Top Ten Worst Mixels Shippings

The Top Ten

1 Vampos x Flamzer

It sickens me that this fandom exists.

This fandom is retarded

Please remove this list

The mixels fandom need to stop

2 Zorch x Flurr

Oh, and the baby looks NOTHING like Zorch nor Flurr, it's a Pink Cat-Shark with 4 legs with extra eyes on those legs which even that doesn't look like a shark or a kitty. - Wonderman532

Same reason as Vampos x Flamzer, just a little less popular. People ship these two as an "opposites attract" thing, but they're personalities aren't the opposite. - Supercoco142

Probably the most hated pairing in the fandom.

One of the perverted pairings.

3 Tentro x Scorpi

I honestly don't know WHY people ship this one, maybe because they have lots of legs? I don't know - Supercoco142

I love this ship shut up you all

KINDRA MADE THIS SHIP, this is one of the reasons I hate her so much. I know I left the fandom, but I'm gonna go rant on this now.
This shipping is one of the worst pairings, why? If kindra wasn't so crack-ship obsessed then this would never happen.
And how can a squid(dunno) and an adorable scorpion based mixel love each other? It makes no sense.
Just my opinion

4 Zorch x Volectro

Both bullied the Cragsters. - TopTenX

I do love this ship

Again, haven't met. I bet it's because of that MIX on, which doesn't mean they're in love. - Supercoco142

5 Zaptor x Shuff

Just like Zorch X Volectro - Supercoco142

What the hell?!


6 Flurr x Slusho

They haven't met, and they only reason people ship this is because they look alike. - Supercoco142

7 Flain x Magnifo

This one is strange because Flain was one of the four mixels who was booing magnifo. - Supercoco142

That's stupid

8 Vulk x Lunk

Eh, They haven't interacted much, But they have similar personalities and were both made fun of zorch. - Supercoco142

Even though Vulk is my favorite character, this would never be a terrible shipping if Lunk was never so slow.

9 Jawg x Glurt

Hold on: Mixels shippings EXIST? - Garythesnail

Yes, they exist. And most of the time. They lack any proof or reasoning to it. - Supercoco142

It's Because they Look alike. - Supercoco142

I love this shipping

10 Nurp x Meltus

This one WOULD have been a good shipping... If Nurp wasn't a toddler. - Supercoco142

If anything, this ship makes Meltus look like a pedophile (which he isn't)

I love this ship I don't care that it was made by pedophiles

Nurp is a toddler and isn't ready for love

The Contenders

11 Riscode x Sweetie

Who's riscode

12 Niksput x Flamzer

It harms as all

This seems to be a harmless pairing (for now..)

Melt Niksput

13 Flain X Krader

Honestly, I don't get why I put this one, but I know it NEEDS to be on here.

Their murp is super common.

14 Chilbo x Dribbal

Done because of similar personalities.

Wait this shipping exists

Makes absolutly no sence, they, barely even talk as a whole, this is dumb

Just ok

15 Seismo x Shuff

They're siblings what the hell

They're both brothers. How come they get shipped?

I don't get this at all. THEY ARE RELATED FOR CRYING OUT LOUD - Supercoco142

16 Flain x Seismo

I guess Cragster Compadre wasn't enough for the fandom - Wonderman532

17 Glorp x Nopper
18 Ultramax x Flain

Who's ultramax and if you're talking about the ultra maxinum Max from the quest for the lost mixamajig Flain can't be shipped with him because he's a part of him

19 Teenage Girl x Orbitrons
20 Rokit x Burnard

Okay get this out of here I already added it twice.

Because because Burnard forced Rokit to mix with him so he could pull a gravity plug.
The glowkies made an important law that you must never pull the plug.

21 Vulk x Zaptor

They fixed a pothole but they destroyed the planet.

22 Kori x Cornette
23 Kori x Sakura
24 Riscode x Kori

Kori is tuff like her little brother Riscode.

25 Krader x Teslo

Teslo: You burnt my mouth! Krader: YEAH! YOU BURNT MY SOUTH!

Probably because they're voiced by Tom Kenny - Wonderman532

They're both boys is someone taking drugs

26 Glowkies Max x Flamzer

Not only have they not met, but IT'S A MAX! One person can't be dating 3 people at the same time!

Also, Flamzer doesn't seem like that kind of mixel who has more than one boyfriend - Supercoco142

Exactly like Vampos X Flamzer, only with Globert & Boogly joining in. - Wonderman532

Same thing a Vampos X Flamzer, only Globert & Boogly share the love. - Wonderman532

27 Rokit x Meltus

Nurp: I don't ship this! Rokit's taking my Meltus-san!

28 Scorpi x Flain
29 Torts x Scorpi

I do ship it, and not WORST OFF ALL SKRUBS

30 Screeno X Skrubz

They always kiss anyways. Long story short.

31 Burnard X Rokkit

Unfortunately, Burnard forced Rokkit to mix with him so he could pull the gravity plug. The glowkies have made a rule that you must never pull that plug.

32 Slumbo X Shuff

The reason why I added this contender is because they look alike in a few ways.

33 Burnard X Meltus

They are on the same tribe and have similar personalities (except Meltus is more sensitive)

34 Vulk X Meltus

They've never met before, but are on the same type of tribe, and are both too sensitive.

35 Volectro x Shuff
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