Top Ten Worst Moments In Spongebob Episodes

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161 Karen Being a Unfaithful Wife (One Coarse Meal)

She didn't even help out plankton and nagged him.

Deserves to be higher on the list

162 Patrick Chewing With His Mouth Open and Ignoring SpongeBob (Petsitter Pat) V 1 Comment
163 The World Record Attempts (Squirrel Record)

Those were amusing in my opinion

164 Spongebob and Patrick get 'drunk' (The Spongebob Movie)

Once again something on this list that I find funny

They didn't get drunk they got serious brain freeze - cadespencer

This scene was hilarious.

This was the only moment I WANTED to skip in this movie

165 Patrick Got SpongeBob In Trouble for Something He Didn't Do (New Student Starfish)

At least patrick later apologizes to spongebob - cadespencer

I hate New Student Starfish so much!

166 Patrick Thinks Spongebob Is Crazy But He Was The One Who Convince Him To Borrow The Balloon And Was Moronic About The Chocolate Part (Life Of Crime)
167 Mr. Krabs Destroys The Chumporium (New Leaf) V 1 Comment
168 The Flea Giving Birth (A Flea in Her Dome)

I liked this scene. - Chikinan

169 SpongeBob Murdering Clams (To Love a Patty)

I'm seriously surprised PETA didn't sue this show for this scene.

It wasn't Junior! Those clams were probably mean... - Chikinan

V 1 Comment
170 Squidward Beats Up Creepy Creeper (Squid Defense)
171 Mrs. Puff's Hallucinations (Doing Time)

I remember loving this episode as a kid, but after some of the things that T.V. Tropes called me when I was 11, I get angry at this part. Doesn't stop me from still liking it. - Chikinan

172 Grease Outs (Greasy Buffoons)
173 Krabby Patty Secret Ingredient (The Patty Caper)
174 SpongeBob and Patrick Not Listening to Sandy (It Came from Goo Lagoon)
175 Mr. Krabs Accuses SpongeBob (The Patty Caper)
176 Mr. Krabs Endorses SpongeBob's Penny (Penny Foolish)
177 Ending (InSPONGEiac)
178 Squidward's Toenail is Ripped Off (House Fancy) V 1 Comment
179 SpongeBob Blames Gary (The Patty Caper)
180 SpongeBob Laughing (Funny Pants)


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