Top Ten Worst Mistakes that Nickelodeon has ever Made

Nickelodeon might be a huge children's TV network but it is not perfect at all. I still love it.

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1 Rejecting Adventure Time

It still boggles my mind thinking that Adventure Time in some alternate universe could have been a Nicktoon. It's already pretty crazy looking at the Nicktoons logo in the bottom-left corner of the show's pilot. But in all seriousness, this was the worst decision that the network ever made. Passing up on Adventure Time and letting their chief rival Cartoon Network greenlight it legitimately set the studio back five years. Adventure Time was such an immediate success that brought Cartoon Network back to relevance after the infamous CN Real and export era in the late 2000s. Meanwhile, Nick had to come up with their own terrible programming and floundered as a result. Had Nickelodeon actually seen the potential in Pen Ward's short, the company would definitely be in a better position than they currently are today, even if they have been recovering in recent years. At no point in T.V. history can I name a more dramatic shift in network status than when Nickelodeon rejected one of the ...more - phillysports

They rejected adventure time just for fanboy and chum chum, one of the worst cartoons of all time. Now adventure time is in CN, but it ended, sadly.

As you may know, Adventure Time was submitted to Nickelodeon before Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon denied it because they thought it was too weird, that was a huge mistake because has you know Adventure Time has gained a huge following, and when they denied it they lost what could have been huge success, however if Adventure Time was on Nickelodeon things would have been very different, and I think it wouldn't have gain as big of a popularity as it did on Cartoon Network, because Nickelodeon treats there cartoons a lot more differently than Cartoon Network, and I'm not saying that in a bad way. - BreakFastBeast2005

Nickelodeon: "We thought it was too weird for children too watch."
Me: *Looks at Sanjay and Craig.*
Also me: "You make no sense Nickelodeon! " - CartoonCriticizer

Want to know what they had instead of Adventure Time?

Fanboy and Chum-Chum! - GehennaTheSecond

2 Putting a huge emphasis on trashy sitcoms

Let's Face it Nickelodeon is not just a cartoon channel it's full of sitcoms but it's cartoons should be getting the focus because that's what Nickelodeon is known for, but in the Last few year we got some horrible sitcoms like Henry Danger, Game Shakers and Bella and the Bulldogs, focusing on these trashy sitcoms and not giving the people what they want is leading to many people tuning out of the network and not showing up anymore. - BreakFastBeast2005

This is their stupidest mistake ever!

Disney's Sitcoms are Better! - Rainbowkid38

Rejecting Adventure Time was a big mistake, but it wouldn't have had a big effect say that Nickelodeon actually tried to get other good animated content, but instead they just went to trashy sitcoms. By far the worst acting I've ever seen, painfully unfunny comedy, and just terrible shows altogether. I'm glad shows like The Loud house and SpongeBob still do take the number one and two spots on the ratings though.

3 Lack of Nick DVDs

All that is having reboot

At least we have some classic nicktoons DVDs, Danny Phantom DVDs, and Nick Picks DVDs. - Katildalover93

Yes, It is such a pain to find Nickelodeons classic shows, outside of Ren and Stimpy most don't have a dvd release - germshep24

I miss "The Secret life of Alex Mack", "All That" and old school Nickelodeon

4 Over saturating franchises

I used to love the loud house and Spongebob until it got repetitive, they air the same episodes over and over but pay no attention to others

It mostly started with Spongebob and now there doing the same with Loud House. - egnomac

At first the Loud House was really good. In the later seasons, it just got complicated. When the sisters got crushes and Ronny Ann moved. It just got dumber from there.

The loud house ruined nickelodeon

5 Closing Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando

I went there a year before it died - PICKLEMAN

This is not a great idea. The Game Shows for kids that were filmed there were great!

Guess what? I wasn't born yet either. I was born 2007.

I was born in 1999. Demon_Kitty You make me feel old

6 Changing the logo

I like the old logo better, it's more creative.

