Top Ten Worst Moments of Unnecessary Cruelty In Total Drama

You know when Total Drama crosses the line just a little bit? And by a little, I mean as much as Hitler did when he helped execute the Final Solution. Well, maybe not that much, but still... Ya get what I mean. But I've gotta say some of these were quite a stretch...

The Top Ten

1 Feral Zeke (African Lying Safari)

Ezekiel shouldn’t have been voted out first in TDWT Cause Harold was the one who told Ezekiel to use the stick on the crocodiles.

Feral Zeke was the most cruel thing the Total Drama writers have ever came up with. Ezekiel just wanted to win, but got voted off first for losing the reward. And about that elimination... Harold should have been voted off, he suggested bopping the alligator in the head, which made Ezekiel lost the stick. Ezekiel wasn't sexist as of TDWT, maybe he was a gangsta wannabe, but that didn't make him deserve THIS. - Turkeyasylum

I'm seriously surprised how Zeke's parents didn't sue the show for this.

What's total drama like? Like my friend put it on at his house but then we went out in the garden and didn't get to see it. - IceCreamKing

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2 Dakotazoid (The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean)

Dakota(zoid) was an awesome, kind character throughout the season and NEVER DESERVED THIS! :

Dakota was trying to be a screen hog, but failed miserably. All she wanted was attention, and she sure got attention. But Dakotazoid was quite a stretch for her karma. Dakota didn't do anything mean to anybody, and she was a nice person. It was thrown out there for the sake of throwing something out there, and didn't have much of a reason behind it. Dakota was used as a karma magnet for NO REASON in TDROTI, yet Chris is STILL unscratched... - Turkeyasylum

I can't believe this isn't #1. I unikitty raged!

3 Scott In The Trauma Chair (Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown)

I agree this was ridiculous and uncalled for.

We knew Scott was banged up pretty bad, but THIS? That's a bit too far if you ask me. Scott was the main antagonist of the season, causing elimination after elimination. Putting him in a trauma chair and having everyone in the cast LAUGH at his misfortune was just... Unnessecary. Maybe his overdone karma tuaght him a lesson in TDAS... He was so dumbed down that season. - Turkeyasylum

4 Alejandro's Robot Suit (Hawaiian Punch)

What did Alejandro do to deserve this? NOTHING. Just like Scott mentioned above him, Alejandro was the season's main antagonist, closely followed by Heather. Alejandro manipulated most of the contestants by either seducing them, double-crossing them, or other forms of trickery. Him being put into a robot suit was just a TAD too far... I would have liked an ending where Bridgette, Leshawna, Noah, Owen, and DJ beat Alejandro up, giving him multiple bruises and monor wounds rather than something as extreme as THIS. - Turkeyasylum

Wasn't this a Star Wars parody?

5 Lindsay's Elimination (Can't Help But Falling In Louvre)

Not as much physical pain, but still painful on both sides. Lindsay and DJ were forced into a tiebreaker. Lindsay wanted to stay in the contest, but DJ wanted to quit so he wouldn't hurt any animals (thanks, Curse of the Mummified Dog). DJ had said several times that he wanted to quit, but the way Lindsay dressed up Tyler was so hideous, it lost to DJ using GWEN as a model, changing nothing about her except giving her one of his shirts to wear. Lindsay's cruelty is completely unnecessary, and the writers never give her a break. - Turkeyasylum

6 The Ballooned Eight (The Final Wreck-ening)

When someone mentions The Final Wreck-ening, there's no doubt they're gonna say it was terrible. The whole episode was downright painful to watch, but one of the most unnecessary parts of the episode is THIS. Chris made a challenge where "Mike" and Zoey has to get assisstants for the next challenge from balloons about ten feet into the sky. Not only is this completely inhumane, but it did NOT make me laugh. They'd be better off bringing back the lottery machine from Niagra Brawls! If you thought that was it, you get a second helping of abuse: The contestants who don't get popped out fly toward the sun. To this day, it's unknown how the contestants got down (The writers confirmed all the contestants are healthy and well). - Turkeyasylum

