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1 Stampylonghead


His newer videos are awful. Just adding William Beaver, Polly Reindeer, and Fizzy Elephant ruined him for me. I guess that it's time to move on to other things...

I think Stampy was an alright guy back in his old days but now he seems to repeat videos from older episodes that not many people watch anymore. I would not hesitate to say that his build are "sub or low par" but he tries to make it so kids can replicate them easily in their own worlds. To be honest, I could create better (any of his building in his town) in under 30 minutes. On the other hand, I'm terrible at redstone

Well now stampy is beginning to do more fun things since he knows that a little kid thing would be boring.

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2 TheDiamondMinecart

His fan base is getting cancerous and dumber every second. Now even in the comments they ask if he can go meet them and the POST THEIR ADDRESS!

This retard relies off of kids to give him views and subscriptions, he has no humor, his videos are excessively mind-numbing, whenever he can't think of something he fills the dead air with OH MY! How does he stay popular? By exploiting dumb kids by screaming and playing mine craft. Speaking of which, why do kids even have YouTube accounts? Like, isn't there a 13+ rule in the terms of agreement?

I'm 16, and it offends me to hear that you call him a "retard that relies off kids to give him views and subscriptions" because none of that is true. - Nick-brick8

Frankly, I used to enjoy Dan and his mod reviews. Those where the good days of the Minecraft community. Sadly the Minecraft community had changed rapidly, including Minecraft on YouTube. Minecraft and all who plays it is not the same today. Bring back the mod reviews Dan.

I used to like his old videos, especially the Custom Mod Adventures and The Sims 4. But everything went downhill when he started doing Roblox. And as I am writing this, Dan hasn’t done a Minecraft Video in over a week. Now all he does is play Horror Games and Fortnite - vvmax

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3 SkyDoesMinecraft

This guy is like 30. Become mature already! He screams "BUDDER! " all the time. Hates squids for no reason whatsoever. And the Fandom, 90% of his fans are 3rd graders who worship him like a god, screams budder all over the place, and will attack and silence anyone with a different opinion. If your reading this sky, DROP IT WITH THE BUDDER CRAP ALREADY! IT'S NOT BUDDER IT'S GOLD AND NOT ORIGINAL! BECOME MATURE ALREADY!

Can someone explain to me HOW anyone can enjoy his videos? I can't even get through watching one of his dumb videos. How does he have so many subs? Give those to people with good quality content like Nigahiga. - Pokemongamer

Explanation:he has a child-like humor, which makes him act stupid, but it's funny to see his kind of humor. - Nick-brick8

His jokes are pointless and he is very, very self centered. Plus, his "budder" stuff is annoying as crap. - benhos

He left the minecraft fandom.

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4 PopularMMO's

Another case of "Child Friendly = Good Channel", like Stampy and DanTDM. Great. He now relies on Lucky Blocks and Challenge Games more than half of his videos as of the end of summer. Seriously, what the hell happened to him? I remember when I saw him around 2013, he was a pretty good Minecraft YouTuber. I watched his mob battle videos and sometimes OreSpawn. But as he reached the millions of subscribers, things started to go pretty bad.

The fanbase turned from a good one to a crappy one filed with kids who hate people for hating on Pat or Jen. Speaking of Jen, she has severely dumbed down. Falling into holes and doing dumb thing is definitely a gag. In some of the original videos, she was actually smart, and the only times she was dumb was right place right time. But now, she's one dimensional and an idiot, Pat is also one dimensional and a stereotypical strong man.

Pat and Jen used to be great in 2013-2014. But after they got 3 million subs it was like they started to act more fake and goofy. I loved to watch them because of their unique content and personalities. But now they sound the same as any other Minecraft Youtuber: fake, childish, immature, and with repetitive and boring content. They also love to stretch out series that were entertaining, like Crafting Dead, Lucky Blocks, etc. Jen sounds like the stereotypical blonde girl too. It's so obvious how they act. There's even an unedited clip of them on YouTube that proves this. It's sad what they have become. I actually had hope that they would be different from other Minecraft Youtubers. But nope. They're just the same as almost everyone else.

