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1 Clash of Clans Clash of Clans

I used to like now I don't anymore. Supercell nerfed everything and they make the lower people weaker and the stronger people stronger. That means forcing you to spend REAL MONEY on the game just to get good at it. As for upgrades they take way too long and they cost too much too. Supercell changed some of it but it's still the same. And the game is really boring too. You just tap stuff. That's it. As for the chat the people are rude and they always ask you to join their clan. That's all you hear in chat "join,join,join JOIN" if you're not in a clan you will receive a lot of messages from people who want you to join. As for clan wars it sucks. You it takes too long and good luck for people who are active. Because people don't even attack. And you barely get any loot if you lose. This game has gotten really bad lately. Never playing this again. Play Boom Beach it's 10x better.

Worst game ever. I played it for about three years for 4 to 5 hours a day but I realized this game is VERY boring. All you do is tap and there is no fun. No shooting. So much money. The only reason people like it is because of its chat. But it's very bad as people say bad words in chat. Worst game ever created.

People keep talking about this game and say it's so "amazing" well let me tell you this game is not that good its not unique AT ALL its REALLY REALLY boring and its not worth all the talking about it - simpsondude

Ok, so I played this game... and it was fun on and off. I got sick of it eventually and I looked at my purchases on the game throughout how long I've been playing... I've spent 1250 usd on this game! it is a deceiving game that takes your time and your money! Do not get this if you don't want to be sucked dry

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2 Flappy Bird Flappy Bird

Temple run is better and more creative. Flappy bird is just crap, brings you to some shallow rage and lacks creativity.

This game was only created to torture people. Nothing good came out of it except when it was taken off of the App Store. - SteelCity99

I don't like flappy bird but then why do you spend countless hours on it? I don't think this junk is junk. Just a game to make you angry and stressed.


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3 Candy Crush

Why wasn't this on here already? People have wasted thousands on this game and I see ads about it everywhere

People wasted thousands on clash of clans and hay day - ikerevievs

Worst game in the world

This games sucks! My mom plays this everyday! - Gabo147

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4 Pokemon Go

What's the point of THIS game?! Why catch Pokemon? What's the big deal? This game is literally killing other popular games. Good thing I never played it.

Why don't you just play an actual Pokemon game? Not this boring garbage - Absolite

I've heard good and bad things about it. The idea is pretty sweet though.

This game wants me to Pokemon Go jump off a bridge

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5 Brave Frontier

There are no saving graces within Brave Frontier.

The story line is so contrite and cringe worthy you are left to wonder if they had contracted out a child for their head writer to save money on their budget. The characters in it lack any depth and have no progression in their personalities throughout their storylines, as if each was meant to be a trope and nothing more. They have reflection, but that same reflection is thrown out the window as soon as the next area comes around, where each person follows similar pitfalls and happenings to what the player has just witnessed. And worse yet, there is no challenge to progressing through said storyline, as they have power-crept the game as such a pace that after the first summon you do, you will have enough strength to auto battle all the way to the first actual boss, where by then you have enough of the game currency to summon to make a whole squad and plow through that and into the end of storyline content.

There are ...more

I've been a long time vet. Started 3 months after the game came out. It was great before. The Japanese version from the company alim their content was well made but just the test of time eventually aged that game and they developed a 2nd version.

The global version however, ran by gumi is just going down the tubes. Gumi handles the game terribly. There is still a bug from 4 years ago where the music shop doesn't work properly but because it's such a minor part of the game and doesn't bring in money they just ignore it. Every update they seem to break something, for example last weeks update they managed to somehow make the game experience extreme lag when editing your teams or moving units. This has never happened before and the content update had no association to units and yet they somehow broke it.

Over my time with this game I've met many people. I know some employees from their company who said that their dev's are lazy and incompetent. He also added they get paid ...more

Absolute trash, they barely keep their player base around with one feature. And they still consecutively, time and time again, ruin the only good feature left. Not to mention, at this point, the developers have pretty much given up by releasing incredibly over powered units that are virtually only attainable by paying insane amounts of money.

Another good game turned bad, by one of the worst gaming companies out there.

This game used to be about squad synergy, but now it's about having the LE units, in which you have to put loads of cash to get. Otherwise, you pretty much have to quit, because content is impossible to do, without a full LE squad

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6 Clash Royale

This is the most unbalanced game I've ever played - MKBeast

Everyone in my school is addicted to this game. It took away my best friend. It is sooo boring and I am sick of it. It's pointless, you just beat people for no reason whatsoever.

Another game my friends were mindlessly pulled into. I haven't tried it but it looks very boring.

How to win clash royale : Spend 5000$ in the game.

