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21 Adamzonetopmark

They basically show porn now.

Used to like them... When they weren't a porn channel

I seriously hate these guys because they are so ANNOYING and watching their videos is just the same amount as getting punched by someone you hate.

Videos are cliche. That's it.

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22 FuturisticHub

He put the rudest Minecraft video on YouTube NEEDED IN Minecraft

This guy is offensive, borderline stereotypical, and his content is just awful.

His "animations" make me lose more and more of my IQ as he pumps them out of his ruptured ass.

Relies on shock content and nudity he sucks - Lunala

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23 AntVenom

I'm not even Mexican but what the hell is with the racism?

These people really hate mexicans

Whoever put this either mad or is a Mexican

Donald Trump Jr.

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24 NingaristicNinga

he ok

25 Logdotzip

Used to be funny but only mildly grating, but now he pumps out content on a regular basis that I could only ever imagine entertains the lowest common denominator. Not to mention he's added ridiculous immersion breaking promos throughout the beginnings of his videos.

Constantly fakes sounding like an idiot, to the point that you have to wonder whether it comes from experience.

Title doesn't match content making his videos kinda like click baits - MChkflaguard_Yt

Why is this guy on my recommended youtube list.
He's about as annoying as a 5 year old with a microphone.
And now that he has an actual gaming channel? Ew.

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26 Little Kelly

She almost haves click bait thumbnails or titles every single video and Little Carly, Tiny Turtle, And Little Lizard Deserve Better!

God, I hate her and the little club so much. I was also that one that said "I hope all of the little club die" when I didn't have an account. - DoritosAreLife

She used to be good with innocent stuff but she has to much sex and everyone subs to her just because of tiny turtle and little lizard

I know she has an accent but man, she is annoying!

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27 IballisticSquid

I love ballistic squid he should get stamps dog to flip this guy's guts out

Yep he's fine what's the problem

Yeah why is he on this list?

Really, because I hate baby Ellie. Baby Ellie.🖕🏻

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28 Unspeakable Gaming

Why does he scream all the time. My kids love him but he drives me nuts.

Unspeakable Gaming is super good that is why he is on the list

He is the best why is he on the list

He used to actually be a pretty good youtuber, and his Bed Wars videos were especially great. Now every single one of his videos are just pathetic clickbait.

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29 Jamlex0205
30 LionMaker Studios

First of all, all he does is make boring Minecraft Xbox Hide and Seek videos along with boring Minecraft Xbox Hunger Games videos. At least with Stampy, you can tell he's at least trying to make appealing commentary. But with Lion Maker, all he does is say boring cliche commentary.

Only 37? He's the only one here who's an actual pedophile. - djpenquin999

Are you kidding? This should number one he's a pedophile.

Lion Maker Studios is Jared Fogle level pedo.

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31 PrestonPlayz

All he says is Cactus Jones Preen up and PVP he makes unfunny jokes and he relies too much on other people also he to lazy to edit himself and think he is good at everything and if he isn't he stops the series

Preston seems like a cool and chill guy to me, wonder how he got in this list.

He swears when he fail parkour

Voice annoying. - Ducks661

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32 Aphmau

Please Banned her for life My friend non stop talking about her

I tried to watch MyStreet since everyone said it was good. Nope. Aphmau is a mary sue and her pandering, lousy voice sounds like someone trying to rip off Twillight Sparkle's voice. Kawaii-Chan. You can tell by her name she sucks and is a Weeaboo. She is a MARY SUE she is whiny and her voice is worse than Aphmau's. Katelyn (Or however you spell it) is the only likeable character. Her voice sounds normal and she isn't annoying and whiny. She's also interesting and quote funny. The guy called zane has an annoying voice which sounds like a constipated husky howling while being ran over by a steamroller. - Lunala

Does she think before she does anything?

Aphmau isn't the worst, but her content got terrible since S1 of MC Diaries and MyStreet ended. I started watching her when I was younger in 2014. I loved it when she played with Sky and the other guys and Castor. Her MC Hide n Seek would give me a laugh everyday, and I never got tired of those videos, not even until now (Yes, I do watch those for nostalgia). Where are they now? Sure, they still are there to help her out with the roleplays, but now all she does is play with the voice actors and characters. Either way, there's countless things that bother me about her, but I won't make this too long. - Ohno

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33 Da Minion

Seeing as there's 'Minion in the title, I can assure you that this is probably some 10 year old who gets butthurt over criticism on Minions or Minecraft

I don't even need to watch to know its bad... The minions make me want to stab the nearest yellow object near me

Who is he? It sounds like some dumb 8 year old who screams if you hate minions. - Lunala

Err who's the Minion?