When you realize that Pat and Jen's content couldn't get any worse, then you see them playing Roblox. They only care about how many views and money their next clickbait video is going to get them. Their acting is more than obvious as well. They don't play Roblox or Minecraft because they like to. They do it because their audience is full of little kids who like to play these games, and that makes this couple get a lot of views. Lots of views means they get a lot of money. You can hear how forced they sound in each and every video. They are clearly not enjoying the content they're producing. But you know what? They're filthy rich because of it, so they've become slaves to the system. If you REALLY want to watch Pat and Jen at their best watch their videos from before 2015. Then you will see how much they've fallen in quality.

Annoying screaming cursing youtubers that get their content copied and made into porn for kids. I know someone who watched a pat and jen sex film at 3

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5 SuperMinecraftKid

This horrible monster is the worst of all YouTubers. Stampy is awesome, Diamond is cool, and everyone else is at least decent, but THIS loon ruins life as it is. If Kim Jong-un died, the perfect heir would be Super Minecraft Kid. He has absolutely no logic, and is basically drunk 100% of the time. He said Minecraft was the first game ever (moron! ) and said Notch made it in the year 1700! (Buffoon! ) He is unbelievably racist, and makes the most atrocious, heinous, wrenching scream ever! He curses every 3 seconds, unlike Stampy who curses every 3 YEARS. His complaining and persuasions to convince YouTubers to subscribe makes only more people turn against him. Unbelievably though (even crazier than the Malcolm Butler interception in Super Bowl XLIX and Rodgers Hail Mary against the Lions) he was ultimately banned and destroyed! Life lives on, until he strikes again. Someday he will get revenge...

He's racist, homophobic, JERKS OFF TO CHICA FROM FNAF, and screams and curses SO LOUD that it's just unimaginable! He also said Zelda is a ripoff of Minecraft (not a Zelda fan but that's still stupid) and that, get ready for this, Minecraft was the FIRST game ever made! The First!

(This kid is 11!? )

Good god he got grounded and banned from YouTube. Now the Internet can breathe in relief.

Dear smk: Minecraft is a rip off of Zelda

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6 PinkSheep

I didn't and still don't understand the aim of creating a channel that revolves around a sheep with a robotic voice, and all he does is talk about how "beautiful" and "wonderful" his mustache is. Probably a way for explodingtnt to get even more money from subscribers.

One of the worst Youtubers of all time. Back in 2015, he suddenly showed up and already became popular for no reason. When I first watched him. He was stupid but got more brain cells this year. Now he's a Youtuber for CHILDREN! NOT ANOTHER MINECRAFTER FOR KIDS! His Fandom, Prankster Gangsters is too popular and overhyped. The possible minority of his fandom is little kids and his fandom has People calling Pink Sheep, awesome and calls his boring mustache, fabulous... Not much but what made him worst is that he appears, in, EVERY, SINGLE, EXPLODINGTNT, VIDEO. ExplodingTNT was good until Pink Sheep came. Make Youtube life great again... - bugger

Pink sheep: Always says "HATER ALERT! " when someone doesn't like him. SUPER vain. He always brags about how amazing his mustache is. Whenever he fails at something (like survival games and parkour), he makes up really stupid excuses like "Oh my mustache wasn't ready" or "My mustache was to long so it got in my way." Also, not he likes his mustache more then his own son!

LOL Pink Sheep Sucks because he always makes bets from ExplodingTNT and he always loses because of him and he always makes fun of him and he looks like a girl

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7 The Girly Gamer

You Jen fanboys and fangirls don't get it. There is NO way someone can be so bad at Minecraft. ESPECIALLY when Jen has had years of experience playing the game almost every day. Also, Jen ACTS in the videos. Today she makes her voice sound so high pitched. It is nothing like it was 2 years ago. Same with Pat but not as much as Jen. They're putting on a show. Their videos don't show their real selves. Once you kiddos get older you might understand what I'm saying

I like you and Pat lots, you are really good and I go on you and Jens channel a lot of the time and I just think that you are really awesome and cool at the same time and will you do even more obstacle courses in your videos and do more and post a lot of them. There is a mod called Experienced armour, it adds some new armour that have special effects when you put it on (like the Pun mod (Apple's) it gives you abilities like absorbsion, regen and resistance so I think you should review that mod on 20 September Saturday 2014 and which one will you review next, well let's just say it is going to be EXCELLENT and SWEET and also EPIC AT THE SAME TIME. You are so awesome sincerely Rowan Phillips 9 church close United Kingdom age 7 Smally, also Jen your EPIC to from same person.

