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61 Gary, put Puffy Fluffy down right now! (A Pal For Gary)
62 Squidwards Symphony

At least squidward wins at the end - cadespencer

Squidwards sympany would be calming and good to hear IF ONLY SPONGEBOB AND PATRICK DOES NOT BUT IN! I mean they do a play about spongebob as a docter and patrick a pantient and kill our ear drums with stupid stuff. WHY SPONGEBOB AND PATRICK WHY!

63 Patrick Ripping His Head Off and Licking His Brain Like an Ice Cream Cone (Extreme Spots)

Why is this a thing?

No this ones funny - cadespencer

64 Spongebob Cries at Anything (A Day Without Tears)

Not even Sadness from Inside Out cries this much

65 Mr. Krabs Abusing Gary (The Cent of Money)

Poor Gary. He was abused so much in the horrible Gary torture trilogy (The Cent of Money, A Pal For Gary, Pet Sitter Pat. - Garythesnail

At least at the end of the episode Mr Krabs got what he deserved for being such a greedy, selfish freak!

So let's see, we had a Pal for Gary, Pet Sitter Pat, and now this episode. That's 3 Gary torture porns! Wait no, that's also wrong. If you count all the episodes that his shell broke

I loved when he got crippled by that wave of coins and had to give up all his money that he got from using Gary. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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66 Sandy Gets Arrested for Public Nudity when not actually Naked (Someone's in the Kitchen With Sandy)

At least she was wearing a bikini. And besides, all of you fish are naked to! Most of you don't even wear pants and how do you know what goats and ferrets are if you live underwater?!

Plankton WAS naked, Sandy was wearing a bikini, Squidward doesn't wear pants, many fish don't wear anything (Harold in earlier seasons), and Patrick never wears a shirt, yet gets service at restaurants. - Goatworlds

The fish don't wear clothes most of the time, are the characters racist to squirrels now? - Skullkid755

This episode is awful - cadespencer

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67 SpongeBob attempting suicide (Gary Takes a Bath)

It did happen. SpongeBob strapped a bomb around his waist and said it would explode in 3 seconds if gary didn't take a bath

I actually agree this happened, but it was less suicide, and more of threatening Gary. Nonetheless, it was a bad moment. - Turkeyasylum

So if this scene was actually accurate, SpongeBob has mentioned suicide three times - FlakyCuddles43

No this is funny - cadespencer

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68 SpongeBob's Face Close Up (What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?)

For a kids show, another perfect example of something that kids shouldn't see. This is the creepiest face I've ever seen. - matty925

Gave me NIGHTMARES beyond nightmares.

69 SpongeBob Jokes About Mrs. Puff Being Popped (Demolition Doofus)

Screw you, Mrs. Puff haters! She had the right to retaliate against SpongeBob for what he did to her! That moment showed that SpongeBob absolutely had NO REMORSE for what he did to Mrs. Puff. Believe me, it may sound dark, but I was rooting for Mrs. Puff to kill SpongeBob! You Modern SpongeBob fans need to open your eyes and realize how much of an ass SpongeBob has become!

Mrs. Puff really deserved to kill SpongeBob for this. So you think it's okay for someone to make fun of a disabled person and let them get away with it?! How would you feel if you were Mrs. Puff?! - ModernSpongeBobSucks


Let's not forget all the other hard times SpongeBob gave Mrs. Puff by making her get arrested so many times and constantly ruining her life. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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70 The Racism (Squidville)

I like Squidville now

Seriously! Everyone in Tentacle Acres is racist (Specieist) against reef blowers, sponges, and starfish for no good reason.

For crying out loud. Squidville is one of my least favourite episodes. I hated it beacause of the rascism and the innapropriate scene

71 Madame Hagfish's Curse (the Curse of the Hex)

UGH SHE IS CREEPY LOOKING! AND SHE PUT A CURSE ON THE KRUSTY KRAB JUST BECAUSE SHE IS HUNGRY! Are you serious? The price is fair stupid. Oh and guess what the curse is come on guess, that's right SHE PUT UP A CLOSE SIGN NEXT TO THE KRUSTY KRAB! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! GOD DANG YOU SPONGEBOB I WILL NEVER WATCH YOUR SHOW AGAIN! Well that's it and don't forget to vote so bye.

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72 Everyone ruined Squidward's TV show (Tentacle Vision)

Squidward chat would've been a lot more interesting show than a show about boring house parties.

He also is literally kicked/thrown out of his own house. Screw you SpongeBob, screw you Bikini Bottomites, screw you Guitar Lord, screw you T.V. producer, and screw you Patrick, Krabs, Plankton, Pearl, and whoever else was there.

