Top Ten Worst Moments In Dinosaurs Episodes

The Top Ten

1 Every Character Dying (Changing Nature)

Possibly one of the most upsetting series finales in a T.V. show. - egnomac

The worwt ending in all series

2 Al Firing Monica (What "Sexual Harris" Meant)
3 Suicide Joke (Fran Live)
4 Everybody Being Behind Al In Court (What "Sexual Harris" Meant)
5 Earl Cheating on Fran (Dirty Dancing)
6 Charlene Being Abused Throughout (Getting to Know You Better)
7 "Wives Don't Work! Than They Would Be Husbands!" (Fran Live)
8 Robby Touching Charlene's Tail (Charlene's Tale)
9 Earl Barfing (Fran Live)
10 Ending on a Cliffhanger (Changing Nature)
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