Top Ten Worst Modern Family Characters

The Top Ten

1 Manny Delgado

He is so boring!

He is worse than Mitchell

Super boring 99% of the time

He is so horing

2 Mitchell Pritchett

He is so funny

He is OK but not as good as Cameron

3 Joe Pritchett
4 Alex Dunphey

Miss know it all

She is my clone

She is OK but not as good as Luke and Haley.

5 Dylan Marshall
6 Beth

Beth vs. Haley
Winner gets Andy

7 Haley

She is funny cause she is dumb

8 Reuben

I hate Reuben but otherwise great show. And by the way MITCHELL IS AWESOME

9 Andy
10 Luke

Luke is funny

The Contenders

11 Lily
12 Jay
13 Cameron
14 Claire
15 Gloria
16 Phil

Phil is the best. Please take this off the list.

My Favorite with Gloria

I like Phil. He’s funny but can be immature.

17 Rainer Shine
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