I actually disagree with the other users. I don't like a YouTubers who curse/swear (Especially when his/her channel is kid-friendly). But... I like his channel even more if he keep making more Mod Showcase, Lucky Block Race, The Crafting Dead or whatever he done in the past... but he had changed... :/ I wonder why. I think all haters only want a serious, boring and no humors videos (That's definitely not me). Jen do dumb stuff o make a video even more funny (But I don't think it is funny every time...). And... I don't think I can judge their true personalities... they might act stupid, immature and childish, but I don't know why this easily anger people (Because I felt nothing.). Pat might've cancel The Crafting Dead, etc. And Jen might've acted dumb, but those does not anger me. There's a lot more worst YouTubers other than Pat and Jen. (This is just my opinion, there's no need to be rude.)

In my opinion pat is somewhat tolerable, but Jen, I have no words, When I started watching them in 2014 they were less immature and decent but in these years, Jen has become a hypocrite, for example she says... "Don't follow me! " Yet in 90% of their videos she's either right behind pat or teleporting. Now another reason is why play "Find the button" if Jen is just going to push pat out of the way and start yelling like a 1 year old, Hun it's FIND the button not push the button.

He and his wife sound like morons. Both of their voices are like nails on a chalkboard. They should be number one on this list. It's like listening to 2 4 year Olds rant on all day.

A man and wife who used to be decent underrated YouTubers...then they started acting like 2 year olds on their videos, and even worse, they started doing clickbait and challenges. If I wanted that BS I'd go to another channel, not to one that used to be creative and had unique content. I guess they needed more money, so they started acting even more "kid friendly", and of course all the little ones fall for it = more $$$ for them. And Jen...man Jen just makes me cringe nowadays. You can notice how much she forces herself to act the way she does in her videos, and Pat as well but to a lesser extent.

This channel is sadly dying off. I remember when it used to be at its peak. I remember when Pat did Mod Showcases ALONE, when he told us what the mod was about instead of screwing around with Jen. I remember when Jen was that mature girl who was a special guest in his channel. Pat had great content with lots of variety. You had Challenge Games, you had Epic Proportions, Mods vs Maps, so MUCH to choose from. And NOW what? He abused the Lucky Blocks for like a year. He's now doing unoriginal challenges. He and Jen sound very immature and child-like. HE USES CLICKBAIT IN HIS TITLES AND THUMBNAILS. THAT is the worst part of it all. Since this channel is dying off, Pat HAS to use it in a desperate attempt for views. Oh, and they are NOT having fun at what they do. Check out their unedited video on YT if you don't believe me.

Pat's been feeling the heat from old fans and even new fans alike. So today, Sunday February 19th, 2017, he DISABLED the Discussions Tab on his channel, most likely because there was criticism from people regarding his recent clickbait videos and childish personality. The ego is getting to Pat, unfortunately. He does not take constructive criticism anymore it seems. I think he only cares about how much money each of his clickbait videos are going to get him. Sad because this man used to be a lot more creative in his videos, and Jen used to be a lot smarter too.

Pat is the best YouTuber ever! Plus he doesn't just blow up maps anymore they have their main series (trolling games, lucky block races, challenge games, crafting dead, lucky block hunger games) but they've also been doing a lot of maps too! And I love watching them weather their doing a usual series or a Minecraft map.

Seriously, so annoying. Jen's screams distract me from the video and Pat tries so hard to be funny that it really isn't. Sometimes they exaggerate so much and think it's funny but when it really isn't. Another problem with the is that they act sooo stereotypical. Jen as the dumb girly blond and Pat as the one who acts so guyish. At least make Jen do more stuff on the channel and try to make it less fake. Don't get me wrong, I still love them a lot but not as much as I used to. I want them to continue to make more kid friendly content but to dial the goofiness down a notch.

My 8 year old watches him. Every time that god awful intro comes on I want to throw his iPad out the window. His content is pretty much Lucky Block stuff and that sucks too. Their voices are SO ANNOYING. HE should number 1 on this list.

Now he does reaction videos and bath challenges. This channel is definitely dying.

They are both incredibly annoying. Pay acts like a bro douche. Jen acts like a twit and has a voice that makes you want to choke her.

I think they are both amazing just because Jen might act dumb you should know it's just for the sake of the video and I laugh every time pat makes a bad joke because he explained it and that just makes it funnier

Man oh man these two...Pat and Jen...don't have words to describe what they are now...they act like toddlers, clickbait is rampant on the channel, and their content has gone down a bottomless pit. The way they act can make you cringe horribly. Oh and the FANBASE. Hooly Cow what a fanbase that is. If you say anything about the channel or its videos, you get a swarm of butthurt fanboys and girls wanting to kill you via cyberspace. Its only a matter of time before the whole thing implodes...and by then, Pat's old fans from before 2015 will be there to tell him, "We told you so."

As of now I think he deserves to be Number one, he disabled his discussion page, all because a lot of his older fans and even some new fans were calling him out for his click bait, and very immature behavior. This man no longer takes advice or criticism, all he cares about is the money and his butthurt fans and not his real ones. - Gamzdude

I think you guys are being a little stupid he is one of the best so Jen's voice may be higher than others that doesn't mean hate her because of her voice that's how god made her and respect that and there jokes are hilarious and that he doesn't just do lucky block challenges they do crafting dead and a lot others one of the reasons he does more lucky block challenges he because you idiots keep responding "Do more lucky block videos" so the real question is why is PopularMMO's on this list in my perspective he should be #1 for top 10 best youtubers.

I only half listen when my grandsons watch MMOs to make sure they're watching appropriate content. When they started watching Pat&Jen, I had to doublecheck to make sure they hadn't stumbled onto some porn. What is WRONG with this Jen? She sounds like Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie, and alternates between cooing and squealing. I had to make the kids stop watching because she is JUST SO ANNOYING! - Gramma

Does every single joke he makes have to drag on forever? Seriously, if you see him tell a joke, expect the two to have an unnecessary conversation about it. Just complete filler.

What the hell he rocks he should be in the top 5 in best YouTubers list

Annoying screaming cursing youtubers that get their content copied and made into porn for kids. I know someone who watched a pat and jen sex film at 3

He is the best and most creative one out there, and he plays more mini games than most of them.

No problem with it it's funny I think it's amazing I think it deserves to be top ten and MORE

He pretty good shouldn't be on the list

Pat and his trusty side kick Jen rampaging like mindless children though different minecraft worlds. I find them very annoying and the whole set up rather sexest. She acts dime to his character and when she is asked for an opinion he chooses to ignore and do his own thing anyway.

You are so much better than anyone in Minecraft

Please stop people, they're not funny at all. I can find 100 youtubers that are funnier than them! - lolxdlel