I will turn her into ground beef if I have to! Hope Donald Trump put her in jail! Don't get me wrong, I don't support Trump, he's racist. But this stupid Girly Gamer doesn't even deserves to exist on the whole universe. - lolxdlel

I guess this ace-hole is more annoying than the most wanked fanboys out there. And by ace-hole, you know what I mean! Also GTFO Jen fanboys! - lolxdlel

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8 SuperEnderCreeper

He only made 1 video of Minecraft and the video was only 30 seconds long... - TheCoolMinecraftApoclypse

I only know some people on this list and the ones I know I like so I chose one I don't know laugh out loud

Probably another troll - Lunala

Nvm not a troll. Just a kid - Lunala

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9 BajanCanadian

BajanCanadian deserves the top spot. He is generic, fake, and a liar. He rarely finishes series, and always quits cold Turkey without a word to his fans who was enjoying the series. - Grayson

Hey guys it's Mitch and welcome to Minecraft Hunger Games number 1432654

"Yeah I'm the best at Hunger Games! "

I've seen him lose games before. There's always going to be someone better than you at hunger games.

Look a retard with powet to post his cancerous opinon online

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10 L for Lee

He's not that bad

Everyone why is lee here

He is a great guy back in the time, now, he's not. :/

He is a PEDOPHILE - Lunala

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The Contenders

11 Doni Bobes

Doni Bobes is actually a good YouTuber. His trolls are immensely entertaining in my opinion

He is better than you all and he is not a duck he is an owl

All he doesn't is make bad owl puns when he is clearly a duck. His videos aren't even that interesting all he does is prank people for no reason or catch hackers because it's clickbaitable enough that people might click. Don't even get me started about how cringe his intro is.

Doni is okay, he has his fair share of cringe but he is still okay, if you want to watch something better that has generally the same content watch jacksucksatlife and check out his server Skycade.net and his store store.skycade.net.

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12 Captain Sparklez

He became too rich and money-minded, his channel content is now absolutely horrible.

He is awesome. What do you not like about him. His videos are creative. He was in 3rd place like of the finniest and best Minecraft YouTube like someone else said

His Reddit videos are pretty cool.

Listen I don’t hate the guy it’s just he’s not very creative anymore he’s like every other youtuber (Reacting to this, Reacting to this, you know the drill) Once again I don’t hate him it’s just he’s not original anymore but then again that’s for every youtuber now (Pewdiepie, SSSniperwolf, etc.) - Lolbs

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13 iHasCupquake

I'm nearly considered an adult, and I love her. She's an absolute inspiration and shouldn't be getting hate. One thing I agree with though, is that her husband ruined the channel. And sometimes she can make me face palm, but that's it.

Leave tiff alone. She is inspirational and Goals

Why is tiff on this list!? She is really cool and funny and she is an inspiration! So leave tiff alone!

WHAT? Tiff is actually an entertaining YouTube!

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14 Theminingmovies

He was sick/Busy it wasn't his fault.

He was out for three months and expected people to stay subbed! UGH!

Why is he on here? Just because he didn't upload for long doesn't mean he is bad! - Datguyisweird666

His videos are a rip off from explodingtnt]

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15 PewDiePie PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 50 million subs.

What do you mean?! Pew barely touches it!

He doesn't even play Minecraft. I mean dude what

At least he uses his money for good things.

The reason I don't like him is because he made a gross video where he cut a real life body part (I forgot what it's called but it's red and I think it starts with a t). My tounge was at the 98% area of puking. - DumbWays2DieFan

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16 Minecraft Masters

He is the worst

17 MineCraft Awesome Parodys

The cringe is pretty intense, I cringe when just seeing the song's thumbnail. Not to say profile picture and avatar. Yet being extremely overrated, he got 100,000 subscribers in July 2017, which proved the minecraft fanbase is populated by fantards. I regret watching just ONE of his songs, please pass me some bleach or a knife. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Best channel ever. Love his high quality editing and great song lyrics.

Gosh I almost died from cringe - NamiKazePants08

I can't velice he is so popular I want to die

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18 SSundee

Honestly, like most of these youtubers, his content used to be half decent. I used to watch his original skyfactory series because it was really fun to watch and well made. Now I can go through 20 videos of him and not a single one of his jokes will be funny to a half decently intelligent person. He's just a crappy channel for young kids to destroy the minecraft community in.

