Top Ten Worst Mockbusters


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1 Sunday School Musical

Actually, I love this film (for the standards of mockbusters)! The songs are very catchy and have the right instruments, the film has (very little) originality and the characters/actors can actually sing! This doesn't deserve to be taken off the list. No mockbuster does! And we need all mockbusters on the list!

2 Snakes on a Train
3 Transmorphers
4 I Am Omega
5 War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave

Such a total rip-off. I hate them for trying to make a mockbuster of War of the Worlds. - TheStupidHobo

6 AVH: Alien vs Hunter
7 Transmorphers: Fall of Man
8 Rise of the Black Bat

Rise of the Black Bat is the only Mockbuster I actually dislike. - RalphBob

9 Allan Quatermain and the Temple of Skulls

This is obviously a rip off of Indiana Jones. Why didn't they get sued?

10 Paranormal Entity

The Contenders

11 Monster
12 Bikini Spring Break
13 Alpha and Omega

Alpha and omega is not a mockbuster

14 Mac and Me
15 King of the Lost World
16 A Car's Life: Sparky's Big Adventure
17 Mega Pirhana
18 The Amazing Bulk


19 Plan Bee
20 Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale

Not ONE PERSON I KNOW (in real life OR online) likes this TERRIBLE rip-off of Charlotte's Web, in fact, they hate it as much as Breadwinners!

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1. Sunday School Musical
2. Transmorphers: Fall of Man
3. War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave
1. Rise of the Black Bat
2. Paranormal Entity
3. Snakes on a Train



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