It could scare younger viewers

How come nickelodeon changed the good 1990s and 2000s logos? The old nick logos has so much creativity and nick replaced it with this logo that lacks creativity.

Changing the 1984 logo wasn't just the worst thing unlike cancelling Rocko's modren life. Man that show was the best Nick toon along with Catdog.

7 Cancelling good shows too soon

Part of it can be blamed on SpongeBob with it being Nickelodeon's top show any show that doesn't come close to matching its success are quickly tossed aside to the Nicktoon network to die a slow death or are canceled the only the only Nick show currently airing to not suffer the same fate as all other shows is The Loud House. - egnomac

Danny Phantom in a nutshell - TheAwesomeDude54

Good example with Catscratch, it deserves at least another season! That has got to be one of the best nicktoons in the 2000s. - Katildalover93

No way bro

8 Airing Nick Studio 10

This ha to be the worst programming block of all time, interrupting their own shows with random things, but they will cut back to what your watching, but the portion they played over, so you missed part of what your watching universally Nick Studio 10 was hated and lasted about a week disappeared and was brought back without interruptions and gone again the sad part about this is that they were trying to start a stir up a rivalry with Cartoon Network's Incredible Crew. - BreakFastBeast2005

I actually liked nick studio ten

Hold it right there. If he likes Nick Studio 10, why disrespect his opinion? - Hellohi

I HATED THIS SO MUCH! I was watching Spongebob and they interrupted it with a video of a baby throwing up everywhere!

Whether it is dancing robots or farts,It is useless. - DemonSpiritGhostKitten

9 Canceling Invader Zim too early

I do agree with some of the reasons with Nickelodeon's reasons, that let's face it, Zim is perhaps the king of being a dark kid's show, but that was really about it aside from money issues. This cartoon was awesome, and I love that Jhonen put in the Bloody GIR Easter Egg (for more of you veteran fans, which I'm assuming most of us are) to poke fun at Nickelodeon's asinine way of thinking. I did like the movie, as it kept the comedy and style to heart, but the show is better.

This was... Kind of a mistake. I say kind of because Invader Zim did not get good ratings when it first aired. It was too expensive to keep on the network, even when they tried to give it a small test revival on Nicktoons in around 2010. Granted, this show would go on to gain a massive following and be one of Nick's most beloved shows, bar none. Honestly I'd say that if not for Rugrats it'd be top two at this point, right behind SpongeBob. But, again, you have to keep in mind when this show came out and why it was cancelled. Invader Zim was ahead of its time. Too ahead of its time. I'm sure the show would thrive if it were aired now, considering the success of the comics and the upcoming movie, but 2002-2006 were not an apt time for it to be released. - regularshowman

Zim feels angry about this

At least we get Enter the Floprus.

10 Giving Disney the rights to Doug

Despite the show doing well Nickelodeon decided to cancel it after just 4 season, but what they big mistake they made was selling the rights to the show to Disney, Disney made huge changes to the show including most voice actors, and ran the show for 3 seasons on ABC's Saturday mornings, fans hated the Disney version of the show, and blamed Nickelodeon for ruining it. - BreakFastBeast2005

I think that's because Disney bought Jim Jinkins' production company, Jumbo Pictures. - kcianciulli

Disney made it better, in my opinion. - SackofCheese

Billy West was a better Doug. - kcianciulli

Disney made it better

The Contenders

11 Airing Non-Stop Spongebob

The problem with them only airing Spongebob is then a lot of other canceled shows that a lot of people would like to see are literally never aired, making it really hard to be able to watch them. They should replace Spongebob every so often with reruns because I would like to be able to rewatch even a few episodes of good shows such as 100 Things to Do Before High School without having to buy them from Amazon streaming every single time - deadtimestory

Just let the poor sea sponge go Nick. - Tgamez

I hate spongebob

I like SpongeBob (well seasons 1-3, some episodes of season 4 and the first movie only), but still, literally how many times does Nickelodeon have to air this show? It even went to the point when SpongeBob went downhill and started getting extremely annoying and stupid! - UltraLunalaX

