Top Ten Worst Moments In Spongebob Episodes

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221 Squidward Having Long Hair (The Original Fry Cook)
222 Plankton Pretending To Commit Suicide (One Coarse Meal)
223 Plankton Getting Away With Stealing Sandy's Fur (Someone's In The Kitchen With Sandy)
224 Squidward Wins Again (House Fancy)
225 You can't always expect my usual stupidity. I like to mix it up. Keep you on your toes (Patrick, The Card)
226 "Too bad that didn't kill me." (Band Geeks)

No, I like that part, it's not really making fun of suicide. It's a joke. - Chikinan

227 Gary's body parts exploding (The Great Snail Race)
228 The Junkyard Worm Beats Up Squidward (The Lost Mattress)

GET THIS OFF! Squidward totally deserved the torture in this episode! - SAXO

229 Taking Over Seven Minutes to Get to the Conflict (Dear Vikings)
230 Squidward rats on a customer for being rude to SpongeBob (Pizza Delivery)

Get this off! This was one of Squidward's badass moments ever! - SAXO

Squidward is so awesome in this episode - cadespencer

231 Squidward Getting Hurt (Life Insurance)

When Squidward got hurt in that episode, it got really disturbing.
And Why should kids see Squidward burn in lava and get constantly hurt in the torture machine?
This episode should get banned.

232 Patrick saying unemployment is fun (SpongeBob You're Fired)
233 SpongeBob Drags Seaweed Around for No Reason (SpongeBob vs. The Big One)
234 Money sweeter than honey, money, money, this, money, money, that, profits will make me wallet fat! (Squid on Strike)
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1. Plankton Attempting Suicide (One Coarse Meal)
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1. Plankton Attempting Suicide (One Coarse Meal)
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