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41 Slither.io

Sometimes it's really frustrating when you die, but I admit it's still quite fun.

42 Waze
43 Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
44 Angry Birds

Isn't it funny how angry birds is number one on the top ten best iPhone apps

Unoriginal rip off that somehow became popular.

It gets boring REALLY quick! - funnyuser

The game's OK. But the T-shirts, toys, movie(! ) etc. have got to go. It's not 2010 anymore. Go away.

(Why do you have to throw birds? Don't they fly? )

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45 Bad Piggies


Bad piggies is not really a bad game to me.

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46 Terraria

Who ever says this is a rip off of mc is retarded. They're nothing alike

Minecraft was added and ps. THEY BOTH SUCK

Kids should play Minecraft more because this game have blood and Minecraft only have red color when hitted

For the one who was talking about blood
1. You Can remove it in terraria
2. Exposing immaturity is dumb as hell

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47 Papa Pear Saga

Why does king put saga on everything it owns? - Harri666

48 Jetpack Joyride
49 Farm Heroes

What the heck does Farm heroes even mean? I mean this animals aren't heroes. They just want to make people sad. Candy crush is better!

50 Baby Spaceman
51 Ultra Dario V 1 Comment
52 Cartoon Network Anything

Sucks stupid kids

53 Pet Rescue Saga
54 Angry Birds Epic

Who putted angry birds epic here?

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55 Angry Birds Transformers

Oh this is just uninspired and boring - Harri666

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56 Dragon City

It's basically impossible to get every dragon in-game because of all the limited-time events. Just looking at your friends' collections can overcome you with envy.

I don't know a lot but everyone says this game is like msm

What are you talking about? DRAGONCITY IS AWESOME! You haters are brainless. What about the heroic dragons? You are noobs

57 Pirate Kings
58 Trivia Crack

I deleted it after 2 days. - LucyHeartfilia

59 Splashy Fish
60 2048
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