12 Mistreating Korra

The Spin-off the Avatar: the Last Airbender a great but flawed show, was mistreated by the network, it broadcasted on Saturday mornings(when people are asleep), but soon Nickelodeon decided to move it around the schedule, spread the episodes to weeks apart, and Korra was underfunded so they they had to use a cheaper animation studio to save money, Nickelodeon made Korra a chore to keep up with, and that's probably why people don't think it lived up or didn't like it compared to Avatar: the last Airbender. It could have been Amazing. - BreakFastBeast2005

Korra in the pic looks like she took care of Nickelodeon. - RoseWeasley

Agreed, series was treated like trash even though it was the sequel to the best animated series of all time

I really liked the Korra's series, and it should had received a lot more recognition! I think it's a relly underrated show, unfortunately

13 Too Much Jojo Siwa

Every time I see Jojo Siwa, it makes me want to rip one of my eyeballs out and throw it at her face. I have to deal with seeing her face on every reality show they make. Now that makes me wanna rip out my other eyeball as well.

Eh. I'd rather rip out 2 of mine and 2 of hers so she can go blind and I don't have to see her again - SadheartofHamiltonClan

I wish she would stop hogging up the whole Nickelodeon and and focus focus more on Power Rangers for crying out loud!

Now Jojo is not a bad person, and I know Nickelodeon is only giving her a show to get more girls to tune in to their network, but holy crap has it gotten excessive! - EvanWellens

Exactly. I don't like that little brat

14 Airing Fanboy and Chum Chum

They chose this over Adventure Time. what?

Adventure Time rejected for a show about 2 perverted kids in fifth grade who love the taste of snot and think people wanna look at their underwear. And that brainfreeze thing...

Ahhh! - TheAwesomeDude54

Fanboy and chum chum shows no effort in any work. You can tell nobody cared about this show so they just slapped a bunch of cgi on no story or plot and aired it. This and school of rock are so extremely poor quality. For both shows I give a 2/10.

Fanboy and Chum Chum never even deserves to exist - allthegoodusernamesaretaken

15 Canceling good shows and keep the bad ones

Nickelodeon is so desperate for money that they keep renewing the bad shows (including the live action shows) for new seasons whether we hate them or not.

Angus movie?
You mean Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging or the real title of the book is Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging.
I heard that was never even released in the cinemas in America.
They are funny books and best sellers.
The first book came out in 1999.
Elements of the sequel It's ok, I'm Wearing Really Big Knickers where in the film.
They only did the first book.

So true! they cancelled fairly odd parents but not Alvin and the chipmunks show? that show was meaningless and boring. I would prefer Bella and the bulldogs ( witch is a show I don't like ) to that Alvin crap. like seriously

Why isn't this on thoe top? - XtheXlmao

16 Moving the Fairly OddParents to Nicktoons

They replaced it with Alvin and the chipmunks which isn't nearly as good. - GamerXS


When Fairly OddParents was an the main channel it was getting a consist amount of viewers nothing to major, but when Nickelodeon moved it to Nicktoons, that was basically giving it a Early death, because when it happened the shows ratings plummeted, it was a bad business choice because even though modern Fairly Oddparents sucks it would still get more views with it being on the Main channel than on Nicktoons. - BreakFastBeast2005

They should really bring this back! It was a really good show! But when a certain person came in season ten, KILL ME! Also I think sparky should've stayed!

17 Trying to be hip and cool with the kids

The gif of Lola dabbing makes me want to shove dry ice down my throat and hang myself. - IceFoxPlayz

Honestly most of these mistakes have equal fault in my mind, but this one makes me cringe the most, so let's go with this one so I can start commenting on the others. - regularshowman

The new nick makes me want to hate this generation - coasterjunkie196

That floss tweet with a gif of spongebob flossing his teeth made me want to gouge my eyes - TeamRocket747

18 Rejecting The Modifyers

It was probably rejected in favor of that crap known as The Naked Brothers Band - kcianciulli

Female Villager from mario kart 8 is adorable

It Got Rejected For The Mighty B!

