Top 10 Worst Moments from Arthur

Arthur is a great show but a great show like this is not without its share of really bad and horrible moments, moments that left you either annoyed, angry or just made you feel a little uncomfortable, expect to see a lot of D.W. moments on this list.

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1 D.W. Crying Until Arthur Agreed to Let Her Come with Him and Dad On Their Fishing Trip (Cast Away)

One of the reasons why I really hate this episode. - egnomac

2 D.W. Throws a Massive Tantrum and Gets No Punishment (D.W.'s Very Bad Mood)

D.W. acts like a complete brat for the entirety of the episode and the show expects us to sympathies with her oh and she is never punished and instead gets to go to Francine's birthday party to make Lisa and her friends the girl who's party she wasn't invited to jealous. - egnomac

3 Arthur Bullying Sue Ellen (So Funny I Forgot to Laugh)

Was not like Arthur to do that sort of thing..

Even Mr. Ratburn tells Arthur that he's acting out of character.

4 Francine Abuses Everyone During Rehearsal (Francine Frensky Superstar)

Everyone convinces Mr. Ratburn to give Francine a good role which she does as the lead of Thomas Edison and Francine goes way overboard bossing, and being abusive towards everyone and everyone responds by purposely ruining the show for the kindergartners bringing her to tears as she tells them they ruined her show which they remind her its not just her show, in the end they reconcile and put on the show however Francine never truly apologizes for how she acted in this episode. - egnomac

5 D.W. Tricking Vicita into Using the Swear Word (Bleep)

D.W. learns a bad word after overhearing an older kid the Tibbles tell her that adults hate it because it turns them into mindless slaves not believing them she tests it out by tricking her neighbor Vicita into using the swear word while she watches to see what happens while this is happening mom readability call her down for dinner annoyed by this D.W. actually uses the swear word on her mom after seeing Vivita use the word and getting in trouble with it as D.W. then realizes that she too is in trouble as Mom shows up shocked by D.W. just said, but the most unsettling part of the episode is at the end when all the little kids begin using the swear word then thanks D.W. for teaching them the word. - egnomac

6 Muffy Makes a Biased Web Video About Arthur (A is for Angry)

After Arthur gets super angry at everyone after they endlessly pester him during a rally over a checkers tournament Muffy makes a very biased web video portraying Arthur negatively and replaying the footage of him yelling at the top of his lungs. - egnomac

7 Muffy Getting Invited to Stay with Francine and Her Family and Acts Rudely Towards Them (Poor Muffy)

One of the many reasons why I really don't like Muffy Francine is kind enough to invite Muffy to stay with her while they're fixing the carpet and Muffy acts so spoiled and rude to everyone only thinking about her needs only and this gets summed up in one line "Let me get this straight, I can't have food I like, I can't watch the T.V. Channels I Want, and now I can't play my music". - egnomac

8 Buster Stealing a Toy (Nerves of Steal)
9 D.W. Using Arthur as a Slave (For Whom the Bell Tolls)

D.W. loses her voice and Arthur's mom makes Arthur take care of D.W. by giving her a bell to get Arthur to do or give her anything she wants, then Arthur finds out she got her voice back and makes the foolish mistake of barging in on her as D.W. continues to fake being sick so Arthur will continue to be her slave. - egnomac

10 Muffy Getting Angry at Francine for Not Attending Her Christmas Party Then Offending Her By Telling Her That Hanukkah is Not as Important as Christmas (Arthur's Perfect Christmas)

Francine clearly told her time and time again that she couldn't go to her party because of Hanukkah and Muffy has the nerve to yell at her over the phone for not being there and she goes one step further by telling her "Its not like Hanukkah is as important as Christmas! " which really offends Francine. - egnomac

Isn't that antisemetic? - TwilightKitsune

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1. D.W. Crying Until Arthur Agreed to Let Her Come with Him and Dad On Their Fishing Trip (Cast Away)
2. D.W. Throws a Massive Tantrum and Gets No Punishment (D.W.'s Very Bad Mood)
3. Arthur Bullying Sue Ellen (So Funny I Forgot to Laugh)


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