Super Minecraft Kid's idea of how things are the way they are today

First there was nothing...


Minecraft was amazing, until a new realm called life was born.

However, one man who was smart that was born into the realm called life, named Scott Cawthon made a world just as good called 5 nights at freddys

Other worlds that were good but not as good such as Call of Duty and Halo were born too

However, other bad worlds, such as Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Smash Bros., Crash, and many other evil cartoon worlds creating the haters.

This chaos continued until the savior came along. Him.

He killed the demon who could make Minecraft and all the good worlds disappear (His History Teacher)

And when he is of age he will kill all the bad worlds and restore the others as part of Minecraft

He always swears and screams every 2 seconds and this kid is what? 10? He is really racist, (using the n word) and he said that Minecraft was the first game ever made! There were like tons of games before minecraft. He also hates nintendo. like a lot. He thought The Legend of Zelda was a ripoff of Minecraft just because Link uses a sword... just because it has a sword in it doesn't mean it's a ripoff of minecraft. SuperMinecraftKid is one of the worst channels on youtube. I'm glad he got banned from youtube forever, and I hope it stays that way.

This kid is literally the egg shell of scrambled eggs. Yes, he is THAT bad. He actually wants to make myself throw my computer out the window because of how annoying his voice is. 70% of his videos are 5 seconds long that say "join my discord server" or go to my twitch or something stupid like that. I got a youtube channel blocker chrome extension just for this kid. If I see any of his videos again I will report his channel. Save yourself!

He is an idiotic eleven year old and he is saying words that are inappropriate for his age and is very disobedient and thinks Legend of Zelda is a rip off of Minecraft which is not true. Also he SCREAMS like a lunatic

Oh yeah also he thinks Minecraft was the first game created and was made in 1700 by Notch. Not Markus Pearson, the actual man himself who is still well alive today, Notch. Also he probably Worships Notch like he's actually god and will probably lead a religion of people like him called Notchstafarianism. I wonder if this kid as at least okay grades... *sees -700%s all over* I really shouldn't be surprised.

All Minecraft channels suck. THIS one does ESPECIALLY. Oh, on one video he says, "stop hating on Minecraft," or whatever, but seriously, you can hate on anything. People are just defending their most favorite game. They just depend on this to live only: Minecraft. LOL are they IDIOTS.

He's screams more then a preschool nursery!

I would rather watch SkyDoesMinecraft than watching this.

Okay, even ONE of his videos is just SCREAMING AND SCREAMING AND SCREAMING. I'm disappointed that I'm 11 (and I was 11 when I made this comment). His scream sounds like nails on a chalkboard, he hates every Fnaf character except Chica (jeez, when the hell was bonnie gay? ). I could go on for hours about this guy, and I can't believe he is below actually GOOD youtubers. You guys have said a lot about this squeaker, so I'm making this comment brief. - astroshark

I cannot get through 1 minute of one of his videos without having a seizure from all his yelling. He makes Hitler seem like a good guy. Did he come from hell or what?

He thinks that screaming and cursing is funny and will give lots of subscribers

Grounded grounded grounded for life (SMK's parents)

Zelda was created in 1986, Mario was created in 1983 and Minecraft was created in 2009.

"Hey guys, it's Super Minecraft Kid here, and I'm going to be playing some survival games- (game starts lagging)- STOP LAGGING!

What he doesn't know that Pong was the first game, not Minecraft! After I even watched his videos, I GOT BANNED FROM YouTube FOR ONE WHOLE DAY! He's dumb. I like explodingtnt.

This Guy Will Murder Your Eardrums

I guess He will get reported soon. Put him on the top spot of this list

Big piece of crap
Go eat a cactus. From Minecraft. Because Minecraft is DEFINITELY REAL! ;D

He's rude and just I mean get a life like I'm sorry but really

This abortion of a YouTube needs his head to be cut off. He's immature and only learnt how to swear. - AlphaQ

Umm guys you know this guy is a troll right?

Never heard of him but I'm very disappointed in this kid he clearly needs some serious help like are you serious cussing, racist, and acts like he's pretty much drunk like why would a kid do that I am 11 as well and he should be ashamed of himself for doing what he is with his life if he reads this you need help! And vote for worst YouTuber and the ones I see the top for example SkyDoesMinecraft, DanTDM, and popular MMOs do not belong they are great YouTubers and I respect them I would have to agree that popular MMOs is not the greatest for children DanTDM can get a little boring but it is still funny and SkyDoesMinecraft hysterical if people want to say he is crazy because he calls gold butter so be it because I do the same BUTTER FOR LIFE!

His don't play minecraft at 3 am has 70 swears inside the video. Horrible! - MChkflaguard_Yt

I watched rants about Super Minecraft Kid (even though he is grounded I am watching leftover rants about him). I think I am making a uolliaC voice recording out of Super Minecraft Kid.

Even the name just makes me sigh. If it's true that he got banned from youtube, that would be amazing. At least Stampy, Dan and Pat don't curse every 3 seconds. Just because the fanbase is made up of 90% kids doesn't mean you have to hate them. Minecraft is mainly made for kids, deal with it. - astroshark