Who honestly thought this was FUNNY? - Garythesnail

7 Sky's Audition Tape (Lies, Cries, and One Big Prize)

This proves why Chris is sadistic. Dave and Sky's relationship was starting to derail a little bit, but just when it can't get worse, Chris shows tapes of Shawn and Sky. Shawn's confession scenes of him saying he wants all the money to hinself were shown, and Jasmine and Shawn were fighting. Something like THIS was salvageable, though. What ISN'T salvageable is this. Chris showed Sky's audition tape, and in the tape, Siy said she'd kiss her boyfriend. Chris even played it several times to let it sink in! How sinister... Because of that, Dave and Sky's relationship is insalvageable. - Turkeyasylum

This is the episode that Chris ruins Dave and Sky's relationship, and for this he is a loser for doing so. He's just jealous that he's single and bitter.

8 Chris Leaves Dave On Pahkitew Island (Lies, Cries, and One Big Prize)

Chris proved himself even more of an insane freak in this episode with the ending. Basically, Shawn or Sky gets the money (though I hate both of them), then there's not much else. However, when everyone leaves Pahkitew Island, Chris, along with everyone else, forgets about Dave and leaves him on Pahkitew Island. Honestly, Dave is the more forgivable of the two, and I would have rather seen SKY or SUGAR left on the island. At least they would get their karma! Or better yet, leave Chris there! - Turkeyasylum

Didn't Chris learn a lesson with Ferral Zeke? - Skullkid755

9 Chris' Treatment of the Interns (Sundae Muddy Sundae)

Chris deserves to be decapitated for this.

That's right, contestants aren't the only ones that get unnecessary cruelty targeted toward them! The interns got their fair share of it in Sundae Muddy Sundae. Chris forgot to feed his interns numerous times, and they were seen to have been starving. After everyone gets back with their sundaes to feed the starving interns, Chris changes the challenge to "Eat your own sundae". When Courtney complains that she thinks her sundae is feedable and that she should have won, Chris says by far his worst line in the series:
"I wouldn't feed them that"
UGGH! Chris is neglectent of his interns, and this scene epitomizes his treatment. - Turkeyasylum

Wow, starving the people who work for you... Chris was originally funny... but now... I hate him! - Skullkid755

10 Miles and Laurie, The Vegans, being forced to eat meat

This was unforgivable and they made it seem like being meat free isn't the way to go

I like season 7 except for a few parts, such as this. - Skullkid755

The Contenders

11 Training Montage (Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen)

Beth and Harold were the only likeable characters left (who were actually competing) in my opinion. In this montage, Courtney and Duncan trained Harold and Beth (their fighters) to fight. Their training was extensive, cruel, and unusual, and guess what Chris did? He made the challenge a life-sized version of robot fighting video games. This made all the training count for nothing, and trust me, I was upset. - Turkeyasylum

12 Ella being eliminated for singing

...I hate Sugar... - Gehenna

13 Dakota Being Bitten Multiple Times by Mutant Fish (Backstabbers Ahoy!)
14 Geoff getting electrocuted in the electric chair
15 The shock collars used in Pahkitew Island
16 Eva being put in a box with Sasquatchinakwa

But she survived and tore Sasquatch to bits.

17 The Goth's makeup removal torment
18 Gwen's Elimination (Picnic at Hanging Dork)
19 Scott's Karma (Brain vs Brawn, the Ultimate Showdown)
20 Shawn hitting Jasmine

I don't believe in guys hitting girls.

21 Dwayne and Junior getting hitting by a carpet all almost killing them

He should not be getting injured like that! - Skullkid755

He could've died! - Skullkid755

He's just a kid! - Skullkid755

22 An Intern Mutated (The Enchanted Franken-Forest)
23 Noah's Elimination (I See London)
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