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61 Ipodmail

Used to be really good at mod showcasing. Unfortunately, his videos nowadays feel old and rushed. His 1000th mod video, (which should've been pretty epic) was just doing the aether mod which he already did like two or three times and he didn't seem to understand the importance of it.

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62 Winter969
63 Eckosoldier

Take this off the list. I enjoyed his videos on a tutorial. I made a house just like his but different interior. But that still makes my friend jealous of my building skills.

Decent guy - Enderninja327

Super rude to fans and posts videos about how great 4j studios is when everyone knows they are money whores.

TAKE IT OFF NOW! TAKE THIS OFF! - ChipTheWiiU aka New MC YouTuber probably...

64 JackFrostMiner

What why is he here?

Youtuber with the ugliest voice. I hate youtubers that talk too much. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Best YouTube channel ever

I like Jack. - Tacocheese

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65 iDeactivateMC

He isn't really a problem but what REALLY annoys me is that in every end of his Top 10 Videos, he says that he's hungry or thirsty. Can he stop saying that... - bugger

I really like him. But people keep saying bad about him. What the senor cactus? :/

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66 ChimneySwift11

Boring and his videos went downhill fast.

67 Sqaishey

Literally steals Stampy's video ideas. LIKE seriously! IT'S LIKE A COPY-PASTE OF THE SAME VIDEO!

68 MinecraftFinest

Let me sum this channel in 4 letters
AIDS - MChkflaguard_Yt

69 LowLevelNoob
70 Jamlex0205 (Jam lex)
71 The Diamond Minecart

Dan isn't bad. He may get annoying and his stupid fans annoy the hell out of you. He tries to get a kid-friendly channel, even if he is quite boring especially on commentary..

Makes me wanna go get a M101 artillery cannon and blow him and Grim.

Really feel like bringing a pie to his house and smashing it in his face

I agree here like just y his reactions are fake for everything and he's just in it for the money.

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72 TheGamingDinosaur

He never does minigames. I like YouTubers that do both mod reviews and builds and minigames. If he reads this DO MINIGAMES TheGamingDinosaur!

73 ThinkNoodles

I agree he copies Dan's videos and games - Ducks661

He, unlike DanTDM which is awful is a little better.

His videos are boring and is a total DanTDM ripoff. Not saying Dan is better, but this guy reminds me too much of Dan's videos. His humor is bad and the mod showcases drag on way too long. Shoulda stuck with Club Penguin.

He also play poptiral too. But I still like him

74 XboxAddictionz

He destroys kids worlds with his snobby friends!

This guy destroys children's spirits just for fun? This guy needs to be banned on YouTube.

He is so mean-spirited. He is also a jerk in real life. He is terrible to his fans and only does YouTube for money - DoroExploro13

Why do you look for drug people and troll and make creepy videos

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