Top Ten Worst Mixels Shippings


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21 Kori x Cornette
22 Kori x Sakura
23 Riscode x Kori

Kori is tuff like her little brother Riscode.

24 Krader x Teslo

Teslo: You burnt my mouth! Krader: YEAH! YOU BURNT MY SOUTH!

Probably because they're voiced by Tom Kenny - Wonderman532

They're both boys is someone taking drugs

25 Glowkies Max x Flamzer

Not only have they not met, but IT'S A MAX! One person can't be dating 3 people at the same time!

Also, Flamzer doesn't seem like that kind of mixel who has more than one boyfriend - Supercoco142

Exactly like Vampos X Flamzer, only with Globert & Boogly joining in. - Wonderman532

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26 Rokit x Meltus

Nurp: I don't ship this! Rokit's taking my Meltus-san!

27 Scorpi x Flain
28 Torts x Scorpi

I do ship it, and not WORST OFF ALL SKRUBS

29 Screeno X Skrubz

They always kiss anyways. Long story short.

30 Burnard X Rokkit

Unfortunately, Burnard forced Rokkit to mix with him so he could pull the gravity plug. The glowkies have made a rule that you must never pull that plug.

31 Vulk x Zaptor

They fixed a pothole but they destroyed the planet.

32 Slumbo X Shuff

The reason why I added this contender is because they look alike in a few ways.

33 Burnard X Meltus

They are on the same tribe and have similar personalities (except Meltus is more sensitive)

34 Vulk X Meltus

They've never met before, but are on the same type of tribe, and are both too sensitive.

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