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7 Rolling Sky

I never understood why this game is so popular - ikerevievs

8 Dragon City

Wow not only is social point to lazy to fix the game but now they are stealing from other game companies just today I wanted to try the tree of life I clicked on the info to learn how to use it what do I find lady palutena from kid icarus nintendo I hope you sue them

I agree dragon city is now becoming the worst game of all time endless pointless events heroics ruined it I hope this game gets unplugged or better yet gets deleted

Dragon city will NEVER be the worst

There are ads of this game everywhere! I was like “Ugh, fine! I’ll download this game! ” When I downloaded it, not until less than 3 minutes, I almost broke my IPad because I got a really stupid and useless game! THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER 2! - Gabo147

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9 Pop Frenzy! The Emoji Movie Game Pop Frenzy! The Emoji Movie Game

Why is there a emoji movie game - ikerevievs

Guess Sony is desperate at this point if they're trying to still cling onto The Emoji Movie. Trust me, if you want a good mobile game from Sony (namely, the Japanese music arms division), get Fate/Grand Order. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It's The Emoji Movie. What do you expect?

I like the emoji movie you turds, and for modernspongebobsucks I HATE YOUR USERNAME IT IS VERY ANNOYING

This is the worse than Ride to hell : retribution, superman 64 and E.T on atari 2600

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10 Juice Jam

I hate this game! Kiwi is the creepiest character ever! She does a terrible dance she sucks at! - PBSDoink2002

No stupid ads, you won't force me buying this

I used to have it, but then I deleted it! Thank God! - PBSDoink2002

It got uphill

The Newcomers

? Toon Blast

The game is okay, but the ads for it are EVERYWHERE and REALLY ANNOYING! All they consist of is a finger tapping on the screen and activating powerups. Who even thought that was a good idea for an ad?! - WindWakerFan

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11 Game of War

Is pushed in your face far too much, whole game is just an ad... it's just a huge "in your face" marketing campaign, complete rubbish!

I want this game taken off the App Store and I want its Servers Closed down

This game is very expensive, with daily updates forcing to spend more and more money every no worth to try.

Nobody cares about the legend 47 - Granton8ter05

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12 Cooking Fever

They make faces while I cook food! Geez... - PBSDoink2002

DO NOT BUY! THIS GAME is ugly and boring! - SpencerJC


Thia game so stupif ugly faces go too hell

13 Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb Ways To Die Is Extremely Overrated And Bland - VideoGamefan5

I agree - overrated. The games are repetitive and get boring after a while. There's no endgame. What's the point?

" It Sucks Lol Only Kids Play It Lol Wow What Cool"



14 Temple Run

Temple run 1 is bad temple run 2 is boss

15 Crossy Road

Who put this on the list... Crossy road is great!

Why is this on the list... It's a good time killer.

It's fgos

16 Panda Pop

Don't Install This. I Repeat, DO NOT Install This. SGN Has Many Great Games! Lie. Not True. This Panda Pop Is Panda Poop. What A Dumb Game This Is!

They lie to you in the ad! - Gabo147

This company is now called Jam City, not SGN. I deleted the game anyway.

Panda poop - Officialpen

17 Ice Age Village

Not a very bad game but it gets boring after you unlock the Jurassic world

18 Cookie Jam

Too much annoying ads! - SpencerJC

19 Five Nights at Freddy's

Jump scares are never scary, and that's all this is. Nothing creepy, the "interesting lore" is the most overrated back story's and ads nothing to the game, and the fnaf 3 leaves so many questions unanswered. Who is golden Freddy, who is the purple guy, how did no one notice a rioting corps in the spring trap. Also a can name 85 other, much scarier, AND FREE better indie horror games that get none of the respect of this game and is repetitive sequels.

I actually like this game. The developer is MUCH better than the guys who made the top 3 on this list, and the game has an original concept, rich lore, and some charm. It's not the best game ever created but I like it. But considering this website hates FNaF, I'm going to get crapped on for my opinion. - DCfnaf

This game is awesome me no played it but it awesome

Game is meh at best just the same jumpscares, and the community is easily the most toxic out of this list

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20 Super Mario Run

Too expensive for a small game. Play Rayman Fiesta Run instead, it's not that expensive and you have so much levels.

Nintendo should just stay away from mobile stuff and focus on consoles.

Take this off the list OR YOU'RE DEAD

(After completing 3rd level) Ok, it's time to fight the boss! (says pay 10 bucks to continue) Oh. (deletes app)

21 Gummy Drop

Gummy drop is a game where you play as crash bandicoot and team up with sly cooper to go to Pluto to stop the legend27 from cloning unoriginal jokes

22 Terraria

Its quite fun actually, the gore is fine. But they should add the remover gore feature for mobile for younger audience. It's fun at first, the surviving, fighting building. But it gets a more boooring the more you progress in Hard Mode. It's good, but I have a friend who won't shut the hell up about it. 8/10. I think the computer version is better, but if you get bored of Minecraft, this game is for you.

If you actually pay real money for this game, this is a good game. So FUN! However, if you install the free one, it is absolutely HORRIBLE. You will end up wasting your memory space. Slimes are SO rare, you can only find one to two in a game day. The game dosen't include zombies, demon eyes and other fun stuff. Plus, you can get iron ores SO EASILY!

