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1 Frankie Stein Frankie Stein

Why does EVERYBODY have to be her friend? And to every single Frankie-lover, I hate her like 1000%! She's really mean to Howleen in 13 Wishes and to Abbey on her first day of school! And always, for some reason, she manages to remain everybody's friend. I wish they would tie Frankie to a bomb and send her to Mars to die and make everybody happy.

I agree with a TON of these but the MAIN reason Frankie sucks is because she's ugly and mean. She's very self-centered and never apologizes sincerely (expect to Neighthan in Freaky Fusion when she electrocuted him). She also isn't open to new kids all the time. They also PURPOSELY made her too "unique". Like, she has two different colored eyes, a one-and-only ugly body shape, and can detach her hand and stuff. She's the whole reason I love Haunted. (Because she isn't in it that much)

I hate Frankie sometimes but then I also like her. The main reason I hate her is because everything has to be about her it's not like she is the leader or something. Also she has to many boys there's Holt Hyde, Jackson, Andy from Skull Shores and the boy from Freaky Fusion!

Apple > Frankie

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2 Draculaura Draculaura

I don't HATE Draculaura, but she has to be my least favorite character besides Amanita. She's genuinely a nice girl, probably one of the friendliest in the series, her design is great, and her backstory (as revealed in a Comic-Con diary of hers and summarized very well on her MH wiki page) is downright awesome. That being said, she's a massive ditz and a motor-mouth gossip who talks about fashion and boys more than anything else, which often comes across as shallow. And that awesome backstory? She's 1600 years old, and yet seems incredibly immature. None of the tragic events of her life seem to have impacted her whatsoever, which is almost a waste of a backstory. I guess that could be seen as an admirable trait, to not let that stuff get her down; however, it's not like it's made her a better person either. Her past seems to have had ery little impact on her at all, which is just unrealistic. (Though if I want realism, this is probably not the franchise to turn to.) I definitely see ...more

Draculaura is not the best, but NOT THE WORST! I wish someone could move Frankie up here because that's what she deserves! Unlike Frankie, Draculaura actually HAS a real heart!

She's the second oldest (I think) but second most childish student at monster high. And she's a vampire. Vampire and pink don't exactly go together perfectly.

She is cute,I mean annoyingly stupid 'cause cute means annoyingly stupid in my cool rules.Anyway,she is too bubbly.

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3 Toralei Stripe

Toralei at least gets the hate she deserves. I'm really upset that Frankie doesn't

Toralei is really mean and thinks she's better than everyone else

It's like everyone hates the bad people. Toralei is actually cool.

I prefer Kitty Cheshire rather than Torelei

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4 Nefera de Nile

I hate how she judges Cleo, okay, I know that Cleo is very picky on this and that but she is Nefera's younger sister and their father would never blame Nefera's for giving Cleo peer pressure?!? In one of the movies (ghouls rules),she was forced into breaking up with Deuce just because he wasn't 'royal' enough. That was their 'father's' idea but Nefera keeps on supporting dad and giving further pressure to Cleo.The thing was that, this character totally goes against the 'Be yourself be unique be a monster' because they just Deuce by how he looks even though he was never bad or anything. If it was Jackson or Holt I would have agreed because he tried to convince Frankie to like him for stupidness in him. Then, They made Cleo to look bad by not believing her parents. The story just made it seems fine to put down on your siblings for their very own belief.Its just crazy. I hope this character didn't exist.

She's a poorly drawn-out character who serves only to be a nastier version of Cleo and has nothing else to her personality.

Nefera is a waste of crap. She is as not bad as Cleo, I think.

I hate Nefera she is so mean and selfish I have no idea how can her younger sister Cleo be so nice.

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5 Avea Trotter

So what if she's ugly? I don't like her, but not because she's ugly! She's rude and inconsiderate, that's why I hate her. Plus, who's the fool thatsaid that centaurs specifically are ugly? Whoever you are, go jump off a cliff, or go watch Harry Potter!

One word to explain this character-UGLY.

She's hideous! Centaurs are ugly!

She's mean

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6 Jackson Jekyll

I HATE Jackson. He sounds like a girl and likes the WORST character, Frankie. And he's ugly.

He's such a weirdo!

I don't understand people who think he's cool. And he's just a stupid normie. Holt is SO much better

7 Heath Burns

Heath is not THAT bad a character as long as he stops annoying Abbey. But I really like him and Abbey in Ghouls rule

Heath was never good enough for Abbey (the best character)

FYI they can't marry. Abbey is older, better, smarter, and more responsible than Heath the weirdo goofball. And if they did Heath would burn Abbey up and go to jail.

