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21 AO Server

The show won't let you say stupid even though AO says stupid on his show

It's the Annoying Orange Server!

You can't say the word stupid on AO But the show is AWESOME

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22 Towncraft

I hate this server. They banned me for joking around RIGHT WHEN I ENTERED MY CHAT MSG. Then they said "if you want to come back, beg to come back.

Who put this on here!?!? THIS SEVER ROCKS!

This server is so stupid that is corrects glass to gl, they banned me for no reason, never ever play towncarft

23 CubeCraftGames

They somehow steal every server idea out there, yet they're still one of the most popular networks. So far, I haven't seen at least ONE original minigame on their server.

Is allowed on every server


I like cubecraft.cand also advertising for head shops, comps, and roleplays in creative servers.

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24 Homie Server

This is called homie server. It's good

Well I'm just a doosh bag for now on. The creater xXSlyXx swears a lot! The floating islands are stupid!

25 DesiredCraft V 3 Comments
26 GuildCraft

I can't join because I have caps in my username, really? - ABBCC

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27 EDawg878 Server
28 Swag Craft

You get banned easily in this server ugh

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29 The Nexus

Very crappy server.

I used to like it - Pixtol

Their ctf is quite good though but too little maps - MChkflaguard_Yt

I agree

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30 Meepcraft

This server is impossible to navigate, the staff are imbeciles, towny owners can abuse the taxes and steal your items WHENEVER they feel like it, you can do absolutely nothing in towny, however, you can go into the wilderness and collect materials, but you can't do anything with armor and whatnot.

This server is downright impossible to play on. Taxes are abused and you can't do anything about it other than live in a crappy hovel

Can't do anything
Can't have my own town
Can't join a town
Just needs be fixed

31 MonkeyCraft

So apparently Monkeycraft is a common server name. Judging by all the confusion we get on our monkeycraft forums.

Advertising for staff? Jesus christ the server must be a mess. The amount of abuse there is would be way over the top, how do they even run it?

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32 DungeonRealms V 1 Comment
33 PigCraft
34 HyperBeam

Worst server ever they back anyone who gets on like what

35 Matecraft
36 Omega Realm FACTIONS V 1 Comment
37 Sentinelcraft V 1 Comment
38 Mcwarfare
39 Brawl

Anyone ever played MCCTF? I guess they merged with brawl, anyway, brawl RUINED that server! It was the first server I ever played on and my favorite, then brawl came along and destroyed it. - Co0lk1d25

40 Vortex Network
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