Top Ten Worst Moments In Spongebob Episodes

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201 The Bikini Bottomites call Plankton a loser (F.U.N.)

Even Squidward made fun of him for being "the most hated in Bikini Bottom."

202 Patrick gets his license on the first try (Driven to Tears)
203 Ending (New Leaf)
204 Mrs. Puff gets arrested (Doing Time)
205 SpongeBob gets arrested (Doing Time)
206 Mrs. Puff in Solitary Confinement (Doing Time)

I guess Bikini Bottom doesn't understand the concept of "cruel and unusual punishment."

This made me angry after what the people on T.V. Tropes called me when I was 11. - Chikinan

207 Barnacle Boy becomes evil (Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V)
208 Wumbo (Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV)

This is obviously a joke...I like this part! - Chikinan

209 SpongeBob shrinks all of the Bikini Bottomites (Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV)
210 Spongebob Runs Over the French Narrator (No Free Rides)
211 The Jellyfish Sting Squidward Over and Over Again (Jellyfish Jam)

There's a reason why this is the second Squidward Torture Porn in the series.

212 Grandma SquarePants being responsible for Spongebob's embarrassment (Grandma's Kisses)
213 Mad Snail Disease (Once Bitten)

Thank you, Gary and Patrick, for psychologically torturing all of Bikini Bottom.

214 Carl Becomes The Manager of The Krusty Krab (Krabby O' Monday's)

He orders Krabby Patties to be made on a conveyor belt out of synthetic, gray, disgusting goo. I'm honestly surprise SpongeBob wasn't fully replaced by a machine in this episode.

215 "Hoopla!" (The Krusty Krab Training Video) V 1 Comment
216 Squilliam Loses (House Fancy)

I hated seeing him cry at the end of the episode.

Why he deserved it - cadespencer

217 The Ending (The Secret Box)
218 The Brawl (Band Geeks)

THIS WAS THE BEST SCENE IN SPONGEBOB HISTORY! Squidward finally got his victory, and Squilliam lost. - Catacorn

This is all a joke, I like this part. - Chikinan

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219 Sandy Being Stupid (Sandy, SpongeBob, and The Worm)
220 Abrasive Grandma (The Abrasive Side)
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