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21 Ending (Stuck In the Wringer) V 1 Comment
22 Dr. Patrick (The Splinter)

He just made it worse! But it was stupid when he tried different things to try to make it better, that what makes it funny! My opinion. - funnyuser

Dr. Patrick in Suds is a LOT BETTER than this NONSENSE kind of Dr. Patrick.

This was funny in Suds. But not here

Suds done wrong - SamKoffsky

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23 Squidward Burns His Arm and Gets Fried In Cooking Oil (Restraining SpongeBob)

I feel sad for squidward this was undeserved.

TheEvilNuggetCookie, you are a horrible person if you thought this moment was funny at all.


24 Squidward Being a Jerk to SpongeBob (Little Yellow Book)

Well, that sponge deserves it for constantly torturing the octopus's life. And all those animals who got back at Squidward were being no better than him as are you people who don't know what it's like to be in that cephalopod's shoes.

At least Squidward gets payback at SpongeBob for all those horrible torture porn episodes he went through. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Not just squid ward, but everyone else as well

Meh. Still not enough punishment to Spongebob after what heโ€™s all done (besides Band Geeks.)

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25 Ya know, kid, your body isn't the problem. It's your heart. You deserve what you've gotten. (Stuck in the Wringer)

Oh my god. This character was basically stuck in a plot hole in his life. He basically couldn't do anything. Eat, Work, Have fun, you name it! And it's all because of Patrick, who's trying to make SpongeBob feel better by rubbing his glory in his poor face. Hell, he even got a black eye and Patrick's like "I GOT FIRST PRIZE! LOOK, LOOK, I'M BETTER THAN YOU! GO TO HELL SINCE YOU WONT EAT ANY COTTON CANDY! I'M PATRICK! " And SpongeBob finally decides to say, "Okay, you know what? Just stop. You've caused my life as I know it to be complete hell. I'll basically starve or choke to death in this thing because of you. And no, you can't help me again. Because I think if you'll try to help me with this again, you'll probably convince me to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. So I don't need any of your help." But in extreme anger instead. So Patrick goes off bawling and thinking that it's not his fault and SpongeBob's only being a dick. Then the townspeople think that too. And they're like, "You ...more - MontyPython

That part made me go crazy. I also hated the part where Patrick was just saying, " I was just trying to help". He had no common sense whatsoever. I saw one comment that had said, "stupidity is not an excuse". True! Stupidity is not an excuse to gain sympathy. It's like saying if the terrorists that had caused 9/11 and had said, "We are just still human beings trying to learn". What? You expect us to sympathize? No! Anyway, when that fish told Spongebob that it is his heart that's the problem, I wanted to be in Spongebob's body and say, "It's your mind that's the problem. Look what Patrick did to me, he got put this forever glue on me and he thought that it would help me. Really? We also went out for ice cream and he won't help me. He also ate all my ice cream too. Double times that jerk. He is basically inconsiderate of my feelings from home to here. How would you feel if you had a friend like that? Either have a brain, or go to hell! (Storms out)"

SpongeBob yelling at Patrick for not helping him and the Bikini Bottomites thought SpongeBob is mean despite the emotional abuse he is in. That one fish who said that SpongeBob has no heart and he deserves to be stuck in the wringer needs to be cooked. That was ironic considering they did not have a heart to help SpongeBob with the wringer. The writers are pathetic.

All of you folks who criticized this episode rule. Even though I hate that sponge, he deserves to yell at that starfish for being a jerk to him. Hell, I wouldn't mind if he mowed down all the jerks who sided against him and with Patrick.

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26 City People (Stuck In the Wringer)

Those hypocrites. Those lousy, mean spirited, hypocrites. May you all ROT in Rock Bottom!

Remember in "Fry Cook Games" where SpongeBob throws frying grease on the people? He should do it to those city people. SpongeBob is so misunderstood.

How is this not in the top 10? After seeing that, I wanted to kick the crap out of them!

Bunch of hypocrites! ๐Ÿ–•

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27 Spongebobs Best Day Ever (Best Day Ever)

This episode is suppose to be the best episode ever but however its not. I MEAN COME ON WE WANT A ONE HOUR SPECIAL OF HIM AND HIS FUNNY MOMENTS! But instaed its about spongebob helping his friends out because they have problems on his best day ever. MORE LIKE THE WORST DAY EVER!

It is just werid how they sing the song ANNOYING!

28 Smashing The Splinter With a Mallet (The Splinter)

I have to turn my head every time this is shown!

I got sick when I saw that!

That's downright disgusting! It may not be worse than a horror movie. But it's still terrible nonetheless.

