Just gets worse. Started off being humble, nice and actually entertaining to watch. That was 2015. In 2016-17, he declined to using his fans. Repeatedly made boring, super annoying videos that actually hurt to watch. I used to be a HUGE dan fanboy but I realised how much he seemed dumb, fake and terrible. I feel bad for him as his fanbase are the absolute worse. Roblox is full of TDM, he sells out shows full of screaming 8-11 year olds, they probably respect him more than their mums and he gets millions of pounds from BILLIONS of views. He's become a massive sellout too, bought a nice car and house, almost sold out every single show in his tours around the US, the UK and Australia and made a YouTube Red series which made me cringe to the point I almost died. Now to his videos. He makes forced, very childish content with horrible thumbnails, titles, plot, games or topic, jokes and character now.

Thumbnails: Pulls faces which make me concerned for him and are photoshopped so hard ...more - Ducks661

I can't see how people sit through this guy's commentary. It's as stupid as a children's television program, and kids aging up to teenage years find this enjoyable. Mine craft is destroying the let's play industry. Let's Play's shouldn't be scripted. Mine craft videos are, simply because it's boring to watch someone build with blocks. Other gamers like Markiplier on the other hand, play funny games, make improv commentary, and laugh with you.

I actually kind of like this guy, I don't hate him but his fanbase... The fanbase annoys me. I've heard from my friends that kids or whatever age those people who comment are LITERALLY POSTING THEIR ADDRESS so he can visit them. Don't they know it's dangerous 'cause people who see them (and are total strangers) can follow them and... I'll leave that up to your imagination. ((I don't want to offend anyone. This is just my opinion. Sorry if this offended you.))

I agree with one guy. The old Dan was great; but now he has sunken into this abomination from the deepest crevasses of the abyss.

Honestly, I wonder how I sit through his 30 minute videos. DanTDM's videos were actually good at the beginning I admit, I thought his mine craft mod reviews were good - but now? He is a mess. He doesn't even DO Minecraft at this point. He only plays Roblox and other. Plus, I thought his channel was supposed to be KID FRIENDLY. Well look who is playing Five Nights at Freddy's.

Uggghhh. What can I say about this? My friend used to like his videos, I watched a couple of them...They were average...But things quickly changed. He's trying to appeal to little kids, so what do kids like? Oh, I know, BATHROOM HUMOR AND STUPID JOKES! Even his video icons look awful. Minecraft YouTubers need to stop. Make original content, please.

It's not Dan that's so bad, although I do not watch his content and I'm sure its not that good, but it's his fans which bring him down to number three. If you ask me, he should have been number one because of his raging, opinion hating 8 year old fans.

He has a incredibly fake laugh. it's so clear that he is putting it on in every video plus most of the time you don't even know what he is laughing at. I know he is for kids but he takes it too far my friends 7 year old brother said he was really patronising and annoying. The first free youtube red episode was also terrible even a lot of his own fans were saying how cringe it was. He can't act and he is terrible at comedy

What the heck he would do better then you he's just hit 14 million huh you would never get any crappy video out there without feeling stupid I know everyone has opinions but come on he is committed to YouTube and would never put a video in for the sake of it and doesn't watch videos of kids screaming he doesn't react or act he plays games and is true to himself

He used to be good. But then, he got way too kid friendly. The demographic went from 12 and over to 9 months and under. I mean, look at these "compelling" video titles: DRIVING A GIANT PIZZA? FALLING INTO A TOILET!

The old TDM was better mod showcases diamond dimensions and all but now his videos are going low they aren't to bad still okay but his fanbase is awful all of them are less than five year olds drooling into their ipads and over protective parents my parents never ever cared about me on the internet they don't waste their time like this dans fans get angry if he says a word even like screw or '. Scrolling through the comments is now a very hard feat to pull of

Said "Oh Jeez" four times in the time it took for me to eat a biscuit.
Says "Oh Jeez," "Oh man" and "Oh my goodness" only when he has nothing to say. Which is ALL THE TIME.
He has the vocabulary of a walnut and the annoying, false laugh of a sex-pest uncle.

Perfect example of how a little kid fanbase can RUIN a great channel. The channel's great if you ignore the comments section. But most of his fans are probably entering grade 3 or so. He deserves better fans/

Why do I hate him, I hear you ask? Generic, unfunny, and even boring, and he doesn't even play Minecraft that much anymore!

UGH! So annoying now! Especially on Twitter (overusing emoticons). His reactions and videos are just fake and melodramatic. Completely tasteless, emotionless videos now.

Little I know bad about this guy, but at first he was cool than I saw his fans then I hated his fanbase. This guy is cool, but definitely not his fans. Get ready to be attacked by his army of kids!

A loser with an ugly face, a lot more money than he deserves, horrible fake laughs and cringy Minecraft videos who takes advantage of the retarded kids that is what forms his fanbase.

I can't express my hate to this twat.

He is so boring I really question his choices in life and maybe he needs to get one

One time he said "" in his video. It was a great video in my opinion. BUT THE 6YO fans got so pissed. All he said was "" and they thought that was a bad word. I mean geez.

Please. He Must Be Number 1 On This List. He's Terrible. He Relies On Minecraft Kids To Watch His Videos

He's just dumb and always will be he's just stupid and will stay stupid

His Content Is Terrible. Bores You To Death...

He's super boring and a total waste of time.

He should be number 1 on this list