Sucks to see that Chris Reccardi, the co-creator of The Modifyers passed away!

19 Adding Chloe to The Fairly Oddparents

She's such an uninteresting Mary Sue- one of the trademarks of Mary Sues is a flaw that's for the sake of thinking you didn't create a Mary Sue and the flaw doesn't actually affect them, which is her perfectionism. She doesn't even need fairies, her life is perfect. - deadtimestory

I hate her. - SadheartofHamiltonClan

Chloe and Sparky is awesome you need to watch the episodes before you make opinions like this

10 years ago: we made it guys! one of the best nick shows!
2019: still getting aired on nick since it's cancelled - XtheXlmao

20 Firing most of the team from Spongebob Squarepants after the movie.

It was 2005 it started getting bad.

They weren't fired they decided to leave - Spongehouse

They left, not fired. (also, R.I.P Stephen Hillenburg) - SackofCheese

No they left - iliekpiez

21 Saying Timmy Turner is 10 when he looks 8

He looks like a 3yr old - SadheartofHamiltonClan

He looks 4


Lol that’s actually funny - allthegoodusernamesaretaken

22 Interrupting Shows with Random Garbage

Nick Studio 10 you say? - Craopoo

Obvious reference to Nick Studio 10. - protobro

All fingers point to Nick Studio 10. - kcianciulli

Nick Studio 10 interrupted shows on Nickelodeon with garbage, and those shows include SpongeBob SquarePants, the Fairly OddParents, and others, and they interrupted scenes from them with random garbage.

WHY would kids want that? In fact they don’t, and Nick Studio 10 deliberately did that and annoyed Nick fans.

Not to mention the fart in a jar song was atrocious and that the show encouraged animal abuse and was vulgar and messy. - Gregory

23 Canceling Ren & Stimpy

The adult version of this show totally ruined it. Ren and Stimpy were just fine roomies. They didn't need to be lovers. It was so tasteless and gross. Not real big of old show either, but that adult version that didn't air on Nick alongside calling the actual series's DVD release "The (Almost) Complete Series" because of that is bad.

So it was one of the worst cartoons anyway.

Well they done it for a good reason

Ren and Stimpy rocks.

24 Creating the Loud House

It isn't a really bad show. But it isn't really good. It is kind of boring to be honest. When this first aired, Fairly odd parents moved to nick toons, even though it is a much better show. Now Nick can't keep a show besides SpongeBob, Load House, and Henry Danger for more than 6 months.

It's alright I guess. - GehennaTheSecond

Being quite honest, there is nothing good about this show at all. It is dry as crap. I have no idea how someone over the age of four actually finds this show amusing at all. - JeremiahGoffe64

Hey the loud house is good people piss off!

25 Airing The Thundermans

Saying this show is a rip off of The Incredibles is an INSULT to The Incredibles! This show is so awful that it doesn't even DESERVE to occupy the same sentence as The Incredibles! As disappointing as Incredibles 2 was, I'd rather watch that inferior sequel fifty times in a row than watch even one episode of this abomination of a show! And you know what's worse? People actually LIKE this dreck! Thank god it ended recently!

The incredibles 2 wasn't that disappointing. Also the graphics were impressive. - 0w0uwu

I used to like this but now realize its just a bad version the Incredibles

I remember an episode where the brother got a plant like the one from Little Shop of Horrors.
what!? - CloudyDaze

Dude this is good why adding this to the list is a mistake - memememewoohoo

It looks so scripted. Bad story line, bad special effects, silly costumes, bad plot, very little actual humour. - 0w0uwu

26 Creating Breadwinners

It Was The Weirdest Show I Have Ever Seen

Disgusting as hell. - XtheXlmao

They imported this show straight off of YouTube! Bad Idea! - Katildalover93

This show is hell manifested onto the planet earth

27 Airing Dora the Explorer

People how hate on Dora are just immarture 7 year olds and hate it for no reason. - GamerXS

Lol at everyone who has commented on this item. Hating on a kids show instead of doing something more productive - Randomator

This show is depressing really. When I hear it come on I want to go lock myself in a quiet room and stay there. Dora looks like a homo! PUT HER OUT OF HER MISERY NOW PEOPLE!

