Top Ten Worst Moments In Spongebob Episodes

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221 Taking Over Seven Minutes to Get to the Conflict (Dear Vikings)
222 Squidward rats on a customer for being rude to SpongeBob (Pizza Delivery)

Get this off! This was one of Squidward's badass moments ever! - SAXO

223 Squidward Getting Hurt (Life Insurance)

When Squidward got hurt in that episode, it got really disturbing.
And Why should kids see Squidward burn in lava and get constantly hurt in the torture machine?
This episode should get banned.

224 Patrick saying unemployment is fun (SpongeBob You're Fired)
225 Have you learned nothing about sharing? (Yours Mine and Mine)
226 "Looks like you guys forgot your Boat Smarts!" (Boat Smarts)
227 "FIRMLY GRASP IT!" (Jellyfishing)

WAY too gruesome, it could've hurt more than anything in real life.

It was a classic and laughable moment.

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228 "Am I really gonna defile this grave for money? Of course I am!" (One Krabs Trash)
229 Patrick Being a Good Artist (the Googly Artist)

Patrick is very dumb so why is he a good artist well in this episode guess what. When the guy look at squidwards perfect art he say its NOT GOOD! But when he saw patricks dumb art. He likes it. OH COME ON THAT WAS TERRIBLE! ITS JUST A ROCK WITH a lot OF EYES HOW IS IT BETT ER THEN SQUIDWARDS STATUE? YOU FISH PEOPLE ARE MORONS!

This episode is a perfect concept of what people think about crappy shows, They like crappy shows better than good ones, and they hate good ones because they're brainwashed, The critic loves crap rather than a masterpiece. - nelsonerica

This episode was an insult to critics in fact if nostalgia critic saw this he would probably get annoyed and get extremely mad and would call on someone to help him get through this monster of an episode.

Nelson you idiot you respect other's opinions my god.

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230 Krabby the Clown (Krabby Land)

"The children? I don't care about the children, I only care about their parent's money. The fact is that their minds are easily manipulated by cheap playgrounds and talentless clowns is no skin off my bones! "
-mr krabs describing Nickelodeon in full accurate detail.


I want to make him play in the cheap playground. At least he got comeuppance.

One of the funniest SpongeBob moments.

231 Buzzing horsefly closeup (Wormy)

THIS IS SCARY! I WOULD AVOID THIS EPISODE AS A KID BECAUSE OF THE HORSEFLY CLOSEUP POPPING UP! This is even scarier than that subliminal message girl from "Gary takes a bath" even though it's creepy now when I watch it. This should be higher!

Look, I never watched this episode, but I really want to know what that "closeup" looks like, and I'm to afraid to see it on Google Images, so if you're reading this can you describe the closeup to me please? Thanks!

Hey guys I agree with the third comment below me. This was great. And dude not every one has to have the same opinion as you stop disliking that comment

My brother didn't like this part because he's afraid of bugs. I never was scared of this. However, I was scared of the hot sauce drop in Karate Choppers. - Chikinan

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