It's a good game what are you thinking

Terra is good. Who put it here?

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23 Angry Birds

It might be overrated, but it is still a good game - Lem

I feel sorry for the Bad Piggies, I think that they need the eggs...

This Game is Awesome

Insight on the history of Angry Birds' decline - Be prepared, this is a long read.

Being introduced in 2011, I can say that this was once an amazing pick-up-and-put-down game - Only in 2012 did Rovio start adding extraneous MTs (the Mighty Eagle was not one of them, by far, adding the challenge of destroying as much as possible in the level with it atop the three stars), the first being the Power-Ups in Angry Birds Friends ("Angry Birds Facebook" at first), which were added to the rest of the games somewhat quickly (their addition in "Seasons" sparking a large, vocal outrage on the AngryBirdsNest fansite, which Rovio did not react to in the slightest). In 2013 and up, starting with Angry Birds Go, the game studio started their escapade to input as many microtransactions as possible in every game, culminating in duplicating other tried-and-MT-filled formulas, several other dupes and spin-offs that never made it past soft-launch (the worst offender being ...more

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24 Frozen Free Fall

This is so hard!

I love the big hero 6 free fall more!

Disney Makes Suckish Games. Never Go To Download Their Games.


25 Paint Monsters

They look like shopkins - ikerevievs

26 Geometry Dash

This game is awesome! How is it on the list!?

Hey please. Hard does not mean it's bad. The only reason I don't like many games are that they are too easy

I made a Lavender Town level, you guys should try making your own

The piece of garbage is overrated, the community is worse than TheTopTens. - 50

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27 Fortnite: Battle Royale

Fortnite cannot be one of the worst games. It is literally rated one of the most popular games

Fortnite is trash - Dvafan2

Wait, so you say that if something is popular, it can't be bad? Look at Minecraft, Roblox, FNaF...

28 Doodle Jump

This game has the worst controls I've ever seen on a mobile game.

I like this game too

This game is find - Nateawesomeness

I like this game 😉 - KriCket33554

29 Head Soccer

The game is actually entertaining, one can easily play it for an hour - yatharthb

Like many other games could easily play it for more than a hour - ikerevievs

I like it

30 Kill Shot

I don't get why pokemon go isn't on this list

31 Zootopia: Crime Files
32 Pixel Gun 3D

Looks like a 1990 crappy video game and it is crappy

SO BAD. - Jaboss

So bad. No...not so bad, so utterly utterly terrible digusting and pay to win. Play pixel strike 3d if u want a well balanced and fun game. - Jaboss

33 Roblox

This is blant - TeamRocket747

Actually decent on PC but garbage on mobile. - 50


Use pc - SpencerJC

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34 Players Unknown Battlegrounds Mobile

Great game no reason it should be here

great game

35 Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville

The ppg reboot is bad retard


36 Bloons Tower Defense 5

Well it IS pretty repetitive but it's one of the best tower defense games out there.
Heck they have variety with quests and stuff.
It's actually pretty good for a new grounds game what with their low budget.
So stop complaining

37 The Rats
38 Finding Dory: Keep Swimming
39 Fidget Spinner

This is pointless why have this on a phone, it doesn't have the same effect as really spinning one

40 Mobile Strike

I used to play this, but it ended up becoming so pay-to-win that my friend and I actually quit. - Supergameplayer


41 Walk-A-Funghi Walk-A-Funghi

It sounds pretty fungi to play

42 Minecraft Minecraft

The game is called Minecraft Pocket Edition. This game sucks (not really) after 0.12.1, where the terrible hunger system is added. Also, not to mention the boring PC sounds added. You can hear the breaking bones sound when drowning in water. Does that make sense?

This is the better version better than consoles. Just my opinion - MChkflaguard_Yt

Who asked for a mobile version? - PlayStationSolar

This ruined the xbox one and switch version with the better crapegtor update - ikerevievs

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43 Game of War: Fire Age


Shut up

44 Miitomo

They're shutting miitomo down - ikerevievs

I know, I know, I am voting this onto the list but I think it is great. there is not very much to do but its still great. - PugLlama

45 Genies and Gems
46 Super Monster Bros

Only 28? This needs to be in the top 5. look at the in app purchases from hell. - UltraGamer

47 Ena Power Girls Escape

Why isn't this higher - ikerevievs

48 Hay Day
49 Asphalt 8: Airborne

My brother plays this game, but, for me, it sucks. So boring - put it at #1!

Do A... Barrel roll?

Good game but wow the false speedometers of s class cars get this game here. - SelfDestruct

50 Boom Beach

Do you mean clash of clans and boom beach are both BETTER THAN GAME OF WAR FIRE AGE

Supercell are monsters in terms of cash grabbing

Not bad... Better than Clash Of clans though

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