Why is this on here? He is better than most other Minecraft channels - Aidanwade223

Derp Ssundee is literally a brain tumor with a Minecraft skin.

Wow, just saw 2 episodes of his skyfactory and that's all folks, how can someone watch him, his so annoying. I guess he is focusing on kids.

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19 ExplodingTNT

His channel has gone to the sheep. Literally. His videos are not as good as they used to be; not that there was a time I became that excited about him.

Used to have good videos until you did "If _____ was removed from Minecraft videos" over and over.

He has run out of ideas... I am expecting a video from him called "What if minecraft had white limited edition fidget spinners only on my ass? ".

He was actually a decent YouTube back in the old days until pink sheep came along and ruined it every video is about pink sheep WHY pink sheep is even good so they ruined a pojtentisl channel for

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20 Logdotzip

Used to be funny but only mildly grating, but now he pumps out content on a regular basis that I could only ever imagine entertains the lowest common denominator. Not to mention he's added ridiculous immersion breaking promos throughout the beginnings of his videos.

Constantly fakes sounding like an idiot, to the point that you have to wonder whether it comes from experience.

Title doesn't match content making his videos kinda like click baits - MChkflaguard_Yt

Oh my god. he's so annoying I wanna die. - Co0lk1d25

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21 Little Kelly

She almost haves click bait thumbnails or titles every single video and Little Carly, Tiny Turtle, And Little Lizard Deserve Better!

God, I hate her and the little club so much. I was also that one that said "I hope all of the little club die" when I didn't have an account. - DoritosAreLife

I ABSOLUTELY HATE LITTLE CARLY. All she ever posts is love and school videos about having babies and cheating with boys. And then lies and makes it look like her videos are CHILD FRIENDLY!? she is ABSOLUTELY A PAIN! Secondly she is CLEARLY NOT TRYING to improve her videos-she just posts the same things OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

What's the difference between Little Kelly and porn? One's for kids and the other one is for adults.

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22 Annoying Orange

Annoying Orange is nothing to do with Minecraft you dumb dumbs

He barley does Minecraft videos

He should go find an orange peeler and slit his wrists. - Eh2345

He used to be good but not anymore. He doesn't deserve a T.V. show. I wish I could jump into the T.V. and slice him up and eat him. - DumbWays2DieFan

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23 Adamzonetopmark

They basically show porn now.

Used to like them... When they weren't a porn channel

I seriously hate these guys because they are so ANNOYING and watching their videos is just the same amount as getting punched by someone you hate.

Videos are cliche. That's it.

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24 FuturisticHub

He put the rudest Minecraft video on YouTube NEEDED IN Minecraft

This guy is offensive, borderline stereotypical, and his content is just awful.

His "animations" make me lose more and more of my IQ as he pumps them out of his ruptured ass.

He's been horrible from start to finish, some top choices used to be good in the PAST, but what is this disgrace to Minecraft anyway? Horrifying 3D cringe animations. Stuff like horrifying SpongeBobs, Angry Birds that should just regret being in Minecraft, Girls in purple bikinis doing "stuff", Ugandan Knuckles, and there's the horrifying cringeworthy Fortnite in Minecraft, DanTDM's newest content is gold compared to the Fartnite video, I have wanted to delete my youtube channel because of that. (i won't do it I have 6,000 subscribers already) - BlueBobYT

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25 AntVenom

I'm not even Mexican but what the hell is with the racism?

These people really hate mexicans

Whoever put this either mad or is a Mexican

Donald Trump Jr.

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26 NingaristicNinga

he ok

27 IballisticSquid

I love ballistic squid he should get stamps dog to flip this guy's guts out

Yep he's fine what's the problem

Yeah why is he on this list?

Really, because I hate baby Ellie. Baby Ellie.🖕🏻

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28 Unspeakable Gaming

Why does he scream all the time. My kids love him but he drives me nuts.

Unspeakable Gaming is super good that is why he is on the list

He is crap and scripted. Why he does youtube?

He is really ugly

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29 LionMaker Studios

First of all, all he does is make boring Minecraft Xbox Hide and Seek videos along with boring Minecraft Xbox Hunger Games videos. At least with Stampy, you can tell he's at least trying to make appealing commentary. But with Lion Maker, all he does is say boring cliche commentary.