To be fair, it's been around for a while. - SackofCheese

28 Cancelling Victorious and Sam and Cat

I'm just saying, I loved Victorious but Sam and Cat on the other hand... Had to much off-screen drama and sam was violent and a bad influence for kids who watched Sam and Cat

Man I want victorious I wanna see ariana - memememewoohoo

Victorious was a good show, since it had real comedy, but Sam & Cat sucked, since it was pointless, stupid yet unfunny. - Gregory

any GOOD T.V. shows like these

29 Canceling Danny Phantom Too Early

They could have rolled with this series almost as long as they did spongebob or fairly odd parents but noo.

This was their best show they really did cancel this show WAY TO EARLY I hated nick after this BRING BACK DANNY PHANTOM.

That was stupid of Nick.
One of their most creative shows.
Gone in a flash. - Gregory

It didn’t. it went from 2004-2007 a long time

30 Adding Sparky to the Fairly Odd Parents

He was a useless addition, but it was still watchable.

Nah..he was alright. It was Chloe that sucked - crazycat99

I hope he meets Michael Vick. - kcianciulli

31 Airing live-action on Nicktoons when they belong on TeenNick

Nick "Toons"? - purpleyoshi98

I'm fine with shows like Power Rangers or non sitcom sports and action shows, but Haunted Hathaways and Thundermans? - Tyoshi

Um... when I’m in the middle of a new SpongeBob episode I don't really feel like watching Henry danger Nick.

32 Letting SpongeBob win the most Kids Choice Awards for favorite cartoon

It's been getting pretty old. I know we all love spongebob, but I think other cartoons are worthy to have it too. - Katildalover93

I love SpongeBob, but to be honest the only reason I want it to win in 2019 is to honor Stephen Hillenburg. With my luck, though, they'll probably give it to Trash House, disrespecting Hillenburg in the process. - TheAwesomeBowser

My brother says that it’s rigged.

33 Making Sanjay and Craig

This is below "Creating the Loud House". - GehennaTheSecond

This is so weird

I can't express how much hate I have for this show - Xalen_

The idea was already a mistake - allthegoodusernamesaretaken

34 Airing Harvey Beaks

This show was alright but Nick treated the creator like crap - crazycat99

This show was actually good unlike garbage like Fanboy and Chum Chum or Sanjay and Craig. - egnomac

This show was boring and overrated.

This show is not bad, but it's sad to see that nickelodeon canceled this - RedPanda5

35 Thinking kids like watching cartoon characters getting hurt

Seriously, watching spongebob can hurt your eyes - CloudyDaze

Wow kids these days wouldn't be able to handle the hard core gore fest that is Tom and Jerry.

36 The website redesign

The same happens with the YouTube channel But Without.

Not everyone has a mobile device stupidhead Nickelodeon - purpleyoshi98

And now we can't even play any games! THANKS NICKELODEON!

They even ruined the Nick JR website. It used to be filled with games and animated shorts, but now its just a mess.

37 Treating Rocko's Modern Life as just a "wannabe sidekick" to Ren & Stimpy and thus never actually releasing it properly uncut on DVD or Blu-Ray to anyone's knowledge

I wish that all of the episodes on DVD were uncut. Other networks tend to release their shows on DVD uncensored, so why not Nick (excluding Ren and Stimpy, which had an uncut release) - KalloFox34

Watching "what really happened" online for the censored scenes is TECHNICALLY a viable substitute, but only barely - xandermartin98

Rocko was actually amazing, Nick needs to stop with that bull - allthegoodusernamesaretaken

38 Disrespecting Stephen Hillenburg

Yeah, they aren't letting his legacy have a good reputation. Bring back Rocko reruns, dammit!

