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21 Never Say Goodbye
22 What Does the Redstone Say

The kid sing this and the animation? I wanna vomit

Oh my gosh I almost died from cringe - MChkflaguard_Yt

What does the Redstone say? Nothing.

Bad title - SapphireStar

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23 Mine Diamonds

This isn't the Tobuscus one, this is the parody of Take on Me by MinecraftAwesomeParodys. - Drewman1211

Its just extremely cringy. I don't know if on purpose, but it is cringy.

24 Girls Know How to Fight

(I'm female, just saying'.) A bit sexist, ALL GENDERS can fight! Both guys and girls can fight just as well. Also the song is cringy and crummy. I like Minecraft but the minecraft parodies are mostly garbage. - Lunala

Inappropriate,just like Boys Can't Beat Me

25 My Revolver

This isn't animation it is random pics with crummy lyrics. So lame - MChkflaguard_Yt

26 Griefer

Never mind, its some guy doing a weird twerk-dance while shoving cacti up your ass and singing a song that makes me want to bite his head off.

It's a bunch of minions twerking while some guy flies around, flips around and kills everything. It's really stupid.

I would just love to do half the things you did to other people to you. The music is some guy going 'eh eh eh eh EH EH EH EH EH' and the video is some guy shoving cacti up peoples butts, drowning pigs, and doing this ugly wiggling dance thing.

27 Enchanted

I should have voted this it's even worse than redstone active - MChkflaguard_Yt

It is even worse than redstone active

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28 Never Let You Go

This is a song that ruined its predecessor (the wonderful never say goodbye) by taking its perfect and brilliant sad ending and undoing it all with a soppy happy ending.

This song ruined the first one I was kinda hoping he would die

29 Revenge (Minecraft Jams)

I don't like this song because the sound is stupid

Plain stupid with unclear voice

30 Wrecking Mob

Agreee also I hate Miley Cyrus cause she sucks


31 Wish I Was in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game not the real world

32 Legendary Griefer

Einshine blows. All he does is curse, grief, and try to convince people that Minecraft is a Grand Theft Auto game. Also, stop it with the cape. Opti Fine capes are cooler.

33 Take Back the Night

It is ok should deserve a lower spot as it is still kinda stupid - MChkflaguard_Yt

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34 Minecraft Style

Agree I hate gangnam style a lot!

Minecraft Style (Approaching Nirvana remix) is wayy better. It's a very good remix. - SapphireStar

35 Milkman
36 Mine the Tree
37 Get Squiddy


I'm just thinking it's a parody of "Get Schwifty" from Rick and Morty. - Drewman1211

38 Hacker

I don't like it because it's about dying and I don't like the tune plus it is not proper singing lastly it shouldn't have been invented cause it's just so BORING! Hope you agree with me. Bye! 😉

39 2013 Music Update

OH MY GOD when I first opened the menu screen when this update came out it made me mute my music I hate the new music it gives me a headake

40 Minecraft the Musical (Animated Song Parody) V 1 Comment
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