I'm fine with this now because I have a messed-up mind. Phallic undertones. - Chikinan

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29 Spongebob and Patrick Die (Tea at the Treedome)

Your all hipsters. This was a good episode. By the way it was just SpongeBob trying to impress sandy

Sandy you idiot they're sea creatures sandy ask you need something
SpongeBob says water
Sandy says I'm gonna go put this in a vase AND IGNORE THE FACT THAT MY NEW FRIEND IS DYING

I wanted to punch Sandy for letting SpongeBob and Patrick get dry!

Screw you all who side against Sandy! Those guys deserve to die for all the rotten things that they did.

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30 "Have you learned nothing about sharing?" (Yours Mine and Mine)

Patrick you learn nothing about sharing stupid face starfish

This episode shows what kind of friend patrick really is - cadespencer

Really, Patrick?

Have you (hippacrit)

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31 Ending (Nautical Novice)

Mrs puff was excited that he got his license then when she found out SpongeBob didn't save the bikini bottom she got furious and tore it up

Poor spongebob - cadespencer

32 SpongeBob Killing Scallops (To Love a Patty)

Umm why isn't this scene higher up

OH yay, I get to see SpongeBob killing baby birds (scallops) just because they touched his burger he has a weird fetish for

This should be higher. It was just mean spirited of SpongeBob to do such deed. - SamKoffsky

It needs to be #3 or #4 - BlueSheepYT

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33 Karen Lets Plankton Suffer and Commit Suicide (One Coarse Meal)

Karen is a scumbag

Karen was almost as bad as Mr. Krabs in this episode by being an enabler for Plankton to commit suicide.

If anyone deserves abuse in this series, it's Karen!

34 Larry Tries to Eat Puppies (Pet or Pests)

I hope I've expressed to you guys how much I hate these writers sometimes... - Garythesnail

That was way too out of character for Larry.

They were baby worms not puppies.

In Bikini Bottom, snails are the equivalent of cats, and worms are like dogs.

35 The Wonders of Unemployment (SpongeBob You're Fired)

"The Wonders Of Unemployment" is just a fancy way of saying filler. - GrapeJuiceK

36 "Looks like you guys forgot your Boat Smarts!" (Boat Smarts)

I screamed when I first heard spongebob say that - cadespencer

He was a jerk in that short but I like that short

I hated how Spongebob was acting as a kid. Nothing has changed. - Bobby792003

37 Mr. Krabs Fires SpongeBob (SpongeBob You're Fired!)

This episode shouldn't have been made

That was completely pointless.

An episode exactly like this was made before this, I think.


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38 Spongebob and Patrick got Squidward kicked out of his club (Cephalopod Lodge)

I hated this episode with a passion. I'm surprised squidward wasn't super angry when SpongeBob and patrick got him kicked out of the lodge for good.

That pissed me off so bad. SpongeBob and patrick ruined the only thing that ever made squidward happy. What jerks!

It's SpongeBob and Patrick's fault. They didn't even admitted it.

Saw this episode when I was younger. It's a Squidward torture porn episode. Poor squidward - Lunala

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39 Spongebob Saying He Still Has good Nature (One Coarse Meal)

Um, New SpongeBob, can we talk just for a second? Does ripping of someone's toenail fly in the face of your good nature? Does letting your pet be attacked by a monster fly in the face of your good nature? Does upstaging Squidward at the choir for no reason at all fly in the face of your good nature? Hmmm... - Garythesnail

Supporting a crustacean bully who nearly drove someone to suicide does not fly in the face of your good nature, SpongeBob! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Oh yeah Sponge? What about all those times you tortured Squidward? - Goatworlds


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40 The Bikini Bottomites Constantly Abuse Spongebob (The Sponge Who Could Fly)

First of all, when they see SpongeBob trying to fly, they make fun of him for pursuing his dreams. Then, when they see that he's not crazy, they take advantage of him by having him doing these "favors" like cleaning Mr. Krabs' garage, balancing Mrs. Puff's checkbook, and talking to plants. Finally, when SpongeBob gets sick and tired of these take and flies to Jellyfish Fields like he originally wanted, they form an angry mob and chase after him. Seriously, note how Squidward and Mrs. Puff are among this angry mob.

Look, abusing Spongebob can work if you execute it well. Here, these Bikini Bottomies were written like hypocrites and being egotists, thinking they're better than Spongebob. Torturing a character doesn't work until said character does something heinous DURING the episode AND you write it well.

This is the beginning of the bikini bottom hypocrite episodes - cadespencer

Well, SpongeBob deserves to be abused because of all the trouble that he gave Mrs. Puff and Squidward.

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