Worst Moments In U.S. History


The Top Ten

1 Slavery

I don't know why, but the idea of subjecting an entire race to abuse and servitude just seems horrible to me! I wOnDeR wHy?

Slavery was a lot worse than 9/11

Uh-hu I've read this disaster one time, kinda awkward for some reasons but yeah, it's a lot worse than 11th September 2001... - EmilyEgberts

2 9/11

This was just horrific

3 The Trail of Tears
4 The Dred Scott Decision
5 Civil War

Civil war happened because of the slavery, killing their on blood

6 Pearl Harbor Bombing

Top 5. Dragged us into a war, which turned ya into a superpower

Pearl Harbor should be in the top 5

7 Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
8 Bay of Pigs
9 The Stock Market Crash
10 Vietnam

The Contenders

11 The Battle of Antietam
12 Dropping of the Bomb

Don't really get why people find this a bad moment in history. True, nuclear weapons are bad, but I understand why they have them. They create violence, but, at the same time, they create peace. For example, if there is a county and you dislike it, wouldn't you attack it? But if the county has hundreds of nukes, don't you have second thoughts about attacking them? True, lots of lives were lost due to us nuking Japan, but a LOT more would have been lost if we did not drop the bomb, and the war continued even longer. I do not find this a bad moment in history, even though it is pretty sad. - Alpha101

13 White House Burned During the War of 1812

Canadians were British. We the Brits thought you stupid Yanks what happens when you mess* with the British and Canadians. You will get your ass whopped. Americans love attention. The government and ignorant people. 63% of Americans are obese. The further south you get the more brainwashed. While less than 40% of Canadians are obese. USA fat country. Can't even find a proper name so they steal the continent's name.

Ah, I cry tears of joy, imaging the black rubble. Ain't no White House no more.

We should never have invaded Canada. We had our asses well and truly whupped.

14 Interment Camps

This act was necessary at the time, as the japz posed a threat to us at the time.

15 Iraq
16 The Murder of Osama bin Laden

You must be a terrorist! He was a evil man who was behind 9/11 and hundreds of people died because of him. Get this off the list!

How is this bad? A terrorist gets what a terrorist deserves: death. - Alpha101

Remember, Obama is Osama's big brother. Osama was jealous of Obama so he blew up the towers. Obama punished Osama by, well killing him.

17 Columbine High School Massacre
18 Korea
19 Watergate
20 Legalization of Abortion
21 Jim Crow Laws Being Passed by Congress
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