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41 Squidward Gets Beat Up and Gets Forced to Wear a Full Body Cast (Boating Buddies)

Yeah beat up squidward for being rightfully ticked off.

Boating Buddies should be banned due to how cruel it is to Squidward

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42 Ending (Dear Vikings)

I couldn't agree more with the one who criticized this episode. Now I may not follow the religion of the Vikings. But I know that there are people who still do, especially since I met one of them. And so, I'm not all right with how Dear Vikings misrepresented those soldiers and their culture.

The new writer decided to in this episode insult:Scandinavians,anyone of the Norse religion,the Norse religion itself,Vikings and everything about Vikings.(also Eric the red,leif erikson and every other Viking are rolling in they're graves.

43 Patrick Destroys Card No. 54 (The Card)

At least patrick got served when he got drenched by SpongeBob's raining tears at the near end.

Patrick says in that episode that he is probably pretending to be stupid.

At least Patrick gave SpongeBob those other cards but he is not "the best friend ever" as said by SpongeBob

That sea star! He makes me so mad that I want to throw him in a pit of sulphuric acid and watch in burn to death.

44 Patrick Has a Flamethrower (Pet Sitter Pat)

Who thought this was funny? - Garythesnail

This is the definitive moment of EVIL for this show!

Shouldn't even work underwater - SamKoffsky

We'll make up your mind is it water or fire.. , UMMM its some irrisponsible pet sitter who's trying to burn me alive

45 SpongeBob Goes Back to Medieval Times (Dunces and Dragons)

This is so confusing. Were they dreaming or did they fly through the air so fast that they went through time and back into the middle ages?

How does a squirrel breathe underwater? - Goatworlds

That's the entire episode dingbat

To be honest, this episode was actually okay/good. It's just how they got back to the middle ages that's confusing, and the very end. In the beginning of the episode, Bikini Bottom was like normal. When SB and Patrick got flung out of the stadium, all of a sudden they're in the middle ages. Bad transitioning.

46 The Bikini Bottomites Being Hypocrites Once Again (Little Yellow Book)

Because yes. Generally annoying people certainly warrants MURDER apparently

You bet that they are! How dare they side with SpongeBob against Squidward! It's the sponge's fault for giving that octopus total bullsh**. Besides, those fish were being no better than Squidward.

Who else are hypocrites are real people who hate both the anti-Squidward fish and the Squidward for being jerkish. Why can't those jerks just pick one side like I do?!

If I'm Squidward, I'd kill SpongeBob and every last one of my haters. And if I get punished for it, I'd strike back at all who punish me and force them to let me get away with what I did.


47 Patrick's Stupidity (Yours, Mine and Mine)

Have you learned nothing about sharing?... Uh no but I learned that you're the most stupid sea creature here

Patrick is the worst now

Patrick is a monster that should be left to rot!


48 National No-SpongeBob Day (Gone)

It was wrong that they burned and danced on the ashes of the effigy that was made to look like SpongeBob.

That was just mean-spirited. - Garythesnail

Wow. Not even Squidward would've done that in the old seasons.

Those Bikini Bottomites are so cruel

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49 Creepy SpongeBob (Squid's Visit)

Exactly! SpongeBob deserves to be arrested for what he did to Squidward in this episode.

This is the creepiest episode in the whole show - cadespencer

50 Spongebob Not Seeing Puffy Fluffy About to Eat Gary (A Pal For Gary)

This made me want to destroy my television. Enough said.

Is SpongeBob really this stupid?!

SpongeBob is definitely stupid in this episode. But then again, he always is that way, which makes me want to see Squidward wipe him out.

Spongebob's a real idiot here. - SamKoffsky

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51 Mr. Krabs Crying When Plankton Finally Gets One Customer (Plankton's Regular)

This is Mr Krab's worst appearance behind One Course Meal. This isn't him protecting his business, this is him going out of his way to make sure Plankton can't make money for himself in anyway!

There's something called capitalism, or in this case, free market, you monopolistic cheapskate!

You're supposed to be rooting for Mr. Krabs... WHAT THE CHRISTO?! - Chikinan

What a big baby that crab is! Can't he just get over his archenemy having one customer?! It sickens me that he (Mr. Krabs) gets away with his antagonism while Plankton gets nothing.

If I'm Shelldon Plankton, I'd force feed Krabs all the poison that K.A.R.E.N. paid my customer to eat.

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52 Squidward Abuses SpongeBob (Can You Spare A Dime?)

Jesus Christ, talk about free-loaders. As the episode progressed, Squidward became more lazy, selfish, and demanding, eventually reducing SpongeBob to his own personal servant. I like Squidward, but hate him in this episode.

I may not like SpongeBob. But what Squidward did to him is wrong. Of course, Mr. Krabs influenced him into doing that to the sponge all because of his (the crab's) greed for money, whcih is what caused me to hate him (Eugene Krabs) big time.

Mind you, this is season three we are talking about here.

No wonder SpongeBob blew up near the end.

53 SpongeBob and Patrick Naked and Humiliated at the Ending (Pranks a Lot)

At least SpongeBob and patrick rightfully got what they deserved at the end for terrorizing the whole town.

Live Nude Pranksters is not a funny thing. This ruined the whole episode for me. This was such a cruel act.

I actually found that funny

What is this doing here?! It was deserved! - SAXO

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54 SpongeBob Abuses Gary (The Great Snail Race)

It's just so awful to neglect animals! :(

Seeing Gary literally crash like a race car was so heartbreaking. Seeing every part of his body exploding was just plain torture.

55 SpongeBob Eats Patty (To Love a Patty)

It's too old to eat, just throw it out and let it rot

That part was disgusting!

I almost threw up

56 SpongeBob Not Dying (Demolition Doofus)

He deserved a slower and more painful death then what Mrs. Puff tried to do to him.

And dying's what I want to see happen to him because of what he did to Mrs. Puff.

Was really disappointed, I think everyone can agree

57 Sandy In the Rodeo Competition (Rodeo Daze)


58 SpongeBob and Patrick Making Stupid Faces (Face Freeze)

I guessing that the writers ARE trying to give kids the worst nightmares imaginable. Or that they're trying to get out of their jobs as writers by making the show as cheesy as possible.

What? Were they trying to give me a headache? - SubliminalMessages

At least it served a point. I wasn't even that bad anyway.

Why does he look like Maijin Buu and Gabite? That's not even making faces! That's contorting your bodies! - Chikinan

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59 Sandy Kicks SpongeBob for No Reason (The Great Snail Race)

It was for being sexist, although there was a deleted scene where she gets arrested for kicking SpongeBob's butt. But seeing as this was supposed to teach kids not to abuse animals and not to be sexist, I'm glad they deleted that scene.

This isn't true, She kicked him because he was being sexist by calling Gary a lady

At least SpongeBob got what he deserved for being such a jackass to gary in that episode.

Spongebob just said sorry to gary for pushing him too far and kicking somebody's butt in a stadium would be illegal so sandy needs to be arrested

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60 Sam Destroys SpongeBob and Squidward's Houses (Big Sister Sam)

Sam destroys Squidward's house and when he complains, Patrick tells him to mind his own business... Are there even words to describe whats wrong with these writers?

In "Something Smells" Patrick said that he didn't even have a sister at all... I don't blame him for saying that. Who would want to admit to having a sibling who acts like that? Patrick may be stupid, but at least he's not a monster.

Patrick even said in Something Smells that he DIDN'T have a sister!

Squidward deserved it but spongebob didn't - cadespencer

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