Top Ten Worst Moments of Elton John


The Top Ten

1 Elton John's mom's death
2 Elton John's dad's death
3 Elton John parents divorced

He blames on himself for the conflict of his mom and dad. - Kevinsidis

4 Elton John using drugs

He use drugs to make him forget his fears,but finally he goes to rehab instead of decaying to death. - Kevinsidis

5 Elton John breaks up with Linda Woodrow

He has make a decision that has quite shocked me he has focus mostly on his music career being boosted so he has to break her up and call off the wedding so devastating and excruciating - Kevinsidis

6 He said he is retiring in stage and this will be his last show

In 1977 he has make shocking announcements in his concert. - Kevinsidis

7 Elton John and Renate Blauel are divorced

Sadly his relationship with a female ended in 1988 because of his cover being blown of being homosexual he told the rolling stones magazine that he is "comfortably gay" surprising is it - Kevinsidis

8 The press sent fake news about him

Greatly he has filed a lawsuit against the press but finally he won and gave all his lawsuit cash to his own foundation. - Kevinsidis

9 He had to cancel all of his concerts because of his decaying voice

He has surgery but it turns out that he doesn't have throat cancer. - Kevinsidis

10 Elton John having a second crush of his manager.

His manager's name is John Reid - Kevinsidis

The Contenders

11 Elton John comparing Young Thug to John Lennon

Why would you do this to us Elton? Just why?

12 Elton John announced that Farewell Yellow Brick Road will be his last concert

The real reason is that he has to take care of his children and has to spend more time with his family and I could sense that his adopted children really begs for him to play with them and have fun with them to fulfill their gleeful early childhood and then he nods in agreement- Kevinsidis

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