Top Ten Worst Moments In Spongebob Episodes

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181 Horror Movie (Don't Look Now)
182 Mr. Krabs Letting Plankton Go to Jail (Sweet and Sour Squid)

Actually plankton deserved to go to jail for stealing squidwards clarinet - cadespencer

183 Trampling the Petunias (Spongebob, You're Fired!) V 1 Comment
184 Doorbell (Pet or Pests)
185 Wasting the Plot (Hello, Bikini Bottom!) V 1 Comment
186 Don't Drop The Soap (Gary Takes a Bath)
187 Doubloons (Gary Takes a Bath)
188 The Ice Cream Scene (Ghoul Fools)

Was this scene really necessary?

189 Volcano Sauce Drop (Karate Choppers)

Oh God, this moment TERRIFIED me as a kid! - Chikinan

190 The Organ Spewing Blood (Dying for Pie) V 1 Comment
191 Plankton Controls SpongeBob's Brain (Plankton!)
192 The Bikini Bottomites treat Sandy like an idiot (Squirrel Jokes)

Wow, basically everyone in Bikini Bottom needs an IQ test for actually thinking SpongeBob's jokes about squirrels are real. Sandy was right, stupidity was spreading like a virus all throughout the city.

193 Sandy's lungs collapse (Pressure)

I loved this scene as a kid. In fact, I was the one that added the detail to the transcript on the wiki when I was 7. Why did I like it? Must be something to do with the fact it was an x-ray. - Chikinan

I actually felt sad for her. every time that scene comes on T.V., I have to cover my ears and turn away. - Catacorn

194 Spongebob ruins Pearl's Prom (The Chaperone)

This actually was a great episode. - Catacorn

195 Have you learned nothing about sharing? (Yours Mine and Mine)
196 "Looks like you guys forgot your Boat Smarts!" (Boat Smarts)
197 The Nematodes Suck Away at SpongeBob's House (Home Sweet Pineapple)

Luckily in the end, Spongegbob's house grew again, with Spongebob's single tear helping the seed grow. - Catacorn

198 The Krusty Krab Pizza Song (Pizza Delivery)

That song just gets on my nerves.

199 SpongeBob Destroys Half of Bikini Bottom (Hall Monitor)

May I present to you, the Bikini Bottom Maniac...SpongeBob SquarePants!

200 Squidward gets trampled on (Squid on Strike)
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