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121 Squilliam Gets Ticketed (Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful)
122 Spongebob Breathing Heavily (Boating Buddies)
123 Krabby the Clown (Krabby Land)

"The children? I don't care about the children, I only care about their parent's money. The fact is that their minds are easily manipulated by cheap playgrounds and talentless clowns is no skin off my bones! "
-mr krabs describing Nickelodeon in full accurate detail.


I want to make him play in the cheap playground. At least he got comeuppance.

One of the funniest SpongeBob moments.

124 Sea Bear Attack (The Camping Episode)

I actually found that funny

Fish like this don't even exist.

125 Buzzing horsefly closeup (Wormy)

THIS IS SCARY! I WOULD AVOID THIS EPISODE AS A KID BECAUSE OF THE HORSEFLY CLOSEUP POPPING UP! This is even scarier than that subliminal message girl from "Gary takes a bath" even though it's creepy now when I watch it. This should be higher!

Look, I never watched this episode, but I really want to know what that "closeup" looks like, and I'm to afraid to see it on Google Images, so if you're reading this can you describe the closeup to me please? Thanks!

Hey guys I agree with the third comment below me. This was great. And dude not every one has to have the same opinion as you stop disliking that comment

My brother didn't like this part because he's afraid of bugs. I never was scared of this. However, I was scared of the hot sauce drop in Karate Choppers. - Chikinan

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126 SpongeBob Becomes a Fry Cook at the Krusty Krab (Help Wanted)

Someone really hates SpongeBob enough to put this on the list


Please slap yourself in the face very hard whoever added this

This was a good scene! Who's SpongeBobSuxx? - Chikinan

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127 Patrick steals Gary from SpongeBob, then acts like a jerk (Dumped)

Yeah but without this episode we never would have been introduced to Larry

This should be higher. - SAXO

128 Mr. Krabs Using SpongeBob and Squidward as Baits (Clams)

Mr krabs was psycho in this episode.

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129 SpongeBob Treated As A Jerk (Boat Smarts)

That's because SpongeBob is the most unsafe driver in bikini bottom!

He is a jerk in this episode - cadespencer

130 Patrick Is Aware That He Is Stupid (The Card)

That's kinda evil when you think about it. Like how he was aware of the stupid things he did in that episode.

131 Squidward getting taunted by his own reflections (Squidward in Clarinetland)

The way one of his reflections shoved a clarinet in it's mouth and right into it's head was so disgusting.

This was from one of the creepiest episodes in SpongeBob

This scared me when I was younger.

To be honest I kinda liked this episode - ABBCC

132 Sandy is the Scapegoat (Someone's In the Kitchen With Sandy)

More like scapesquirrel!

Also, is it a coincidence that this is number 112 on this list, and Someone's in the Kitchen With Sandy is Mr. Enter's 112nd Animated Atrocity?

133 Squidward's Defeat (Squilliam Returns)

I feel so bad for squidward in this episode.

Squilliam never deserves to win - cadespencer

134 Stanley SquarePants Destroying Everything (Stanley S. SquarePants)

I think this guy has bad luck because he does not know what he's doing myrtle set back

At least he destroyed the chum bucket

That is one clumsy cousin of yours SpongeBob.

135 Squidward Singing (Choir Boys)

Squidward was horrible at singing.

Squidward practiced too long and hard - cadespencer

136 SpongeBob falls in love with a Krabby patty (To Love a Patty)

The only thing that drove me mad about this episode was where SpongeBob started killing all those clams in very brutal and realistic ways. I'm seriously surprised that PETA didn't sue this show for that one scene.

The only thing disturbing about this is when it shows a close up of the krabby patty it was disgusting.

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137 Referencing Krusty Love While Completely Disregarding Its Continuity (Summer Job)

Whats meant by this is that while Mrs. Puff BELIEVES Mr. Krabs wants to take her on a date, they both act as if they've never even met up to this point!

138 Spongebob after he drinks coffee (InSPONGEiac)

How does coffee cure toe barnacles?

139 Squidward finds Squilliam "hot" (Squilliam Returns)

I love this scene because I relate to it when I see hot fictional guys. - Chikinan

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140 SpongeBob Not Knowing What a Viking Is (Dear Vikings)

Squidward's ideology of vikings to SpongeBob was just painful to listen to.

This episode possibly happend before the events of bubble buddy if I did it hade time for SpongeBob to learn more about Vikings there acctual culture history places sVikings counquerd and to learn about Viking based Hollidays hence SpongeBob and for some reason Patrick celebrating Leif airicson day (oh P.S. SpongeBob also told Patrick about Vikings

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