Nickelodeon is going to do a reboot of SpongeBob, even though Stephen STRICTLY FORBADE it. But they waited until Stephen died just to get working on it because with Stephen dead, he can't stop them from doing it! This is a seriously scumbag move! I'm not gonna bother watching Kamp Koral!


39 Getting Rid of Acquired Shows Too Soon.

Lately in the 2010s,Nickelodeon has been finding cartoons in other countries,those being Alvin and the Chipmunks,Miraculous Ladybug,Kuu Kuu Harajuku,Regal Academy and Mysticons.While it's great to see Nick taking an interest into other shows,they literally get rid of them without telling us before they have the chance to reach their true potential.They straight up erased Miraculous Ladybug,Mysticons got moved to Nicktoons and ended after only 2 seasons and the other 2 were moved to Nick Jr of all places and never aired a single episode again.As for Alvin,he hasn't been killed yet but he might as well be.

Alvin was probably on a hiatus, because it is airing new episodes now - TheILikeTrainsKid

40 Getting Rid of Moose and Zee

Qubo, Please Pick up the rights for them!

I loved these guys! My childhood, gone up in smoke. I'll always remember, "I don't like candy corn! "

RIP my childhood - crazycat99

I miss them. They were my childhood. - Smash64

41 World Wide Day Of Play

Why isn't this number one? This is seriously one of the dumbest ideas I've ever seen, what kind of moron decided to go forward with this? Horrible business decision. - RighteousMalevolent

My sister actually thought this was a show and when she saw it she was confused - crazycat99

What if it's raining? - purpleyoshi98

This should be number 1 - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

42 Airing Nick News

I have even heard it from 90's kids they hated it, a documentary series covering issues such as the environment, politics, diseases. Nick News aired here and there Randomly on Sundays from 1992 - 2015, when your a kid is the most depressing day of the week because school is upon you and there is nothing to watch but that, and I don't know about you but as a kid I hated the news. - BreakFastBeast2005

What kind of kid wants to watch the news!

Haha you hated a Kids News show.
UK - Newsround has been around since 1972.

Nick News is good but kind of left wing - purpleyoshi98

43 No Power Rangers especially Nicktoon characters in Kids Choice Awards

Yeah, They wanted to focus on their boring non-obsessive sitcom actors. - kcianciulli

Feed the boring Sitcom actors to the Titans (Attack on Titan) including Jojo Siwa!

44 The Last Airbender

Yeah...I won't watch it

This movie was absolute GARBAGE they mistreated the original along with the masterpiece of The Legend of Korra

It was an utter disgrace to Avatar: The Last Airbender. - Gregory

Shyamalan completely took the emotion and charm of the animated series and rebooted it into an emotionless, charmless, theatrical abomination! - kcianciulli

45 Getting Rid of Miraculous

My Sister still watches it...
In an other channel
Psyche - memememewoohoo


At least Netflix has it now - sydisonmadney

Wait til Netflix removes it, because they keep removing good shows and filling bad shows for money. - Gregory

46 Creating Dora The Explorer
47 Adding Disgusting Toilet/Fart Humor into Power Rangers

I hate Power Rangers in general. - KalloFox34

Mom is lazy

That’s nice

48 Buying the rights to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Your wrong I love the 2012 show. Like come on man.

I loved the GCI cartoon, but I saw the trailer for the reboot of the classic 80's cartoon, and I stopped watching TMNT completely.


49 Animaniacs on Nickelodeon

The theme song better on nick

Disgrace to the original. - Gregory

50 Exposing a picture of a duck’s breast on Oggy & the Cockroaches

Nick: Hmmm I'm bored. Let's put something inappropriate and see if the kids notice!
Kids: scarredforlife - CloudyDaze

Now, Oggy and the Cockroaches isn't bad, however, this scene is pretty questionable. - Katildalover93

WHAT THE HELL... - XtheXlmao

The thing is, moral guardians didn't really notice until TMZ wrote an article about the scene. - KalloFox34

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