Worst Mobile Phone Apps

Is there like an app which is a rip-off of another game. Or the app costs too much? I added 2 items to start this list. Vote and add items here!

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61 Trivia Crack

I deleted it after 2 days. - LucyHeartfilia

62 Splashy Fish
63 2048
64 ZigZag
65 Lego Ninjago Rebooted

I can easily describe how this horrible game based off one of the best shows of all time fails on almost ALL levels! Now the best thing, the music. It uses the weekend whip theme which is catchy. Now to the list of bad bits that you will notice.1. The designs! I can easily point out why the designs look hilariously inaccurate to the cartoon. Zane's head has been horribly inaccurately measured and ruined my favourite nindroid! 2. The gameplay. The gameplay is repetitive meaning you run defeat enemies climb up then it repeats 3. The graphics. The PC version is better but the graphics are horrible to look out due to the graphics look like it was made on the Nintendo 64.4. The glitches. Now I wasn't able to play the game because it kept crashing 49 times in my god damn face! 5. The sarcasm. The ninjas show sarcasm in the beginning part look like they have sarcasm on their faces when their friend Cyrus Borg is captured. Do you care for a friend of Zane. Answer:NO! So why does Sensei Wu ...more

66 AA
67 8 Ball Pool

No where near realistic.

68 Uno and Friends
69 Justmoji
70 Sound Cloud
71 Panda Pop
72 Popjam

Full of opinion disrespectors and with dumb edits. Never download this stupid app ever or you will be raged at by absolute NOOBS with no idea how to respect opinions on art.

73 Live Me

This game is were u can broadcast you're self and listen to others vidoes online and u can give them harts and dimands its higly addictive

74 Disney Movies Anywhere

Oh Yeah, I'm SO PISSED OFF ABOUT THIS MOBILE APP!, It Lags - VideoGamefan5

75 Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies
76 Baby Hazel

She has an annoying crying and laughing voice and she gets upset very easily - Ihateschool

Annoying voice crying my Little sister Plays it EVERY DAY - BraixenBreak

And I no Longer let her On my laptop - BraixenBreak

77 Ghetto Tracker
78 Google Earth
79 Kahoot


80 Bottle Flip App
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