers, but for this one, DEFINITELY.

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Everyone wants to date you and kiss you, every time I go on that server, the first thing I see is "Date anyone, let's make out in the secret room"

I swear go on that server and say... Worst minecraft servers sent me! :9 :6

Actually no one plays on this server anymore they all moved to mineplex pe or brokenlens - MChkflaguard_Yt

Too much dating here... Bullies are here too... But the real problem is... There are so many things vip have and non vip don't I feel they are trying to punish us for not buying vip... The most annoying thing is that we can only play 120 MINUTES IN SURVIVAL MODE WITH NON VIP! If I am with my friends I can't be with them anymore... The game kicks me... Plus! I found out that staff is rarely online... Means you can only report... But that's lies because once I was reported twice for griefing and nothing happned so nothing is made here so, hackers are locals they do come and stay... The server has a lot of spanish people and staff decided to add a command that is /lang that we could speak and it translates to spanish.. I tried myself and it didn't work... This server only wants money.. Each time they add a thing that sucks for non vips because they don't have vip AND VIP FOR EVERY SINGLE MINIGAME ( oh yeah we need to pay for every single minigame) COSTS 29,99€! INSANE! It's THE MOST ...more

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17 Minerealm

Sounds like the server with the worst staff

Corrupted server.
-Staff pick favorites
-Staff are immature and lazy
-Donators abuse powers
-Bans for no reason
-Ugly world
-Dead Community
-and many more

The staff enjoys griefing everyone, and are total jerks. They give you stuff, and then claim you hacked and get you banned, or just keep killing you over and over, if you aren't already banned for no apparent reason. The staff need to DIE - Haumea

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18 Badlion

Bad lion is is good not bad

Just not good

Badlion is fun.. who put it on the list

Used to be fun, now the owners have become money whores. Also, terrible staff and community.

19 mxcuxxor

It's a flans mod server witch is terrible with hackers and rages and no rules it also is terrible

There was a player who hacked my and ruined my base I tried to kill him but HE WAS IN CREATIVE but when he killed me he just turned my base into a dump!

He just gave me a mp5 with 4 clips and left

And he muted me. I want to drown that bastard!

20 TeckCraft

Total corruption. The staff are completely corrupt, arrogant and have no patience. There is also no freedom of speech there, and the staff are selfish. There is many small kids on the server which makes the chat a complete mess. The server staff are also engaged in discrimination.

Rude Server!

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