Hello, people who think Abbey and Heath should love each other! Abbey is OLDER than Heath! And way too good for him. It's not that I hate Heath, but if he kisses Abbey I WILL hate him! I will KILL the person who directs any movie or episode where they do ANYTHING Clawd/Draculaura-like!

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8 Finnegan Wake

I tell ya, he's only gonna mock the Wheelchair Bound population

Why is he evern at monster high he should be at the monster hospital

9 Honey Swamp

Why is Honey Swamp so bad? I love her!

She's ok but not so great but I love her Afro

10 Spectra Vondergeist Spectra Vondergeist

I Actually Like Spectra. Don't be So rude

She gossips. Of course she is one of the most mean spirited characters on the show.

I love Spectra. It's true she was gossiping. Of course, Cleo is one of the most mean spirited characters on the show.

One of the terrible Monster High characters ever I seen. Spectra is a ghost who makes a gossip. In later episodes, she should take a swimming lesson.

She is the best - cooliobaconbitz

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11 Amanita Nightshade

I genuinely don't think she has any positive traits to speak of, except that she's got a nice design.


12 Clawdeen Wolf Clawdeen Wolf

Not everyone likes clawdeen. I'm really tired of getting her in every spinoff mattel has ever made for monster high. she's in dawn of the dance, freaky fusion, etc. I'm not a hater, I just don't like the same thing over and over and over. same with all the other characters. I hope they'll make a spinoff series without th main MAIN characters.

Not that bad
She is the best
She is very loyal just like me
If your not loyal like wolves then you probably pacer more about your self and don't care if your family gets hurt
She is brave
She Checks if her friends are included in fashion show that she makes
The best at partying
She is not a reman
Everyone love clawdeen
She is so beautiful

I hate Clawdeen she is the most retarded student

Her taste in fashion is horrible!

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13 Cleo de Nile

I love Cleo what is wrong with you? Hate Frankie instead. She's SO much meaner!

I just loathe Cleo. She is one of the most hated Monster High Character. She is mean to Everyone, she is ugly and she always behaves badly to everyone! She should be #1.

She's terrible. Of course, she is the most mean spirited character in the show.

CLEO is the reason why Torali is so mean and IS NOT chic. She's mean and ugly,and Nefara's better.

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14 Lagoona Blue Lagoona Blue

She hasn't done anything wrong! She is kind hearted, beautiful, caring and loyal

I personally was one of the worst characters well I don't hate her but she's one of my least favorite characters because she can be so annoying at times winter catchphrase I like how I like her design and I love how she is I love her and I love how she looks now her voice and catchphrases can get just so annoying at times

She's so caring that she was open to Frankie (the worst character by far) on her first day of school EVEN though she was ruining everything! She's also Abbey's best friend. (My fave character)

Lagoons so pretty and nice...why is she here?

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15 Elissabat

I love Elissabat! she should be a the replacement vampire of Draculaura!

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16 Viperine Gorgon

This character is totally amazing

17 Ari Hauntington

I added her on this list because she has a bad voice and Catty is better and she is so ugly and maybe I will even add Ghoulia's sister Moanica.

18 Howleen Wolf Howleen Wolf

In 13 wishes I actually agree with howleen, Clawdeen was very popular, going to Paris, winning a skating race, even becoming a ghost. I would like to see a movie where there are only side characters in it.

I'm an older sibling so I know how annoying little sisters can be (very), but Howleen is NOT even close to a typical annoying younger sister! She's really nice and fights with Clawdeen far less than most siblings.

Howleen just moans all the time, she ruins her sister's life, the weirdo!

I find her very annoying

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19 Rochelle Goyle

What! Rochelle is the only best character in the show. She shouldn't be on the list.

Rochelle doesn't deserve on this list. She is beautiful, sensitive, polite and better than the older 2010 students.
Take her off right now

Why is she here? Oh, come on! Cleo and Lagoona are annoying not Rochelle

I love rochelle! she's one of my favorites! take her off this list!

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20 Sirena Von Boo

So what if she acts like she's a special ed student? be unique. be YOURSELF. be a monster.

Why the hell are you retards hating? She's a ZOMBIE! She can't really COMMUNICATE

She is not special ed she is beautiful and one of my favorites. haters, back off!

Excuse me, haters! I have Aspergers Syndrome, and so do a lot of beloved characters in movie history. Lune Lovegood, for example!
There is nothing wrong with having mental disabilities, and I happen to take pride in what is special about me! The Monster High movies clearly gave you nothing, since the whole message is to BE YOURSELF AND LEARN TO ACCEPT OTHERS!
Rude bastards.

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