Only 37? He's the only one here who's an actual pedophile. - djpenquin999

Are you kidding? This should number one he's a pedophile.

Lion Maker Studios is Jared Fogle level pedo.

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30 Jamlex0205
31 PrestonPlayz

Preston seems like a cool and chill guy to me, wonder how he got in this list.

All he says is Cactus Jones Preen up and PVP he makes unfunny jokes and he relies too much on other people also he to lazy to edit himself and think he is good at everything and if he isn't he stops the series

He swears when he fail parkour

Voice annoying. - Ducks661

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32 Aphmau

Please Banned her for life My friend non stop talking about her

I tried to watch MyStreet since everyone said it was good. Nope. Aphmau is a mary sue and her pandering, lousy voice sounds like someone trying to rip off Twillight Sparkle's voice. Kawaii-Chan. You can tell by her name she sucks and is a Weeaboo. She is a MARY SUE she is whiny and her voice is worse than Aphmau's. Katelyn (Or however you spell it) is the only likeable character. Her voice sounds normal and she isn't annoying and whiny. She's also interesting and quote funny. The guy called zane has an annoying voice which sounds like a constipated husky howling while being ran over by a steamroller. - Lunala

Does she think before she does anything?

The experience will kill you I swear

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33 Da Minion

Seeing as there's 'Minion in the title, I can assure you that this is probably some 10 year old who gets butthurt over criticism on Minions or Minecraft

I don't even need to watch to know its bad... The minions make me want to stab the nearest yellow object near me

Who is he? It sounds like some dumb 8 year old who screams if you hate minions. - Lunala

Err who's the Minion?

34 Einshine

He is a Japanese terrorist sucked in Minecraft. In my opinion, this 19 year old should have never been making videos. He brags about his cape, made a music video of him shooting innocent victims, and makes the most corniest anime I have ever seen. Please God, make Einshine number 1.

He is amazing and a fabulous person I love his music so yea

Most of her videos are not related to minecraft

Considering he's also been accused of pedophilia (With a lot of stuff backing it up..) he and Lionmaker should be much higher on this list.

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35 TobyGames

He barley swears idiot -_-

He swears a lot!

I agree he dosnt swear much 0\_______/0

36 LittleLizardGaming

Look, they always put quantity over quality. The whole of the little club upload like 7 videos a day! They make a new channel every month just for more views! Wow. I unsubscribed after they left a roleplay on a cliffhanger without finishing it! I loved Crazy Craft 3.0 but now they've made a worse new series of it. They posted random Minecraft School videos that weren't in a stupid school! They made BABIES the base of their channel what. Also, I know it's an Irish accent, but you pronounce 3 as "th-ree" not "tree". Stop the Little Club.

Though some of the little club is awesome, like little Kelly and Donny, there are lots of bad things. For example they do fnaf videos which annoys me because they are dumb and they know almost nothing about fnaf, heck I don't think they even play it. Another example is the crafting dead. At first it was good but they did the the same thing after the cycle, find group, group gets killed, they get captured, they escape and so on. And another example is the clickbaits. And most of these are just mini games. I'm okay with mini games but can they at least say it's a mini game and not a role play. A personal problem with them is that they have access to some mods, including mo creatures and others, but they instead use the most ugly, hideous, and most dumb designs for there mobs. And they are basically also doing hello neighbor videos, which is starting to get tedious and are greenlighting trump, WHY.

How is he popular?! The videos are sooo boring with no action its like the same thing in every video they do boring things and my sisters watch it all the time. in a video they help at a farm and one they go to McDonalds wow awesome videos Not

Little lizard is not bad😶

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37 EthanGamerTV

I honestly think Ethan Gamer should be number 2. I lost my brother to him. I went to watch a video myself, and just as I expected, the first commentary was "Ninja stars to the butt, Ninja stars to the butt" 5 times. I think this 9 year old should have a ninja star to his butt.

This kid is so cringe-worthy! This kid shouldn't be on YouTube anyway! Plus, his voice is very annoying.

Never visited this channel, but his name sounds like a minecraft fanboy who don't even know how to wash up on his own. - MChkflaguard_Yt

I am 3 months older than him
Me: 3/31/2006
EthanGamerTV: 7/9/2006 - HelloWhyImHere2

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38 ItsFunneh

That fake voice she uses is the most annoying thing ever. But my 7 year old sister watches her videos and I can't escape. Help me please.

