Worst Moments in the Original Powerpuff Girls

Some of these are not necessarily the worst episodes in the Powerpuff Girls, but these were bad moments in PPG episodes. This does not mean the show is bad, but that these moments are pretty bad moments for the girls and the other characters in the show. But this is part of what makes the show good, no bad moments, nothing interesting is happening.

The Top Ten Worst Moments in the Original Powerpuff Girls

1 In the episode A Very Special Blossom where Blossom got arrested for stealing something the Professor forced her to steal

This made me cringe a bit

Blossom is 5 years old! She's too young to go to jail! - Croy987

Blossom was out of character in this episode. Seriously, why would she ever steal? - HunterBrony101

Oh. I feel bad for you,Blossom *gives her cookie*.-Vestalis

2 In the episode Sweet'n Sour when the citizens of Townsville were brainwashed by the Fluffy Bunch for being cute and were jerks to the girls for stopping them from stealing

Yes! This episode was really mean-spirited. The citizens go as far by accusing the girls being "animal haters" - Stazemar000

Why? Why, Craig McCracken, did you do this? - TwilightKitsune

How stupid can this writer be? - DynastiSugarPop

These animals are cute,but I wish I'd kill them(especially Puppy Wuppy).

3 In the episode Town And Out when the people of Citesville were being mean to the girls

The people of Citesville are doing this to the poor girls for no reason? -Vestalis

Because the people think they don't fit their town. But they should at least welcome them.

4 In the episode Nuthin' Special when Buttercup realized she had no special power and her sisters copy all her abilities

That's depressing.

Yeah, that sucks for Buttercup here, and her sisters making her look bad just for not simply having a special power, this episode was mean to her. And when she screamed it looks like she was about to cry even though no tears came out.

I feel bad for Buttercup.-Vestalis

Same for me, this episode was interesting, but really mean to her.

5 The whole entire episode of Moral Decay

It teaches you to beat the heck out of people - TwilightKitsune

Kids should not watch this episode, I felt like everyone was out of character.

So this is the one when Buttercup beats the hell out of the bad guys and gets their teeth? -Vestalis

6 In the episode Octi Evil when Buttercup and Blossom screamed at each other rude stuff and argued
7 In the episode Girls Gone Mild when Mr. and Mrs. Practice banned the girls from using their powers

How are the girls going to beat the villians? -Vestalis

8 In the episode All Chalked Up when Buttercup broke Bubbles chalk and made her cry

I felt bad for Bubbles in this episode. Buttercup was being such a huge jerk - Stazemar000

Ima gonna have to agree with this one! - HunterBrony101

Oh yeah and blossom is too bossy in this episode

Lol, I remember this.

Yeah, Buttercup is awesome, but yeah this was not nice of her to do that, this is her worst moment, but at least she apologized in the end. And she knows when she does something wrong, which is one of the reasons I like her.

9 In the episode Equal Fights when the girls were mean to males and nice to females

Doesn't sound equal to me.

The sexist villian is actually a villianess. The villianess named Femme Fatele convinces the girls to hate men in order for her to get away with stealing ALL of the Susan B Anthony coins in Townsville. In the later minutes of the episode, Mrs Bellum and Mrs Keane taught the girls to treat genders equally.-Vestalis

10 In the episode Fallen Arches bubbles and buttercup act unlikeable jerks

i agree

I just wanna point this out that I don’t hate bubbles and buttercup sure they are sometimes annoying to others but they are still likeable role models for children

But this along with a very special blossom I just loath them! Their behavior is straight up unforgivable I understand they want to fight the misery of pain but they need to know that bullying blossom will cause consequences for them the glaring just makes me want to punch them in the face also they never respected elders before and they should know better but no! They boss blossom around just like ruby from max and ruby and that’s the entire episode blossom is right we need to respect our elders! Get it together blossom haters! Or else I’ll report you to the internet police!

The Contenders

11 In the episode City Of Frownsville when the whole entire city cries

The villain in this episode used a machine to make them sad. What a jerk! - Stazemar000

I remember the first time I saw this episode and thought "I hate crying voice acting". I also wanted to punch my T.V. but since I was tired I just turned it off.

12 In the episode, "Getting Twiggy with It," Mitch Michelson abuses Twiggy, the class hamster.
13 In the episode Daylight Savings Mrs. Keane forces the professor to give the girls a curfew leading Townsville to be destroyed that night

She was so unlikeable and the professor is a total dumbass not realizing that it’s daylight savings they both act like total idiots and pure evil villains and get off scot free
Seriously why didn’t the police come arrest Mrs keane And the professor for letting a city be destroyed

14 In the episode What’s The Big Idea the townspeople hate the girls for destroying Townsville and the girls act mean spirited to each other

Here’s the reasons why I hate this episode
Blossom scolds bubbles for letting out big tears when the townspeople made her upset
and they deserve it because I want to see those idiots be crushed by big tears
We start off the episode with mojo before the girls and suddenly they start arguing for no reason
The townspeople should know it’s mojo fault for making the girls big and they never realized it’s the girls all along
The writers added a stupid plot twist at the end where somehow Townsville is now big and on top of the earth
Finally the townspeople never apologize to the girls never learn a lesson there’s no lesson here it’s just the girls fighting for no reason the townspeople never learn a lesson and overall it’s just a stupid episode featuring stupid characters except mojo and the professor who somehow this episode managed to be liked by people

15 In the episode The Mane Event everybody, including Bubbles and Buttercup, laughs at Blossom’s hair

Thank the lord the professor was gentle towards blossom until he immediately turns into a laughing dick but hey at least it had a good ending

Everybody was a complete jerk in this episode especially bubbles and buttercup but at least they apologized at the end and their haircuts were actually pretty funny but that’s not enough to save this episode

16 Princess being a meaner character than usual in "Bought and Scold"
17 Bunny explodes in Twisted Sister
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