34 Einshine

He is a Japanese terrorist sucked in Minecraft. In my opinion, this 19 year old should have never been making videos. He brags about his cape, made a music video of him shooting innocent victims, and makes the most corniest anime I have ever seen. Please God, make Einshine number 1.

He is amazing and a fabulous person I love his music so yea

Most of her videos are not related to minecraft

Considering he's also been accused of pedophilia (With a lot of stuff backing it up..) he and Lionmaker should be much higher on this list.

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35 TobyGames

He barley swears idiot -_-

He swears a lot!

I agree he dosnt swear much 0\_______/0

36 LittleLizardGaming

Look, they always put quantity over quality. The whole of the little club upload like 7 videos a day! They make a new channel every month just for more views! Wow. I unsubscribed after they left a roleplay on a cliffhanger without finishing it! I loved Crazy Craft 3.0 but now they've made a worse new series of it. They posted random Minecraft School videos that weren't in a stupid school! They made BABIES the base of their channel what. Also, I know it's an Irish accent, but you pronounce 3 as "th-ree" not "tree". Stop the Little Club.

Though some of the little club is awesome, like little Kelly and Donny, there are lots of bad things. For example they do fnaf videos which annoys me because they are dumb and they know almost nothing about fnaf, heck I don't think they even play it. Another example is the crafting dead. At first it was good but they did the the same thing after the cycle, find group, group gets killed, they get captured, they escape and so on. And another example is the clickbaits. And most of these are just mini games. I'm okay with mini games but can they at least say it's a mini game and not a role play. A personal problem with them is that they have access to some mods, including mo creatures and others, but they instead use the most ugly, hideous, and most dumb designs for there mobs. And they are basically also doing hello neighbor videos, which is starting to get tedious and are greenlighting trump, WHY.

How is he popular?! The videos are sooo boring with no action its like the same thing in every video they do boring things and my sisters watch it all the time. in a video they help at a farm and one they go to McDonalds wow awesome videos Not

Why, just why? If you don't know what I am talking about, it's about the little clubs stupidity and unoriginality. So basically they decide it'd be very creative and awesome if they have bendy and fnaf as the villains, do almost every video. And they make them do the same thing, the gang attacks, one gets captured every time, and they escape. Well THAT'S NOT CREATIVE IN ANYWAY! Seriously it's un creative and do it all the time. AND It's THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN. The "little fans" are just mindless slaves for this youtube group, they like the same thing, they have the same thing, and the worst part is that anyone that comments that this video is bad, they get tortured, cursed at, and are bashed.i used to like them, but they are so cringeworthy and unoriginal that it make's me want to see them burn. So, just don't waste your time and life on them, like I did.

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37 ExplodingTNT

His videos are funny. Why he's on this list lol

The constant "if (insert topic here) (insert something to do with Minecraft)".

(crappy video here)

(dumb ending) - mattstat716

TNT was a pretty good youtuber, though now his content looks at least 32% clickbait and I think his channel mostly panders to toddlers and 8 year olds who send 79 minutes a day playing minecraft and yelling at others because they are losing at something, I can tell because in every weird comments video the comments he shows today have horrible grammar and cringy ideas a kid could think of, and it looks like he's running out of ideas because most of the first videos you see on his channel consist of dumb ideas, he's good but he's dying

Used to be funny until that stupid Pink Sheep came on his videos - Lunala

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38 EthanGamerTV

I honestly think Ethan Gamer should be number 2. I lost my brother to him. I went to watch a video myself, and just as I expected, the first commentary was "Ninja stars to the butt, Ninja stars to the butt" 5 times. I think this 9 year old should have a ninja star to his butt.

This kid is so cringe-worthy! This kid shouldn't be on YouTube anyway! Plus, his voice is very annoying.

Never visited this channel, but his name sounds like a minecraft fanboy who don't even know how to wash up on his own. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Never heard of him but he sounds like an idiot that pretends to be a ninja

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39 boudreaul1996
40 House_Owner

He should be number 20

He's with skydoesminecraft which had poor quality videos

I really only seen him in sky does Minecraft for some reason I don't know why but I think my chromebook need's updating I kind of think your right their are some stupid YouTubers don't get me started on pink sheep you are right he has a robot voice there is a new YouTuber sub and he has the same voice as him well I think his name is sub anyway I think he is pink sheep but with a new channel I think I may want to become a YouTuber and I might not want to so anyway I love your work l'm sorry for such a long message

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