Top 10 Worst Minor Pokémon Characters

The worst minor characters from the Pokémon anime characters were glad never had to see most of them again.

The Top Ten

1 Damian

Damien abandoned Charmander with the promise of returning for it which to he had no plans to return for it he didn't even care that Charmander almost died and only wanted him back after seeing how strong he is. - egnomac

2 Stella

She abuses her Mr. Mime which is why he quit the show and refuses to listen to her, later after Ash is forced to dress as a Mr. Mime by Brock who can't resist helping a beautiful girl in need she mercilessly whips him in order to get him to preform better in order to make Mr. Mime jealous and do the show if I were Ash I would have taken that whip and beat the S-T out of her. - egnomac

3 Tobias

He's a huge cheat.

This guy shows up out of nowhere and breezes through the Sinnoh League with ease using his legendary Pokémon team which gives him a real unfair advantage, if he where a Champion or Elite Four member I wouldn't have problem with it, Ash never had a chance in his match with Tobias the guy took down nearly all of his team using Darkrai this match was bulls-t at least when Ash lost to Alan it was a some what fair playing field this was just completely one-sided. - egnomac

4 Daisy

All of Misty's sister deserve a spot here. they never treat Misty with any respect they insult her every chance they get and its because of them Misty was forced to leave Ash because their too incompetent to run the gym themselves for god sake they gave out gym badges like candy one guy got a badge simply for cleaning their pool which begs the question why did Misty's parents ever thought these three could run the Ceruleaon City Gym they practically ran it into the ground and Misty had to pick up the pieces and take over. - egnomac

5 Cleavon Schpielbunk

The Ed Wood of the Pokémon world he's a terrible movie director who drags Ash and company in helping him make his movie, in the following episode Ash, Misty, Brock and Delia are invited to the premier of the movie Pokémon in Love from the previous episode which is being showed in a really cruddy movie theater in a rundown town apparently they were the only ones who attended the primer because he was unable to get any major stars to attend the premier. - egnomac

6 Tommy's Father

The dad from the Kangaskhan Kid episode he's a bad father who endangered his own sons life while holding him out of a moving helicopter and wasn't at all worried when he dropped him. - egnomac

7 Nico

From "Breaking Titles at The Chateau" this guy along with Chester who are just irritating with their rapping, I felt just like Serena in the episode just stop with rapping. - egnomac

8 Andreas

From the episode Hook, Line and Stinker this guy is a real douche he constantly mocked Misty and her Pokémon I'm glad Misty finally beat him in the end. - egnomac

9 Keith (Kanto)

From the episode "So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd) along with his Farfetch'd bumps into trainers and steals their Pokémon because he thinks his Farfetch'd is too weak too battle and he's too lazy to put any effort in raising his Farfetch'd to battle other Pokémon and capture them. - egnomac

10 Bianca

The Contenders

11 Cameron

This guy's a joke Ash should have easly squashed him now Ash has the embarrassment of losing to this jobber. - egnomac

12 The Trick Master

This guy appears in the episode The Poke-Block Party and he is super annoying throughout the episode as Ash and company make there way through The Trick Master constantly appears blurts out a couple of dialogue and then gets hurt. - egnomac

13 Lily
14 Violet
15 Chester
16 Jeremiah
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