This episode is one of the worst squidward tortures - cadespencer

They even therew out the people around squidward

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73 SpongeBob and Patrick Ruined Squidward's Sunday (Good Neighbors)

SpongeBob and patrick are nothing but absolute disgraces against nature!

That's just heartless. Bothering a person after a long, hard day at work. Especially on their day off!

Vote this one up to 1! It is a legend (in the worst way possible)

No I like it too

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74 Squidward Gets Impaled by a Steamroller (Boat Smarts)

How is this supposed to be funny?! It's just painful, sadistic and hard to watch! Do these writers even know the difference between funny and disturbing?

When I added this to the list, I used the worst "Impaled" to refer to the spikes on the Steamroller. It left holes in the seat and injured Squidward.

Grammar check: impaled means to get a hole in you. You can't get impaled be a steam roller ( unless your talking about that spiky roller thing ) - Thatgirl

What is a spiked steamroller even doing on the road in the first place?

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75 Mr. Krabs Explaining He Only Cared About The Children's Money (Krabby Land)

That's just what Nickelodeon is like right now!

76 Squidward and Mr. Krabs Humiliate SpongeBob To Teach Him a Lesson (Hooky)

The parts that came before it were entertaining for the most part. But the ending is when everything falls apart in the cruelest way possible. I feel so bad for the poor sponge. He did nothing to deserve that. He was not told what was really going on, and everyone was laughing at the guy who already made a promise. Life of Crime worked because they were told that it was free balloon day, and vowed never to take things without permission, as well as end with a good laugh. Here, SpongeBob took everything Mr. Krabs said seriously, believed that he was fired, ran home in the raw, and was never told that he was not really fired. No reveal to him, no vow, nothing. On top of that, Mr. Krabs, instead of going to tell SpongeBob what really happened, he just laughs at the poor guy, who would not come back to you, or something even worse in real life. If so, this teaches kids to openly humiliate those who don't follow your directions, as well as tricking them into something that you won't reveal ...more

Just because I am only 11 doesn't mean I don't know a terrible ending when I see one. First of all SpongeBob was trying to tell Patrick to stop. Second Mr Krabs was exposing nudity to hit 16 year old daughter I hate this episodes guts well if it had guts.

Spongebob did need to be taught a lesson but they took it way too far - cadespencer

The ending ruined this episode for me

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77 Patrick Eats SpongeBob and Squidward's Backstage Passes (Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom)

I wanted to reach into my T.V. screen and rip his head off.

Sloppy writing

Patrick at his worst - cadespencer

Me after Patrick placed a random and kind of disgusting fast food order on the stage during the performance: hello gun store? I would like an ak-47 with bullets and a bazooka with extra extreme-o explodey rocket's thank you 2-4 weeks later... Mail cairrer: package for Austin weaver! Me: thank you *after signing forms* hey Patrick season 6-presents Patrick: yes? Me: TAKE THIS! *starts shooting gun* Patrick: AAHHH! *THUD! * me: he's dead *walks away* me: and now! *puls out and launches bazooka shhh *BOOM! * me: that's what you get for eating SpongeBob and squidwards backstage passes you fat idiot!

78 The Splinter Comes Out (The Splinter)

This is one of the grossest scenes in SpongeBob history!

THIS is the scene that makes me think of something else, alongside the part where he gets the splinter. It's phallic, okay? I'm WEIRD! - Chikinan

The pus squirting mr crabs was so disgusting.

This was disgusting. When Mr. Krabs pulled out the splinter, the pus inside Spongebob's finger erupted and sprayed all over Mr. Krabs, ew. - Catacorn

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79 Mr. Krabs sells SpongeBob's soul to the Flying Dutchman for sixty-two cents (Born Again Krabs)

Good episode. Terrible Moment. The Flying Dutchman is Bikini Bottom's version of The Devil, and Mr. Krabs should have never even considered selling anyone's soul to The Flying Dutchman, especially his most loyal employee. Even Squidward thought that Mr. Krab's decision was heinous, and Squidward is SpongeBob's biggest hater!

I liked the episode, but I'm glad Krabs changed his mind later on. - Turkeyasylum

It was bad but he learned his lesson and apologized unlike one course meal where he laughed at plankton attempting suicide

People. At least he learned his lesson

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80 Ending to SpongeHenge (SpongeHenge)

Ending: SpongeBob cries over the destroyed Krusty Krab. Before that, he asked, "How long was I gone? "
Do we ever get an answer for that question? Do we see what happens to SpongeBob? NO!
Why are we seeing strange-looking aliens looking at SpongeBob (all with scared faces for some reason), which is completely unnecessary.

The aliens freaked me out when I was little - Chikinan

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