Top 10 Worst Minor Loud House Characters

The Loud House has featured a lot of great minor characters but has also plenty of terrible minor characters, characters that for the most part are glad that most of them only got one episode appearance.

The Top Ten

1 Flip Flip

Mr. Krabs and O'Hare are better "greedy dirtbags" than this cheapskate. - TheAwesomeBowser

The Loud House's version of Mr. Krabs a greedy businessman who always looks for ways to make a quick buck just to name a few horrible things he's done include pitting Lincoln and Clyde against one another in "Intern for The Worst", swindled the Loud siblings out of their Garage Sale money in "Come Sale Away" and forced Lana to give up her winning ticket so he'll help the Loud siblings after they were snowed in at the Burpin Burger in which he had a part in trapping them in there in "Snow Way Out". - egnomac

I actually like Flip - Spongehouse

2 Tetherby

Appearing in the episode "Out on a Limo" who takes a special interest in Lincoln simply because he has a limo which makes no logical sense since Lincoln isn't even rich so why would this guy waste his time with him. - egnomac

3 Sue

The equivalent of Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest only not as evil, appearing in the episode "The Old and The Restless". - egnomac

4 Chandler Chandler

The main antagonist from "The Waiting Game" he's that kid from school who's that cool kid who everybody sucks up to and takes full advantage of it, in the episode he knows that Lincoln will do anything for an invite so he uses him to take advantage of Lori's job and get free stuff for him, in all honesty if you have to suck up to a guy just to get invited to his party than he's not a guy who's worth being friends with. - egnomac

5 Bratty Kid Bratty Kid

The kid from the episode "Cereal Offender" as Lincoln's rival who snatches the Zombie Brand Cereal from Lincoln's hands thankfully he got his in the end. - egnomac

I hated him so much! Even more than I hated Tetherby, The Loud Brothers, Sue, or chandler - Spongehouse

6 Sergio

I hated that stupid parrot. - egnomac

7 Doug
8 Blake Bradley
9 Michelle
10 Stan Stankco Stan Stankco

Lincoln and Lynn Sr.'s rivals who not only win but force them to walk in the airport in their underwear although they don't get the satisfaction of Lincoln and his dad being laughed at by everyone and instead be cheered they never truly get their comeuppance in the end. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 Betty Rabbit
12 Hank
13 Steak Stankco Steak Stankco
14 Sam Sharp

*Sweet Victory intensifies* - TheAwesomeBowser

Way too overrated.

We don’t even know anything about her and all the fans just make fanfics and fan arts.

15 Hawk
16 Aunt Ruth Aunt Ruth
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