She is beyond stupidity. - DoritosAreLife

My little sisters watch her non-stop, and her voice is just... UGH!

Just no terrible

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39 ExplodingTNT

His videos are funny. Why he's on this list lol

The constant "if (insert topic here) (insert something to do with Minecraft)".

(crappy video here)

(dumb ending) - mattstat716

TNT was a pretty good youtuber, though now his content looks at least 32% clickbait and I think his channel mostly panders to toddlers and 8 year olds who send 79 minutes a day playing minecraft and yelling at others because they are losing at something, I can tell because in every weird comments video the comments he shows today have horrible grammar and cringy ideas a kid could think of, and it looks like he's running out of ideas because most of the first videos you see on his channel consist of dumb ideas, he's good but he's dying

Used to be funny until that stupid Pink Sheep came on his videos - Lunala

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40 Minecraft Jams

None of her songs are nice or at least OK. If they aren't too stupid then they must have ugly animation,lame lyrics/melody or being too feminist and inappropriate. Seriously do you think your songs are awesome? Minecraft Jams IF YOU READ THIS IMPROVE ALREADY! - MChkflaguard_Yt

Really? Psycho girl is a sexist. she always wins. Lose for once! All she talks about is twerking and making fun of boys!

Psycho girl is a SJW and hates anyone that is not a black female gay muslum

3 words:

41 boudreaul1996
42 House_Owner

He should be number 20

He's with skydoesminecraft which had poor quality videos

I really only seen him in sky does Minecraft for some reason I don't know why but I think my chromebook need's updating I kind of think your right their are some stupid YouTubers don't get me started on pink sheep you are right he has a robot voice there is a new YouTuber sub and he has the same voice as him well I think his name is sub anyway I think he is pink sheep but with a new channel I think I may want to become a YouTuber and I might not want to so anyway I love your work l'm sorry for such a long message

43 PurpleSheep

Purple Shep's Voice Sounds Like A Messed Up Robot!

Purple Shep is awesome!

Wow his voice is stupid! Also he look ugly!

He is dumb and stupid.

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44 Mr.Grinch

I never knew the Grinch had his own YouTube channel... - Drewman1211

45 SuperGirlyGamer

There are 3 reasons I hate her channel.
1) She only posted once a week (when she still used her channel).
2)Never once did she ever make a solo video. Pat has, hence the time Jen was sick. All her content revolved around Pat.
3)She ended her channel with no explanation, as far as I can tell. I thought she cared about her subscribers.

She is the killer of the crafting dead and she always kills pat, plus she is still at like episode 2 of minecraft story mode and she has the reflexes of an 100 year old person

There is 5 reasons why she should be number 1
1) She is very annoying
2) She says stupid things
3) She wants a villager head
4) She has a voice that sounds like a 100 year old screaming
5) She is an idiot that makes me want to grab a cactus and throw it at her face

I love this girl. She is the best. I know her in real life.

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46 Ibxtoycat

The way he talks is annoying

His voice is kinda annoying.His videos a repetitive and are now only focused on battle mode and updates.

Great stuff

This guy sucks. never nothing original and honestly one of the more annoying youtubers in general and horrible minecraft videos.

47 Ldshadowlady

SHE IS NOT THE WORST, she is funny, kind, and caring, Why is she on this list?


I saw her come on Hypixel, and a bunch of guys were mooning over her, they said SHES HERE I'm like 'Who? ' and they said U NO NO WHO SE IS LOOK GUYS SHE DUNNO WHO SHE IS HAHAHHAHA?

LDShadowLady is awesome. She is cute, funny,...she is really great. I don't understand how people add
her in the list :P

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48 xTurtle

He always exploit it's so dumb - bl4st

Hacking on servers thinking he is cool. No energy and clickbaits a lot.

Always clickbaiting

49 Craftronix

He needs to be higher on this list, I loved his command block creations but now he only makes mob life animations and they all suck.

His animations are all "(mob) Life" and he is just boring,

Stop with the mob life animations and do some real gameplay!

Mine-imator is used by retards like cheystar that animate tickling animations.

IN OTHER WORDS, IT SUCKS. - 404_name_missing

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50 Ashdubh

The channels kind do of new to me buut I started to love it that moment

VERY BORING :( - Ducks661

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